Sunday, May 12, 2013

BEDM: Pineapple and Flamingo Collections

Am I collector? I would guess I am but thankfully not like my younger days when I collected pigs and would add anything with a snout to my collection which took over my room with each new addition. I collect various bits and bobs, you'll have seen the collection of toys and childhood books in yesterday's post I have, you know I like my designer handbags; do we call that a collection? And then there are pineapples and flamingos. I'm not quite sure where my love or collection came from, maybe the pineapples from my love of my vintage ice bucket, but the flamingos; that one I have no idea!

Luckily enough both these characters are appearing more frequently in the shops making adding to my collection very easy and none more so than when I went to IKEA recently and saw the images they were using on this years Summer ranges.

Age and wisdom allows me to realise I only need to purchase items I actually like and will use and both flamingo and pineapple glasses were a must but I sensibly only purchased two of each. There were cocktail napkins which I stocked up on in abundance as I go through these quickly needing a coaster for my iced filled drinks. I'm also prone to lazy days when I want to avoid washing up so I popped some of the paper plates into my trolley.

My favourite purchase was the flamingo throw (I didn't like the female on the pineapple version) which I have no real purpose for but thought would be ideal for laying out in the garden should we ever get to see some sunshine this year.

I could go on and on and tell you about the two flamingo bikini's I have purchased and stayed tuned for later this week some more pineapple items have been added to my Summer wardrobe. I'm currently drinking out of my flamingo mugs from Lou Rota and I'm about to order some flamingo prints for my bedroom which I am very excited about.

Do let me know if you're a fellow flamingo or pineapple fan and I can't wait to check out your collections.

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  1. aw love these too much!! xx

  2. I've got a pineapple ice-bucket too. I've had it years, just love it.

  3. Okay so you've totally set me off wanting a trip to IKEA now! I love both pineapples and flamingo's - you have good taste Victoria xxx


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