Monday, March 31, 2014

Renunail Sensitive Nail Strengthener in Nude Review

De LeWinn's Renunail Nail Strengthener was a product I'd heard a lot about during my early beauty blogging days and was on my list as something to invest in when I had my acrylic nails removed. Despite this as it's not readily found on the high street it was not something exciting enough to warrant placing an order for.

During a trip to TK Maxx I was browsing the beauty aisles and spotted this beauty for about £5.99 - half the price to buy online. Naturally I snapped it up, slightly concerned that maybe the nude version might not be 'the same' or as good as the original version but for the price it was worth the risk.

The good news is that whilst I can't compare I can state that since using this my nails are certainly getting stronger and I nabbed myself a bargain.

I try and paint my nails at least once a week as I'm usually trying out new nail colours for the blog but sometimes I just can't dedicate drying time despite using Seche Vite and then I end up going into work Monday was unpainted nails that look unpleasant and prone to breakage. 

Now when I'm short for time but want my nails to look simple, clean and healthy I pop Renunail on and the nude colour has just a hint of colour that keeps them looking pristine - and even better is working at strengthening them.

I do find that if I'm lax with removing and reapplying then my nails will become weaker which I only have myself to blame but overall this is a product I'm reaching for on a weekly basis.

What bargains have you found in the TK Maxx beauty aisles?

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Nails Inc Modern Art Accent Nail

Nails Inc Modern Art; St Martin's Place link
Nails Inc; George Street link

Nails Inc Modern Art polishes were released the end of last year and I was lucky enough to receive one some months before in on of QVC's TSVs (find it here). The Modern Art collection are all inspired by iconic art galleries in London and the peach, black and gold sparkle I own is St Martin's Place.

Also in my TSV was George Street a fabulous pink nude which paired with St Martin's Place created a fab look. I choose an accent nail when I used these colours for one of my weekly manicures and it just added the necessary sparkle to life the week.

What are your favourite nail pairings?

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Products that didn't work for me #1

It stands to reason that in the course of buying, testing and using all manner of beauty products that some things just won't work for me even though they do for someone else. I'm lucky that I don't have sensitive skin so I rarely suffer from any bad reactions and there's such variety of products that if one doesn't work there's another that will and life's just too short to use something that I don't enjoy using. Here are a few things that have been passed on to friends and family as they have no place in my routine.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer link
The Elasticizer is such a cult product that it's sold in supersize bottles on QVC and the majority of people have great things to say about it. I may have got to grips with my skincare regime but hair is something I'm still struggling with. I picked up this tube from Marks & Spencer's beauty hall months ago and expected great things and I was sorely disappointed. I used as a treatment, tried leaving overnight but nothing worked for me. There was either little difference to my hair or it looked work. Let me tell you I was annoyed, this is not a cheap product and worse free samples were given out with a magazine about a week after I'd purchased it. This has now gone on to my friend who loves and uses this product so don't let my bad experiences sway you but beware it won't work for all.

L'Occitane Lavande Lavender Hand Cream link
I love hand cream, especially those from L'Occitane but not in this instance. I loved the idea of a relaxing bath with my Ragdale Hall Bath Essence (read about that here), climbing into bed and applying soothing hand cream and falling into a deep slumber but I just couldn't bear the scent of this. I don't mind a little lavender in my products but in this case it was just too overwhelming and I found it distracting. In a world with so many hand creams on offer despite persevering I had to add this to the 'bin it' pile.

No 7 Pore Vacuum Mask link
I reviewed this mask in my 'What to buy with No 7 vouchers posts' here so I won't repeat myself too much but in short this mask is messy, hard to remove and generally an unpleasant experience. I used twice in the spirit of thorough testing but wouldn't put my skin through any more. 

Crabtree & Evelyn Gardners Hand Therapy link
I was given a gift set containing four Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams and loved them all, apart from the Gardners Hand Therapy. The formula itself is lovely but the scent described as 'herbaceous freshness of green clover, sage, thyme and rosemary' it's no surprise the smell didn't appeal. It literally smelt like a garden on my hands and I'm certainly not green fingered.

Clinque High Impact Mascara link
I received Clinque's High Impact Mascara with a bonus time collection and simply I suffer from fall out with it. By lunchtime my mascara is sitting under my eyes and that is not a good look for anyone. I have an abundance of mascara's in my drawer that the results just weren't worth putting up with tidying up throughout the day

Revlon Lash Potion link 
I picked up this mascara when I was in Las Vegas last year and was completely led by it's attractive packaging and tag line 'for spellbinding volume and supernatural length' - I'm a marketers dream. I didn't have high expectations for it's 'potion' which strengthens lashes that was just an added extra and I can't comment on them further as I didn't use it for any length of time. What did disappoint was it promised to 'magically transform' lashes to be long and lustrous which I didn't find at all. It was what I'd refer to as a day mascara, you know the ones, it makes lashes look nice and prominent but certainly not anything special and I wouldn't reach for it on a night out. I would've maintained using this mascara if it hadn't been like Clinque's offering about the fall out. I can forgive a product if the look is right but in this instance it was out of the make up bag for me. I've since seen one or two reviews that this works better once it's started to dry out but the impatient soul I am, I have no time for that when there are bigger and better mascara's to use.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer link
And we end on possibly the most disappointing of all, Laura Mercier's highly spoke of foundation primer. This was one of those products I first brought when I entered into the beauty blogging world. Every blogger and YouTuber was talking about this in favourites, I was new to Laura Mercier, loved a wonder product that would mean minimal effort from me to touch up my make up throughout the day so I added a tube of this to my shopping basket. Firstly I wish I'd researched more as I would've gone for the smaller, cheaper tube I didn't know existed. I'm not a fan of the formula of this as I found it quite heavy and sticky when applying. I always apply my primer well in advance of my foundation to allow it time to sink in but this always felt like it needed extra time. I also didn't see any longevity with my make up after using this and as I'm not a big primer user I needed to see something positive to add the extra step into my routines. I've recently been testing my primers for a post to come next week and gave this another whirl and it's just not for me compared to others I own.

So there you have it, some surprising and disappointing products in that list which I'm sure some of you will say 'but I love that' and other's I hope I'm not alone with. Let me know any of your experiences with these products or anything I should stay away from.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bedroom Redesign | Somewhere in limbo

It's been a few weeks since I've mentioned my bedroom update and that is partly because I'm somewhere in limbo with it. The great news is that I have filled the room once again with furniture the bad news is that I'm still sleeping on a mattress!

Today I wanted to talk about the Aubrey wardrobe*. I had already decided I wanted three sets of the Alex drawers from IKEA which as they were being placed in the alcove of my bedroom meant I needed to find a wardrobe that would compliment them and fit in the space. Most of the wardrobes I found were either too big, too ornate or too bland but the Aubery's cut out handles complimented the Alex drawers perfectly.

Whilst I was able to build much of the furniture myself I knew that a wardrobe would be a two man job so I called in the services of Ben to help although I will say much of it was done by him, impressively enough whilst he laid on the floor and shuffled around only needing the two of us when it was time to lift it into place.

There was some concern that we had one or two pieces of wood leftover that we couldn't fathom where they should be but I can report that some weeks later the wardrobe is still standing and the rogue pieces are long forgotten.

Flatpack furniture commonly gets a bad rap and this wardrobe wasn't the most expensive pieces of furniture but I don't have anything but good to say about it. It's not flimsy in the slightest, is strong and sturdy and I am quite happy to bang the doors without fear they'll drop off… in fact the drawers are quite soft to shut which can be frustrating when you're looking for a loud bang in a fit of 'I have nothing to wear'.

On that note I will say I'm not one for ridiculous amounts of clothes, this is a slim and petite wardrobe but more than enough for someone with what I'd call a normal amount of clothing. I have numerous dresses, jeans and tops hung in the wardrobe quite comfortably with room to expand if necessary.

I had some concerns that the door handles being 'open' might mean that clothes could be viewed but thus far there hasn't been any issue and it's a case of hanging the right clothes in the middle portion, typically something dark.

Overall Argos get the thumbs up from me so I think it's time I give their range of beds a once over, I can't sleep on a mattress forever.

*in Association with Argos
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Love the Planet Washable Cleansing Pads Review

Hands up if it drives you crazy thinking how many cotton wool pads you go through a week and how much it costs you, not to mention the green the fact that they're not recyclable and are just filling up  landfill somewhere. Thankfully there is a far more pocket and green friendly solution available, Love the Planet's washable cleansing pads.

I'd first read about Love the Planet's washable cleansing pads over at A Thrifty Mrs and somewhat dismissed them despite the rave review but suddenly when it felt like I was buying cotton wool pads on a weekly basis I hopped back onto the blog and decided to give them a whirl myself.

On receiving my washable pads I was still somewhat dubious about how effective they would be and whether any product I was using on them would be absorb thus meaning I was saving on cotton pads but using more product. I couldn't have been more wrong and in fact I much preferred the thick pads as I wasn't left with the usual experience with cotton pads that the liquid soaks through to the other side and you can be left with a wringing mess swiping at your face. The washable pads are far more absorbent and their soft spongey texture make for a more pleasant experience.

I tend to use mine for the toning stage of my routine, still preferring cotton pads for things like eye make up removal or the bulk of my make up as a ridiculous as this sounds I'm reluctant to get them too dirty! I have used them for these purposes and when I threw them in the wash again I was dubious about whether they would be left with mascara stains or similar but they washed up as good as new.

If I was going to be critical I'd at least like 7 per pack, it just makes sense to my logical brain that I could use one each day of the week and then throw in the wash Sunday but that's me being picky but I do think you'd need a few packs to use on a regular basis.

I think these would make a great present friends or family members that are looking for small ways to save money or especially students off to university. I'd be very tempted to add a pack of these to any beauty hampers, maybe if you're putting one together for your mum's birthday. It's something a little gimmicky but that actually works.

Are you tempted to give these a try?

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Review | La-Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (+)

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] link

My experience with Effaclar Duo [+] is my first with La Roche-Posay and it's been a month or two since the reformulated blemish busting product landed on my doorstep. The Effaclar Duo is a hero product for many and the [+] version was receiving rave reviews and like me you will have likely seen a Bloglovin feed filled with reviews along the lines of 'best product ever' and at first I really couldn't work out what the hype was.

I have normal to combination skin which is pretty much blemish free. If I've slipped on the cleansing front after a night on the tiles or it's that time of the month I'll have a few spots pop up but other than that I'm pretty lucky. I'm also fairly skeptical about products for spot prevention because how can you tell if the product is helping and/or nature is taking effect - is there really a product that will do what it says on the tin?

The Effaclar Duo[+] is designed to unblock pores, correct the appearance of imperfections and help diminish the redness some spots leave behind. My initial use of the product were simply blah. It was a nice, pleasant serum I applied morning and night before moisturiser but beyond that I had little to say. Because my skin was in a good place I wasn't able to see any benefits that were talked about… then one of those lax moments occurred and one of those unpleasant under the skin spots appeared.

Initially I didn't see any difference and then I did the worst thing one can do with their spots - I went in for a squeeze. To border on gross territory with no head on the spot all I managed to achieve with creating a big red mess in the centre of my cheek, marvellous.

Lesson learned I decided to stick with the Effaclar Duo and let it do it's thing and give it a thorough testing. Yes the redness diminished and reduced in size somewhat but I still have it today as I type admittedly smaller and less red but it didn't disappear completely but am I disappointed with this result?

The answer is not at all. My skin is literally in the best state it has ever been. Aside from the existing blemishes which I take responsibility for hindering the process of my skin is looking amazing. Smoother, clearer and for the first time ever I had that time of the month without one new spot appearing - this is unheard of in my 30+ years. A few hormonal blemishes were something I had come to terms with as just something us women have to deal with but not any more.

I'm using less concealer and/or foundation due to the condition of my skin and I've never been more dedicated to my skincare regime as I don't want to risk unnecessary break outs when I'm in such a good place. I also have the odd blemish on my chest and have been applying the Effaclar Duo to this area, avoiding the temptation to squeeze and again the redness has become less obvious and the size is diminishing.

My advice if you're like me and think there's no need for the Effaclar Duo in your routine because you only suffer the odd break out is definitely give it a try, I'm convinced you'll find that those random blemishes become a thing of the past. Don't expect instant miracles, stick with it and in a few weeks you'll see the results and wonder why you hadn't tried it before.

For me this is definitely a hero product and an unexpected one at that. Usually I wouldn't take something like this on holiday because I'd assume I could live a week or two without it but let me assure you there's no way I'm leaving this baby behind when I go on my travels next month.

Are you a fan, let me know.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Paloma Picasso Make Up | A Vintage Collection

I've mentioned on many occasions my love of red lips and nails and it's origins may lie in my mum's shared of this lip and nail combo. I can still remember the first 'proper' grown up lipstick I was brought from Paloma Picasso, the same as mum used to wear.

It was quite likely Lisa Eldridge's pinterest boards featuring her vintage make up collection which made me ask my mum if she still had any of her Paloma Piccaso make up and she did and it was too beautiful not to photograph and share.

Paloma Piccaso is more than likely known as either the daughter of Pablo Picasso or designer at Tiffany & Co but for me it's her perfume and cosmetics line that was launched in the 80s but is sadly no longer available although the fragrance still lives on and is available on the high street.

Red lipstick is Paloma's signature colour of choice, apparently worn to keep people away, and is a brilliant true blue toned red. I can even remember wearing it when I was at college - apparently they thought I was dark and goth when I walked in on my first day with my dark hair and bright red lips. Definitely a brave choice for the first day of meeting people!

This range exudes 80's glamour and I can just imagine shoulder pad wearing city types wearing this can't you? Have you any vintage make up favourites stashed away you can share?

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wet & Wild Fergie Palette in Desert Festival Review

Wet n Wild Fergie Collection Eyeshadow Palette Desert Festival link 

Further to my self imposed beauty buying ban it was time to delve into my make up drawers and finally use some of the past years purchases, one of which was this gorgeous eyeshadow palette from Wet n Wilds Fergie collection.

I picked this palette up from a drugstore in Las Vegas last October and I'm kicking myself for not having played with it sooner as I love it, despite what could be some quite scary orange shades.

Wet n Wild eyeshadows receive a big thumbs up from beauty bloggers in the US and it's one of the number one purchases for us Brits when visiting the states and having used these colours I'll certainly be adding more to my collection when I'm there next month.

Anyway back to Desert Festival and I'll be describing the colours as swatched bottom to top - just to make things complicated.

First of all we have the most disappointing shade of the bunch, a champagne/taupe colour which is the least pigmented of the bunch. This can be used as a highlight or as I do sweep all across the lid as a base colour.

Next is the bright matte orange possibility the scariest of colours but for some reason I love orange eyeshadow (Mac's Orange eyeshadow was the first I brought). Obviously feeling brave from watching so many YouTube tutorials I took my Real Techniques duo-fiber eye brush and used this in my crease.

Then I would pick up my Mac 239 brush an use the shimmery peach on the inner half of my lid and the shimmery brown on the outer half, pick up my Mac 217 and blend away. I expected the shimmery peach to be nicer than it is but it does take some building up to take effect. I imagine the shimmery peach would look nice as a subtle all over lid colour if you wanted a more natural look.

Finally I would take my Mac 266 and use the matt brown as a liner to define the look. I have tried to take some photos of myself with the shadows on but it's something I need more practice with to do them justice so please bear with me.

This is a great little palette which has some gorgeous colours to play with and surprisingly wearable on a day to day basis. All have great pigmentation, minimal fall out and I was surprised that even without a specific primer and just Mac Painterly paint pot as a base they lasted all day - which is a rare occurrence for me. I will certainly be picking up some more from Fergie's range when I visit Walgreens next.

What are you thoughts, are you brave enough to wear orange eyeshadow?

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Margaret Dabbs Exfoliating Foot Mousse Scrub Review

Margaret Dabbs Exfoliating Foot Mousse Scrub link

This is one of those products purchased which explains exactly why I'm on a spending ban and should be filed under 'most pointless product ever'.

Margaret Dabbs is one of the UKs most highly regarded foot experts so Space NK's website tells me and the first to offer the 'medical pedicure'. I'd like to say I was aware of this when I threw an £18 tub of foot scrub into my basket but I think it was more likely I was feeling hungry and heard the word mousse. To be fair to myself I picked this up along with a selection of products in preparation for a wedding I attended last year as I would be wearing sandals and decided to give my feet a little extra attention.

The instructions were simple, apply the scrub over your feet and wash away to 'see the difference'. Well to be honest whilst this is a nice extra step whilst in the bath I don't really see much difference from using the product. I still find after using I need to reach for the foot file to really tackle any hard skin and of course the real key to achieving silky soft feet is from applying foot cream after this step.

If I were the type to diligently give myself at home pedicures then this might be a worthwhile step but I don't really see this product is different to my regular body scrubs. Margaret Dabbs scrub is certainly grittier and doesn't exactly have a pleasant smell I would happily file it under the medicinal category.

I think it's safe to say I won't be repurchasing this product but do let me know if you've indeed tried this foot scrub or have a cheaper more sweet smelling alternative I should try next time.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bicester Village Shopping Review

One thing my friends know about me is that prior to any trip, lunch date or holiday I will have googled the venue/destination to death finding out all I can and gorging on as much information as possible. The same approach was adopted for Bicester Village at the weekend despite having been on numerous occasions. What surprised me when I stumbled across some reviews on Tripadvisor was the expectations some people had on visiting, no you will not find a Prada bag for £50, and how little they had looked into stores available, no you will not find Marks and Spencer at Bicester Village so I thought it made sense for me to provide a review for anyone planning the trip to Oxford.

Before you even decide to make the trip, take a look at the brands on offer. If you've treated yourself to a Karen Millen dress or Lacoste polo shirt in the past then the trip may be worth your visit and if you have a special event coming up and would love a dress from Coast but the cost is restrictive you may well find one for the sort of price you're looking to pay. Similarly if you've dreamed of owning a Prada bag but the thought of spending thousands of pounds on one is just a dream but you would consider treating yourself to a purse at a couple of hundred pounds then you could get lucky at Bicester Village

Here are my three tips for your trip.

1. Go early
I have been to Bicester four times in the past year, with the one exception always on a Saturday and always arrive for it's opening at 9am. This will give you an hour or two to shop in relative peace because by lunchtime you will find you have to queue to get in stores (they tend to move quickly) and you will be battling with tourists. Ben wanted to go Ralph Lauren for some holiday clothes so it was the store we hit first on Saturday and as you can see from the queue when we left at 3pm was glad we did. Ralph Lauren's multiple stores are extremely popular with the crowds so cross them off the list as soon as you can.

2. Be prepared to come home empty handed
Anyone who has been to shopping outlets before will know that you never know what you will find and I have been once before and came home empty handed. This is not the sort of place you visit with a shopping list. Whilst I visited Saturday I had in mind 'will I get lucky and find the Anya Hindmarch flight bag that went in the sale' I was fully prepared that they may be sold out - and they were. I've also visited wanting a Lulu Guinness suitcase and they were sold out but last weekend they had a selection on offer so it pays to be open minded.

3. Be prepared to spend some serious cash
Many people are surprised at how expensive prices are at Bicester Village but who really expects to walk in Mulberry and pay £50 for a bag that was retailing for £1000? On Saturday they had a beautiful pink Bayswater bag for £600, originally £1000, that's nearly half price and whilst a lot of money if I'd been in the market for a new Mulberry handbag this would be a great price to pay and I very nearly did snap it up! That said mum picked up this Michael Kors bag which had originally been approx £250, reduced at the outlet to £125 and then gone into their sale so she paid about £60 for it so it's not all about the bank breaking prices.

I love the Bicester Village shopping experience, for a shopping village it's lovely, especially in the sunshine and if you're prepared to go early and aren't phased by crowds you should enjoy a visit. Some people complain about 'made for outlet' items and last season stock but I've always been impressed by how much the ranges reflect the current season and tend to use it as a cheaper way to treat myself to some nice things.

It's well laid out, easy to navigate and has some of the best toilets I've seen in a public place - although ladies, of course there's always a queue. If you've been to Bicester Village before or know of any other outlets worth a visit pop your tips in the comments below.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Bicester Village Shopping Haul

Last Saturday mum, Ben and I jumped into my new car to give it a run to Oxford, destination Bicester Village. As usual I thought it only fair to give you a peak into my shopping bags and show you what I managed to pick up on this trip.

First up we have this gorgeous pair of snakeskin shoes and matching bag from LK Bennett which I plan to wear to a wedding at the weekend with this dress from Warehouse. The shoes felt surprisingly comfortable when I was trying them on in store so we know what that means don't we ladies? Yes that they'll be the most uncomfortable shoes on the night!

The shoes were £125 and whilst I don't know the exact original price the sledge style from LK Bennett typically retails around £195 so approx 35% off. The matching bag was £110 from £225 so just over 50% discount.

The black Leah sandals from LK Bennett were not needed, were purchased for no reason other than I loved them and refused to leave the store without them. On the bright side these were a whopping 73% reduced in the sale at £75 from an original price of £275. They looked fabulous with jeans and I can't wait to give them a whirl over the Summer.

In addition to it's regular stores Bicester Village often has pop shops, last visit it was Cowshed and the space has now been taken over by jewellers Carat. I didn't have plans to even look in the store but it was right next to where we were sitting enjoying an ice cream and as I'd managed to devour mine quicker than everyone else I popped in for a look and one of those fabulous serendipitous moments happened.

Carat is a fashion jewellers who use their own created gemstones to design jewellery that can be worn without bodyguards flanking you - and you can afford, that said these earrings would have originally set you back £94 but I managed to buy them for £37 - 60% off. They will add the perfect bit of of bling to my yellow ensemble at the weekend. I have to give credit to Ben for finding them and suggesting how perfect the amethyst stone would be to compliment the ring I have and can wear with it.

One shop I was keen to visit on my trip was Kate Spade and yes, whilst I know I'll be in the States in less than a month where Kate Spade is more affordable I couldn't help buying this gorgeous mint green wallet for the trip. Ben rolled his eyes at my explanation for my 'needing' it but mum completely understood so I'm sure you will too.

American's use more notes than we do in the UK, therefore our purchases don't always lend themselves well to the crossover. On many of my trips to the US I've been fumbling around in stores as I pull out my roll of dollar bills just to find $2 for a can of drink (or soda should I say!). This purse is perfect to store the notes in for easy access as well as the handy slots for hotel keycards, all important credit cards and my driving licence which comes in handy when asked for id in store. I can't wait to use it - and it still has a zipped area on the size for the odd coin that comes my way.

As if I needed more convincing there was an extra 20% off purses and wallets in Kate Spade that day so the original price of £130 was reduced to £62 - that's another bargain in my book,

My final purchases were from Ralph Lauren home in the form of two lovely smelling candles at £12.99 which again was a discounted, discounted price at 56% discount.

Oh and the Reiss bag, that was a very unexciting white t-shirt for £23, original price £35 - a great quality tee that I wore yesterday but we all know what they look like.

Phew, that took some mathematical skills working out all those percentages, Carol Vorderman I am not.  Are you an outlet shopper or do the prices still put you off? And if you'd like to hear more about Bicester Village I'll have a review up for tomorrow.

You can find previous Bicester Village hauls here and here

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Seven Deadly Sins Beauty Tag

I try to limit the pressure of blogging to only posting Monday to Friday's but as I have managed to get ahead of myself with photos and scheduling I thought I'd throw the odd blogger tag in over the weekends where possible. I read the Seven Deadly Sins Beauty Tag over at Makeup by Candlelight and thought it a worth competitor to share with you.

1. GREED; what is your most expensive and inexpensive beauty item?
This is a difficult one as I have quite an equal split of drugstore and high end beauty items but I plumped for the blogger fave, Collections Concealer and my new Narscissist Eyeshadow Palette which I finally used last weekend!

2. WRATH; what beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?
This question on the other hand was easy, definitely lip gloss. I have a small collection of glosses and even featured one in the previous weeks every day lip look link but yet I'm not so much of a fan. I can't bear anything too sticky and nothing worse than when your hair gets stuck to your lips but then there are times when a gloss on the lips is just the look you need.

3. GLUTTONY; what are your most delicious beauty products?
My Charlotte Tilbury make up collection which my best friend gave me for Christmas with the statement 'I can't believe I've spent this much on make up'. It's one of those collections I'm just happy to look at and enjoy but really should start using it. He actually came round whilst I had this laid out for photos and did the 'oh is that Charlotte Tilbury make up… how nice… who brought that… do you know how expensive it is'.

4. SLOTH; what beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?
Body lotion might be off topic but it's certainly the one product I have the most trouble trying to get into a habit of using. I've recently purchased the Vaseline Body Lotion Spray which has meant I'm more likely to use this when in a rush but it's still not a product I automatically reach for.

5. PRIDE; what beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
Definitely red lipstick. For years whenever I needed a pick me up I'd reach for a trusty red, the most recent addition being Mac's Rhianna Viva Glam.

6. LUST; what attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex
Physically eyes are always a plus for me but ultimately I love to see passion and enthusiasm in a guy whether it's for their favourite football team or band.. not quite sure how this question is relevant to the tag but there you go!

7. ENVY; what items would you most like to receive as a gift?
I think I'd happily open anything from Chanel.

Hope you enjoyed today's tag, please do post on your blog and don't forget to let me know if you join in!
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