Saturday, May 30, 2009

Car Boot Sale Vintage Haul #5

I decided to have a boot sale break today and instead popped into the small flea market held in our local village hall and of course managed to find a couple of things to buyI shall be keeping the tin for myself but the lace gloves (which I was told are 1950's) will be added to my friends vintage wedding basket I am putting together I hope you have all had wonderful Saturday's in the sun and can't wait to hear all the stories from those of you that went to the Vintage & Handmade fair today

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Car Boot Sale Vintage Haul #4

Cambridge Station

vintage homeware essexvintage homeware essex
vintage childrens books essex
I hope everyone had lovely long weekends, would you like to see what I got up to? Saturday I went into Cambridge with my friend, Kelly and her flower girl, Morgan to pick up our dresses for THE wedding
I’m pleased to report that my bridesmaid dress looked GREAT (if I do say so myself!) and even better fitted perfectly – what a relief! Comforted by this fact we decided to head off for lunch….

Hmmmm maybe my dress won’t fit so perfectly if I carry on eating all that cake?! After lunch we collected our dresses and caught the train home. Here’s the Bride guarding our dresses and Morgan and I showing off our new wedding shoes

And there was a bit of fun with feather boas and bunny ears on the train home although don’t panic these aren’t part of our wedding outfits! a hen party had some spare “props” and offered them to Morgan but I had to have a play!

Sunday I took myself to a boot sale and found some treasures. I think my favourite item is the sewing pattern, my mum like the knives and has “borrowed” them for now
I used to love Mrs Pepperpot stories when I was little so I was pleased to find these books and more Ladybird and Enid Blyton for my collections
I also did a few crafty things which didn’t go quite to plan but I will tell you more about those in another post!
Monday I enjoyed lunch here with my brother and his family and then returned home to prepare myself for Tuesday’s return to work

I look forward to hearing how you spent the weekend

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Victoria Plum Doll

victoria plum
One of my favourite things to do is hunt on eBay for toys from my childhood to replace those that didn't stand the test of time
Recently I purchased this cute Victoria Plum doll that I used to have. Naturally Victoria Plum was a favourite - nothing to do with her name of course ;o) I even went to a fancy dress party as her (such a shame no photos exist although I'm sure I remember posing for them in the garden!)
Victoria Plum was the creation of newsreader Angela Rippon and wikipedia tells me:
"The character was a tree fairy in "the Great Wood". Other fairy characters - Marsha, Ben, Sugar Plum - and talking woodland creatures inhabited the fictional universe"
You can read a post on my childhood toys on my first blog here

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Car Boot Sale Vintage Haul #3

I don't know what the weather's been like in your neck of the woods but Essex has been pretty miserable this weekend. Saturday morning I braved the boot sale (unlike a lot of the usual sellers) but only came home with a ladybird book and some brooches
Sunday wasn't looking too promising either and by the time I'd played with this little fella the rain had started. Instead I decided to pay a visit to a local charity shop which opens on Sundays (although not until 11am so I found myself waiting outside in the car!)

I managed to find lot's of books to bring home (sadly no Enid Blyton or Ladybird) including Twinkle annuals which I used to get for Christmas when I was little. I already have some of these but for the price I couldn't resist duplicating so I can make sure my collection is the better copy.

And my first (I think who knows what I've gathered over the years and is in boxes!) piece of utility china.

You may have seen posts on this china over at Kitschen Pink and Mrs Thrifty
I'll be uploading these images on the Utility China Flickr group shortly. (Don't forget to let me know if you're on flickr or add me as a contact). What treasures did you find this weekend?

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Car Boot Sale Vintage Haul #2

Vintage Enid Blyton Collection

Friday morning was one where all you want to do is call in sick and roll over back to bed. Instead I decided to drag myself into the office and request an afternoons holiday. At 12.30pm I happily skipped out of work with the whole afternoon ahead of me. On my way home I stopped to do a little thrifting - here's what I found
Later that evening my SIL and I went to see Coraline
It was a great film if not a little scary in parts (or maybe we're both big babies!!). We both said how peaceful it seemed and described it like reading a book . Let me know what you thought if you've seen it
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Car Boot Sale Vintage Haul #1

Vintage Brooch Collection
Vintage Enid Blyton Collection
Last Saturday whilst I was supposed to be helping a friend at a local boot sale I sneaked away to hunt for treasure. I found 3 lovely brooches and a few Enid Blyton books. Tomorrow I will be able to enjoy a proper rummage and fingers crossed I will have more goodies to show you

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Florence & Mary

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my new blog they made me smile and I couldn't be happier that you all followed me into my new home. A few of you asked who Florence & Mary are and quite simply the answer is my grandmothers

I was never happy with the name Vintage Tea for my blog, a name I came up with quickly one evening whilst I felt brave enough to launch myself into blogland (you can read my first post here)

I thought of many new names but nothing felt quite right until a conversation with my mum one evening about how the name Florence (her mother) was making a comeback. My lightbulb moment followed and Florence & Mary was born

(Nanny Florence with my aunt & mum)

Sadly during development I lost my Nan (Mary) so it seemed even more appropriate a name and a lovely tribute
From adventures influenced by Nanny Florence's love of charity shops and learning to match Nanny Mary's knitting skills I hope Florence & Mary will be a place they would be proud of and one you will enjoy visiting

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