Thursday, May 2, 2013

BEDM: Spring is here

What is your favourite thing about Spring?
What plans do you have to enjoy it?

It's quite funny that I'd never given Spring much thought until it was time to write this post. My favourite season is Autumn, filled with such excitement of Halloween, Bonfire Night and the forthcoming Christmas season. Winter is time for hibernation and snuggling down but Spring... now that's a tricky one. 

Of course there's the excitement of the 4 day weekend Easter gives us, blossom on the trees, lambs being born but really we're all just begging for sunshine and the arrival of Summer... but oh didn't Spring gets it's own back this year!

Hasn't Spring shown us what a cruel beast she can be! We all know it's been the coldest on record and we've taken for granted the beautiful sunshine Spring can bestow us. Again the blossom on the trees is something I've usually taken for granted but the local trees are late to bloom this year so I was overjoyed to spot a tree in it's glory outside my flat when I was trying to decide what image to use on my blog today.

So I can assure next year I will not take Spring for granted, I will rejoice in Easter, wait excitedly for the blossom on the trees and maybe even visit a local farm for lambing season.

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  1. I've definitely embraced spring more this year, think its lots to do with how cold its been for so long and the hibernation period has been endless!... Pop back tomorrow Tx

  2. aw, i think as soon as the sun appears everyone makes the most of it. :) Autumn is my fav season aswell, love bomfire night, and wearing mits and beanies. xx

  3. Spring has been a mean one this year! I'm such an Autumn/Winter girl xxx

  4. I am so happy the weather is finally warmer, Roll on summer thats what I say x


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