Monday, May 13, 2013

BEDM: Go Green

I am afraid to admit that I can't say I'm a particularly green person and the phrase "could do better" couldn't apply to me more. I'm unable to recycle properly at my flat and I have been know to use a baby wipe when a damp cloth will do. On a more positive side the company I work for are very keen on going green. We do not have individual bins, instead we have to use recycling stations on our floors to ensure we distribute our waste for composting, recycling etc. I do try to reuse paper and instead of a fresh new notepad, have a clipped pile of scrap paper I use for note taking as you wouldn't believe the paper that is wasted around the office.

Writing this post has given me pause for thought and I have a feeling if I pop round and visit your blogs and hear about your worthy green endeavours I will pick up some tips and be shamed into doing more.

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  1. My blog will be no hope when it comes to green-ness...I just can't make self care enough which probably makes me a bit rubbish. I found a few things I do count as 'green' but they're not conscious...:)

  2. Not much "green-ness" on my blog either. I try but could do alot better! Grace

  3. well, you might want to stop chopping down random trees for photos about being environmentally friendly! ;o)

  4. I'm pretty good on the recycling front, but do have a habit of wasting stuff xxx


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