Thursday, May 9, 2013

April Empties


I love that moment when a product I've been using becomes empty because, well it proves you've used it and it's an excuse to buy something new (I was equally as excited at using up a bottle of vinegar this month but decided to omit that from this post!) When I started seeing empties posts I wanted to join in as if nothing more it'll encourage me to use the products I have at my disposal and increase my desire to improve my skincare regime.

So without further ado here is the list of products I have used in April 2013.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic
As discussed in my skincare post last month I had previously been using Liz Earle products (sporadically!) but decided it was time for something designed more towards my "ageing" skin! That said I am happy with this product, I like how it refreshes my skin, it has a pleasant smell, it doesn't feel drying and whilst I'm looking forward to using the Kiehls toner for comparison I think I will invest in the spritzer version of this product to use to refresh the skin over the warmer months (should they fully arrive!)

Elemis FreshSkin Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm
My go to lip product is Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Lip Protectant Stick. I have them floating all over my home and office and it's the first thing I pick up in Duty Free when travelling but I was happy to try something new when Cosmopolitan magazine offered the Elemis lip balm as a free gift a couple of months ago. Liz remains firmly in my make up bag but the Elemis lip balm has sat next to my armchair for those touch ups during the day when I'm at home. I'm indifferent about the Elemis product, I'd be unlikely to purchase myself but if I were given it as a gift I'd happily use it. It certainly moisturises the lips and I think my indifference is more to it's formula and my preference to putting a balm on in lipstick form rather than squeezing it onto the lip and smearing it over the lips. Elemis does win over in the "taste" stakes and leaves a cooling feeling which I enjoyed. I like it when I can feel a product doing something.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
Another go to product for me is L'Occitane's hand cream. I always joke with my mum she has to show me her hands to remind me I must apply hand cream to avoid them looking old and wrinkly but I hate having wet hands so any hand cream that is too watery or slippery is a no no for me. This shea butter formula is the perfect mix of moisturising yet I am still able to pick up my cup of tea without fear it'll slip from my hands. A pleasure to use and a product I will always return to.

The next two products on the list are shampoos, a product I wonder how to tackle to review. My hair has it's own quirks so what will work one day will not the next. Of course my hair and I have been together for many years so I'm learning some of it's way, I can't allow my hair to be left too long between washing and drying or it won't dry properly. I also need to mix up shampoos to avoid it getting used to one product, that said what I could use one day, won't necessarily give me the same results the next... and if I haven't washed my hair for a day then it's another different scenario! All that aside the Brilliant Brunette shampoo is one I have returned to more often than any other and will as a general rule treat my hair well. John Freida brilliant brunette tone revealing shampoo. I have actually used the Blonde and Redhead versions over the years to bring out different tones in my natural hair colour to great effect so do give that a try. L'Oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Crystal Sparkling Shampoo is pink and sparkly, what more reason does one need. Because of my temperamental hair I tend to avoid the lower priced brands but due to a period of visiting supermarkets on a regular basis and the offers available I gave this and it's matching conditioner a try and was pleased with the results. I'd actually never bothered with conditioners before buying this shampoo and it's of no surprise that my hairs appearance has improved just by adding this step. My one complaint? The text on the bottle is upside when you stand it up but maybe that's just my weird OCD!

I love perfume samples as it gives me the opportunity to physically wear the perfume and find out if it's for me. Samples are also the perfect size for a spritz in the morning and a touch up later in the day if needed rather than carrying a large bottle in my bag. I'm only going to reference two of the perfumes mainly due to them being the only ones that made an impact of me.
Prada Candy is actually one I've returned to at the perfume counters more than once. It's sweeter than my usual perfume choices but I think it's a nice alternative for me to wear this Summer for a change and definitely one I'll be asking the next duty free traveller to pick up for me.

And the last item of my list and the one making it's impression for the wrong reasons is Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. I used to LOVE this perfume and wore it through my early 20's but my god I despise it now. I actually regretted putting it on instantly and if it wouldn't have prevented me from being late to work I would've happily washed it off and started again.  

I hope that ramble was of some interest to you and like me I hope you're interested to see what I'll have to show at the end of this month.

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  1. I would be OCS about the text on the bottle too lol!! How annoying. Now following your blog.

    Hels X

  2. I love empties posts, Victoria - always interesting to see what eveyrbody else is using! x

  3. Thank you for doing all this lovely research for us.....I always appreciate it! Heiid

  4. I've been using that shampoo & conditioner lately, and I'm just not sure about it. Have to agree with you on the upside down-ness, don't like that at all, it just looks wrong, but I'm not sure I like the product. Fab with the sparkles, but a couple of times I've felt my hair and it feels not good. Not greasy, but like it needs a good wash. Today I've used a Dove 2 in 1 and my hair feels nice again! Might just be me!

    I've tried the new Prada, and you're right, it is very sweet! Not my cup of tea. I've bought a big bottle of Jessica McClintock perfume - on a whim, never tried it but like the sound of the description, and it was just £20 for a big bottle of EDT! It smells not unlike Diorissimo, so I am thrilled!

    Am I weird that I liked reading what you've been using?! Weird or a nosey old bat .. you decide ;o)


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