Thursday, April 30, 2015

Roger & Gallet Hand & Nail Balms

Roger & Gallet Hand & Nail Balm* link
I was rather pleased when I received these Roger & Gallet hand creams or officially (and elegantly) called 'hand balms' fell through my door. We all know by now how much I love a good hand cream and I've been a fan of the Roger & Gallet brand since using their body lotions.  
The two handy sized scents I received were Fleur de Figuier and Bienfaits and I'm in love with both so much so that the tubes are on their way to an empties post very soon the rate I'm using.
I've never quite got the 'fig' fanclub but having smelt Fleur de Figuier, enriched with fig extract I'm ready to sign up to that club. It's amazing and so much so that my hands were wafted under a friends nose at the weekend to appreciate the smell!
Not to worry Bienfaits also smells equally as delicious with its five fruit extracts; blackcurrant, pomegranate, cranberry, blueberry and cherry that I have had both floating around in my handbag at one time or another.
Both and all Roger & Gallet hand balms are enriched with shea butter to protect and nourish, aloe vera to hydrate and soothe dry skin and other tricks such as apricot kernel oil to soften.
If you've listened to my musings on hand creams in the past you will be familiar with my 'mug test' and I can confirm that both of these pass - yes I can pick up a cup of tea without it slipping thanks to a non-greasy and non sticky formula.
The perfect 30ml travel size is £6 and with beautiful packaging, scents and amazing formula I will be repurchasing these again when the time comes.
*PR Sample

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Pixi Glow Tonic link
I'm not entirely sure why it took my so long to use this bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic as I used it on a fairly regular basis. As you can see it's even in the old style pump bottle. I do remember on purchasing it initially I wasn't particularly overwhelmed but due to it's age I don't feel it'd be fair to pass any comment and with it's affordable price I would repurchase again and give it another shot. 

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub link
Another product that has been in my collection for a ridiculously long time is the famous lip scrub from Lush in the popcorn scent. I originally reviewed this in 2013 here and whilst I did enjoy using the product I wasn't diligent enough with it's application and it is now in a dried up state so it's time to add a new one into my shopping basket. 

COLAB Dry Shampoo Extreme Volume in RIO link
I'm slightly dubious of the influx of products released by YouTubers and the flood of positive reviews and whilst many are not really targeted for me I had to swallow my words when I tried the COLAB Extreme Volume dry shampoo. I picked up the smaller size on a trip to Superdrug thinking it'd be ideal to tackle those hand luggage woes of mine (read about them here). I must concede that this is a great product that I love and have subsequently purchased the full size. I don't use this as a dry shampoo as I'm happy with Batiste for that purpose but as a product to give volume and texture to my hair this is perfect. 

L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray - Supreme Hold link
I'm not really a hairspray user, only if I've had my hair 'properly' style or worn up but it's always handy to have a trusty can of Elnett in my arsenal. I've tried the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray and it's just too wet for me and often ruins any style I've had or destroy any volume whereas Elnett keeps things in place without leaving things crispy. Definitely much add to my repurchase list. 

Laura Geller GlamLash Mascara link
Another product that made the empties pile this month is the famous GlamLash mascara from Laura Geller. I really enjoyed this mascara and would definitely repurchase. It did everything it said it would, lengthening, volumising and separating lashes, I always felt a little special wearing this and felt it finished off my simple eye make up looks but adding a little drama. 

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dryspiun Finish link
I have gone through about three cans of Bumble & Bumbles wonderful Dryspun finish and repurchased every time but our happy journey may be at an end having discovered COLAB as mentioned above. These products work for me in a very similar fashion and if I can find one for a fraction of a cost then it's a win win. 

Lush Aquatic Toothy Tabs link
As I've mentioned often I'm taking a concerted effort to use products I have hence why you're seeing a lot of 'old' products starting to make their appearance in these posts. Another is the Lush Toothy Tabs which have been used for all my travels since their early review in 2013 here. Whilst I love this product I hate the taste of these and even Ben was horrified when I made him try one in Edinburgh. I would repurchase but need to find the right 'taste' for me. 

Bath & Bodyworks Wild Madagascar Vanilla EDP link
This was a new fragrance release when I was in BBW during one of my US trips and I fully intended to include in my giveaway. Cheekily after testing I decided I liked it too much and kept it for myself. It was the perfect Winter scent and had a spiciness to it which stopped it from being sickly sweet. 

Simple Kind to Skin+ Illuminating Radiance Cream link
This was a sample I used on one of my nights away and I enjoyed using it. It certainly added radiance after a night out and gave my skin the boost it needed that I could head home with a pounding head but looking more awake than I felt.

The Breath Co Oral Rinse* link
Originally reviewed in this post I was surprised how much I enjoyed using a mouth wash as it's not something that's ever been part of my routine. I have subsequently repurchased the toothpaste having missed it and finding it more palatable than other toothpaste brands. I haven't rushed to repurchase this but I think it's definitely something I should reconsider as it's worth the extra step.

Simple Kind to Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes link
I've featured the Simple wipes in my empties post before as the handy 7's pack is ideal for unexpected overnight stays. Without my regular skincare line up and wanting to do the least in simply removing make up for one night I don't find that these wipes leave my skin dry and make me feel almost saintly for making the effort!

What have you been using up this month?

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Trios

Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells link

I have had the photos for both of these trios available for some time and likewise used each trio on a couple of occasions but not sufficiently to take note for the purposes of a review post. When I put each of these palettes in my make up to start my testing process I had the intention of writing independent reviews of both but having used both during the same period but in actual fact it makes more sense to review both in the one post.

Ok so let's deal with the basics I love Wet N Wild as you will see from my numerous posts featuring them. Their quality and pigmentation is second to none and battles well against Mac and other high end competitors. This trio is only a few dollars and you wouldn't believe such good eyeshadows were available for that cost - if only they were more readily available in the UK. Whilst the packaging is fairly cheap with these trios that doesn't bother me if the product does what it should and both these trios do. Each trio tells you were to apply the eyeshadows; eyelid, crease and brow bone. The only thing missing for me is often a darker colour as I tend to use a powder liner but I can certainly get round that.

Walking on Eggshells has something of a cult status in the blog world, most notably for the shades being MAC dupes. The eyelid for Naked Lunch, the crease shade for Cork and brow bone highlight for Shroom. I only have Naked Lunch for comparison purposes and can say they are very alike. I did try taking some swatches but they didn't come out as I'd like so you'll have to take my word for it.

This is definitely a slightly more subtle palette than Sweet as Candy which is pinker but both eyelid shades are on the frosty side and at first when I was using more frequently for the purposes of this post I was unsure if I liked them but on frequent use I've found them both to be perfect paired with my favoured red lipsticks

Wet n Wild Sweet as Candy link
Both of these palettes have been taking precedence over others in my make up bag and they've become the ones I go to when I know I'm heading out of an evening and want a simple but effective make up look.

Have you tried any eyeshadows from Wet n Wild?

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Beauty Mini's | When do you use yours?

Clearly I have had little to worry about lately as my stash of minis and testers from magazines and the like have been growing and I'm undecided what to do with them. Due to a few trips away over the past couple of months I've turned to this collection but often I don't want to take a foundation or perfume sample that I've not experienced before in case I don't like it.

The same goes for the testers of skincare etc, do I really want to head away for a weekend and use a cleanser that could break me out or have an adverse reaction? Then there's the issue of how long will that sample last, do I need to take a moisturiser packet for each day or will one cover the two nights? As you can see this is in the spirit of #firstworldproblems.

As such I've decided to combine both, if you saw my Brighton Empties I instagrammed here I was adequately covered and took testers along with me but for other products, certainly foundation is better tested during a working day and I always prefer to wear a perfume and see how it settles on me, lasts throughout the day and the like.

For this post I'll be talking about a few products I've tried lately so think of this as a review and empties post all in one.

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Invisible Skin Fusion Foundation link
Luckily being neither too pale nor too dark I can often get away with trying a lot of foundation samples that I come across in magazines. They also make it easier to see straight away what shade I would be whether going one up or down.

This is a long line of brands coming out with 'second skin' foundation and claims to leave your complexion as 'radiant as silk'. The shade was perhaps a little dark for me but it did give good coverage although clung to one or two dry patches and I found it oxidising throughout the day. Whilst a nice foundation it's not one I was eager to purchase in full size but did happily get a couple of wears out of this sachet.

Clinque Beyond Perfecting 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer link
I was pleased to find a sachet of this new foundation release from Clinque and enjoyed using it. Despite being lightweight it again felt too heavy on my skin and also clung to the dry patches by end of a working day. Coverage was good and it did work well enough to cover any slight blemishes I had.

Benefit Big Easy link
One of Benefits new releases last Summer I was able to pick up a few sample tubes during my Sephora shopping trips. I had ups and downs with the formula which you'll read about in this post but making an effort to 'use what I have' and knowing this wasn't top of my love list I thought I'd give it a go on weekends when I was only popping out to the supermarket and the like. This isn't a product I have a desire to purchase in full size as I find the coverage too light for even me as someone who doesn't like anything too heavy.

Sublime De Chanel Infinite Length and Curl Mascara link
I wasn't wowed by this mascara on using it which is a surprise as when I was using I thought it was the Volume version which I had previously used and loved in mini size and have my eye on for next months Duty Free purchasing. I suspected it could be due to it's age and maybe thats why I was unimpressed but on preparing this post I realise it's because it was a completely different mascara all together! Did it lengthen lashes, certainly but was there much of a curl or anything to make me go wow? No.

Next up we get to the perfume samples which I won't go into too much detail about as standard beauty blogger statement 'I can't describe fragrances'. Those I've tried this month have been; Guerlain La Petite Robe Eau Fraiche* which I loved. It's a light fragrance perfect for Summer and something I would've expected to turn my nose up too. I am thinking of buying this for my Summer scent this year.

Lacoste Touch of Pink* was something I liked but not overwhelmed at. As a scent it felt too fruity for me to wear as a fragrance and something more suited to the younger audience. Thierry Mugler Angel has long been a favourite of friends and something I'd never tried myself. I liked this more than I expected as for every friend who loves it there's someone else who hates it. I'm on the fence whether this is something I'd like to purchase for myself.

Final two are the so named Jimmy Choo* and Liz Earles Botanical Essence No.1. Sorry Liz but I did not like Botanical Essence it was just too garden like for me. Jimmy Choo I was a bit blah about it. At each whiff I'd get a different type of scent, none of which I liked.

So I'm using up my beauty testers, what do you do with yours?

*PR Samples

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Friday, April 24, 2015

March 2015 Beauty Favourites

No the title is not a typo, this is indeed my March Favourites. Whilst I appreciate we're approaching April Favourites time and that will be following as I forgot to hit publish on this post I thought I would get it up quickly. It's also worth noting that I could've passed these off as my April favourites as all items are still very much featuring in my daily make up bag.

Rodial Instaglam Contouring Powder* link
First up we have the rather pricey but rather lovely Rodial Contouring Powder. I was gifted this after attending an event on how to contour like a Khardashian and I've been using this pretty regularly since along with my trusty Nars Ita brush. Whether I am as gifted as the Khardashians remains to be seen but nonetheless I'm finding this a very natural and easy product to use. Cooler toned than my other favourite product for contouring Sephora's Bronzing Powder in Los Cabos this feels dare I say more 'natural'. I use with a light hand day to day but build up when seeking an evening look. You can see it in action here and any other recent selfies!

Scrunchie Primark
My friend threatened to disown me when I told her about my love for my new Primark scrunchie. And despite laughing to myself remember that Sex in the City episode featuring much discussion about scrunchie I can't help but love it. During a shopping trip one evening and battling the crowds in Primark I needed something to tie my hair up. Rather than buy one of their packs of hairbands which I'd need to attack with my teeth to remove packaging I went for the easy accessible scrunchie instead. The joy of the scrunchie is that my hair doesn't feel to tight when piled on top of my head and nor does it take the usual effort and untangling normal hairbands require. Would I wear it out of the house again, probably not but am I looking for different colours and patterned ones to wear on holiday round the pool? Maybe….

Mac Lipstick in Red Balloon
I should apologise from the off for featuring a Mac Lipstick that was part of the limited edition Playland Collection (which you can read about here) and you can no longer get your hands on. I can  soften the blow by directing you to Temptalia's dupes page for some alternatives that I'm pretty pleased to see because when this runs out I'll be devastated. Despite the name this is most certainly not a red lipstick. It is pink. It's a bright pink but not too garish to be worn by day and as we've entered Spring and I've said goodbye to my berries this has been found on my lips many a day.

Laura Geller Baked Brûlée Blush in Apple Custard link
Another product that is perfect for entering Spring is the Apple Custard from the Baked Brûlée Collection. Laura Geller does fantastic baked powder products which I have used on and off over the years. This blush is a marbling of pink and bronze which adds a subtle highlight to the cheeks. I like to wear either on it's own for a subtle day look or over other pink blushes to add a little glimmer to the cheeks. You can read more about my Laura Geller make up collection in this post.

Japonesque Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Duo S2* link
I received this eyeshadow duo in a goodie bag last Summer and whilst it was pretty too look at I wasn't in any rush to try it. A decision I am since regretting as this handy duo has remained in my make up bag since I first picked it up. Both colours are highly pigmented eyeshadows that look lovely as a duo for a simple look with my regular red lipstick or combined with others to create a smokier eye. I also rely on the darker brown for using as eyeliner and if I'm in a pinch I can even do my brows.
The image above unfortunately doesn't show the beauty of the packaging so look out for an Instagram post today showcasing it. Each product you buy from Japonesque will be individual due to the gel pigments they swirl together which will continue to flow and blend before setting. For us beauty packaging fiends this is something worth having.

So there you have my March favourites, give it a day or two and you'll find out what I have actually loved this month.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cold Companions

Whilst I'm pleased to note we're now in Spring and daylight hours last a little longer I have still found myself with a sniffle or two as the weather struggles to make up its mind to be warm or cold. Only last week I left my tights and coat at home only for it to take a chillier turn and the rain started! When I get that sniffly feeling and fear a cold wants to attack I have a couple of favourite products I reach for to take a long hot bath.

First is the Ayumi Muscle Massage Bath & Body Oil* which I add to my bath and inhale the variety of essential oils that fill the bathroom. Of course if I were lucky I'd have a strapping young man available to offer me a massage which all Ayumi Oils are fit for but sadly a soak in the tub has to do.

Next is an old favourite, Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash which I have been using for years. I had a panic recently when suffering from a blocked nose and couldn't find this as whether is psychological or not I always feel better after using.

Have you tried either or these products or have a recommendation for pampering myself when I feel a cold settling in?

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


As I continue to 'shop my stash' and use products I already own before buying new ones it will of course stand to reason that some products, particularly due to the numbers I am now sampling, won't work for me. Here is the latest hit list.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette link
This was a Christmas gift the one before last and one my mum couldn't believe would cost so much for an eyeshadow palette so it's something of a shame a year on I'm just not a fan. Everyone of course loves and lusts after the Urban Decay Naked Palettes and I can't deny that this was on my wish list purely for it's hype around its release and a desire to have it. Whilst gorgeous to look at its palette of rose pink neutrals complete with mattes, pearls and metallics I just do not find it works for me.

I have of course tried, followed tutorials and the like but I just don't find it's something I reach for on a regular basis not feel a desire to keep in my collection. As such you'll see it coming on a blog sale very soon.

Sure Compressed Deodorant Invisible Black & White Crystal* link
My go to deodorant is Sure Maximum Protection and you will have seen it mentioned countless times on Florence and Mary so it was something of a disappointment that the Black & White Crystal version was quite the opposite. Despite using over Winter when shall we say things are less sweaty I found I was feeling wet minutes after using. Crazily I persevered thinking maybe it was the particular clothing I was wearing on certain days or some other reasons but nothing made a difference until I returned to Sure Maximum Protection. Yes it's stick form and size isn't as handy as the can and yes the Black  White definitely stood by it's non yellow staining abilities but for me it was a no go.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser* link
If you read my post on the full 3-step routine from La Roche Posay then you will know that this cleanser was far too drying on my normal-combination skin. Whilst a fan of the Effaclar Duo the cleanser just didn't work for me. If you have super oily skin I'd definitely give this a try.

Doctor Manuka Brightening Facial Oil* link
We're all fans of facial oils these days and any that offer to brighten and give me a more youthful looking complexion catch my attention. As expected the Brightening Oil contains the hero ingredient Manuka Oil and I found this was gorgeous to use during colder months when my skin was drier and needed a boost of hydration in my morning skin.

You may as why speaking so highly of this non greasy facial oil that it is appearing in this post, well unfortunately for me the smell was just too off putting. I can only describe it as a cheesy scent - and I like my scent. If it were not for my 'beauty blogger status' and access to numerous products I would have stuck with using this oil as the smell disappears very quickly and doesn't linger in anyway and it's benefits far outweigh the seconds of recoil at the smell. That said when I had numerous other products at my disposal I just wouldn't reach for this and would far rather pass on to a friend or family member with a less delicate nose than myself.

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment
I have gone through numerous tubs of this once holy grail product over the years. I first discovered via QVC and I can remember many years ago my mum and I stocking up on Ojon products from Sephora in the US where it was significantly cheaper. Now I just find it a bit of a faff and hence it's appearance in this post.

The Ojon Restorative Hair Treat is very much a cult classic within those in the know. Back in it's QVC days there were fabulous videos showing rain forests where the Ojon nuts are found and the 'golden elixir' is born to return your hair to a soft, silky and manageable state once again.

My hair has never been on the drier side and despite daily washing and a blast from the hairdryer I find that this product doesn't do anything I can't get from my hair conditioning treatments I prefer to use. I've had this tub sitting in my bedside table in an effort to use it but find the whole process of scooping out a teaspoon and warming in my hands and brushing through my hair whilst tucked up in bed a pain. It certainly makes hair oily and your hands too (not to mention bedding!) and hair does appear much better the day after but the whole process isn't something I do frequently enough to warrant keeping hold of it.

Ciate Paint Pot, Pillow Fight* link
I've had limited exposure to Ciate Nail Paint Pots so I was pleased to see one in a goodie bag after an event (where I had Boudoir applied which I loved). Whilst I have no gripes with the polish itself the colour just didn't flatter or work for me at all. Whilst appearing lilac in the bottle it was definitely more on the grey side than I would like and I wouldn't reach for again so off to a more appreciative home it goes.

Mally Volumizing Mascara* link
Little to say about this mascara from Mally other than the fall out for me made it unwearable.

Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara*
Like the Mally mascara above this too was a fall out disaster for me. I also found it very wet and clumpy when I first used it. I persevered some more with this once it had dried out a little but the fall out remained.

Victoria Secrets Love Spell Fragrance Mist link
Love Spell a 'flirty floral fragrance' from Victoria Secrets was once a favourite of mine. Back in my 20s I had a body lotion complete with sparkle which I would always apply before a night out so of course nostalgia got the better of me on one of my US trips and I picked up this fragrance mist (my body collection is too vast to justify one of those) thinking it'd be a nice spritz before bed or when I was sitting about at home. Maybe my tastes have changed as I get old but this is just too overbearingly sweet for me and again I just avoid using it.

There you have the recent products that I couldn't make work, do you see any surprises featured?

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brighton Birthday Bender

If you follow me on Instagram you will already have seen some snapshots from my trip to Brighton to celebrate my birthday but I thought I'd share a few more of the details today. Ben and I met after work at London Bridge station (via a pub!) armed with a carrier bag of booze intending to have a few drinks to pass the time with the expectation of a quiet night on arrival.

Things didn't go quite plan and I have to confess by the time we arrived in a Brighton we were rather merry to say the least. This was a blessing due to our hotel, The Royal Albion having deteriated to a great degree. We'd stayed many times before so this was booked for nostalgia taking the reviews with a pinch of salt - how wrong we were!

Meatliquor link
Once we'd ditched our bags we made our way to Meatliquor where the boozing continued and we devoured sloppy burgers and salty chips. It was quieter than I expected for our 8pm booking but the dark atmosphere and great staff (and our alcohol levels) made for a fun experience. From there we headed into town and continued the night away and things got really messy, eventually stumbling home via my favourite chip shop and passing out in bed.

Come morning we both woke hungover and took in the state of our room. Deciding breakfast was on the cards we made our way to the North Laines as I wanted to check out Snoopers Paradise. Typically on our bleary eyed journey we couldn't find anywhere of note to eat and dived into the closest place we could find to satisfy our hunger and then just walked around enjoying the sunshine. Of course typically after we'd eaten we found numerous independent cafes we would've prefered to dine in!

The Royal Pavilion link
After putting our Grand National bets on we had a walk round The Royal Pavilion Gardens before deciding we were hungry again and passing ASK decided that would do for our salad requirements. As standard a side of fries was added.

ASK link
Whilst ASK was lovely both of us were flagging so we decided to get some coffees to go and return to the hotel, watch the Grand National in comfort whilst deciding what to do that evening. Our exploits the previous night meant we were both happy to do something low key and with a desire for fajitas we headed to El Mexicano.
El Mexicano link
Unfortunately what looked promising on Tripadvisor didn't translate in house and our fajitas were lacking any mexican flavour (to us they tasted like they'd been cooked in chicken stock?!) and missing vital ingredients of peppers and onions - replaced with courgette and carrot.
With an uninviting room and only four channels to choose from on the tv we decided to go and see Fast & Furious 7. I love these films, ridiculously unrealistic they may be but I love them and it was even more poignant since the passing of Paul Walker.

Blackbird Tea Rooms link
Our last day in Brighton was the day of the Brighton Marathon which we hadn't been aware of when booking and of course the roads were closed and streets were filled with people. After checking out of our room we found the cute Blackbird Tea Rooms in the Laines and I finally felt I had my anticipated 'Brighton' experience. After breakfast we had a walk along the pier and discovered my namesake so it would've been rude not to stop for a drink.

Throughly exhausted but with smiles on our faces we tracked down a taxi and made our way to the station and began the journey home (which felt like it took days as is the way when heading home from somewhere!). All in all a very fun weekend. 

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Monday, April 20, 2015

STEAMCREAM for face and body

When I had an opportunity to try Steamcream recently whilst I loved the concept and cute tins I was dubious to how well a moisturiser for the face would fair on the body and vice versa. Cute packaging aside let's look at first at the steam process used to make a lightweight formula that makes it suitable for both purposes.

Unlike other products that ingredients are bound together by a emulsifying process Steamcream uses a steam process which fuses the ingredients together instantly and creates this lightweight formula that will sink past the skins surface and keeping things softer for longer. 

Steamcleans simple hand made process means they invest in natural ingredients such as orange flower water and almond and jojoba oils. 

Steamcream can be used as a daily moisturiser for the face, a hand cream or body lotion and I was impressed to note it functioned for all three. Despite looking rather thick in the tin this is definitely a lightweight moisturiser that sinks instantly into skin and provides much need hydration.

As a moisturiser I was able to apply make up soon after applying and as a hand cream it's excellent as there is no slip yet hands feel moisturised and it even ticked the boxes when applied as a body lotion.

Of course then we have the cute packaging. Every month Steamcream release between 2-3 different designs on their website from everyday designs to seasonal which makes this a great gift for friends or family. The 75ml tins are just the right size for travel and would be perfect to serve triple duty when you're battling hand luggage restrictions - I wish I'd had this when I was visiting Edinburgh!

Would you ever use the same moisturiser on your face as your body?

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Friday, April 17, 2015

My Lip Balm Collection

Lip Balms were once like hand cream, a boring beauty item that I rarely reach for yet now they are an essential part of my day to day life that as you can see I have built up rather a collection! This is not an extensive collection either, after taking this photo I kept finding others in bags and drawers or for example on my desk like the Jelly Belly lip balm.

I'm not usually a fan of balms that are in tubes as I prefer a stick that I can apply directly to my lips but the PapayaGold Paw Paw Moisturising Balm one me over for being such a great product. Enriched with Manuka Honey to soothe everything from chapped lips to skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis this is something of a multi-use product.

I had this sitting beside me on the sofa and would reach for it to apply on my lips, cuticles and sometimes if I thought about it my elbows which have some small spots of psoriasis and found it worked well for each condition.

Dr Lipp's Original Nipple Balm for Lips
A cult status originally created as a nipple balm for breastfeeding women that like Paw Paw above has many uses I brought in to blogger hype and added a tube of this to my shopping basket at one time or another. Made from 100% pure Lanolin and both tasteless and odourless this is again a product that works but I don't remember at the time being bowled over and it has since just sat awaiting use.

No surprises that another Palmer's product makes an appearance on Florence and Mary and how could I not like a Dark Chocolate & Cherry tinted lip balm. This like the Barry M Cor Balmy lip balm below is the sort of product I throw in my handbag and can be used in lieu of a lipstick for touch ups if needed. I always keep a lip balm like this in my handbag and they have been a lifesaver when I forget to add a lipstick to my make up bag. Another plus for this beauty is it's SPF 15 - I may very well be adding this to my beach bag.

Barry M Cor Balmy, Jam Jar 
I didn't like this product when I first purchased it. It's far more pigmented than I would expect or want from a lip balm  and it's white packaging versus the red makes for very messy times. That said as a red lipstick wearer this has got me out of many a bind when I'm without my traditional lipsticks and still want a slick of red on my lips.

Let's be honest who isn't going to love the novelty of 'Cherry Chapstick' for it's links to that Katy Perry song. Another pleasant scented (things are getting very 'cherry' on Florence and Mary lately) and moisturising balm this is worth picking up.

For those looking for organic, vegan friendly lip balms Hurraw is for you. The shape of this lip balm put me off at first as rather than being your traditional rounded shape this is oval and it felt quite odd on application. As often is the case it was user error and I've not found that using holding it portrait rather than landscape is fits to the lip nicely.

I was also concerned when I saw that it's scent/flavour was 'Pitta' now I like a chicken in pitta as much as the next person but in a lip balm? I had nothing to fear as it's a minty scent with 'cooling Oregon peppermint' adding a coolness to your lips on application. This is the current favourite which I'm using on a regular basis.

The Maybelline Baby Lips didn't set me alight when they were first released (see my post here) but it does get a special mention for being the first lip balm I remember using up (see March empties here). Whilst I don't believe they are necessarily worth of their hype as a functioning lip balm they are pleasant and of course their packaging and the collectable nature of them makes them pleasing to own.

This is another that falls into the 'messy' category. I have the Blistex Moisture Max Lip Balm sitting in my bedside drawer and I think it's heading for an empties post very soon. You squeeze the product out of the small hole and then spread across your lips. I would probably not pick this up again largely for the messy application but could be tempted by it's Blueberry taste!

So there you have my ridiculous lip balm collection, spot any of your favourites in this line up or have a recommendation for me to try?

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dubai Holiday Plans

This time next month I'll be boarding a plane for for a long anticipated holiday in Dubai. I've wanted to go to Dubai for years but not unless I could do it in style and I think it's fair to say that Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa will tick that box.

Currently I'm spending ridiculous amounts of a new holiday wardrobe that at the rate I'm going will require a bikini change every hour to make use of them. There's also much planning and gorging on Dubai vlogs and blog posts and I'd love to hear any recommendations you might have.

Have you been to Dubai or is it somewhere you'd like to visit?

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Live Laugh Love

The website Live Laugh Love has long been a favourite of mine and I have made many purchases over the years, particularly at the height of my Shabby Chic phase. I was pretty happy when they got in touch and offered me a £20 voucher to spend on their site especially as the most difficult decision would be what to choose.

I decided to make two 'blog' purchases; the zinc heart and rose garlands* which I hope to use in forthcoming blog photos. I actually had the rose garland a few years ago and can't remember what happened to it but it's wire is great to manipulate around products or of course mirrors and shelves if you prefer to decorate your home for it.

The final item I picked was the 'Dancing like no one is watching' wooden heart. It would only take you five minutes inside my flat to notice I am rather partial to a slogan/word or saying decorative item so this one certainly has a place. It's currently hung in my hall and it's safe to say I have definitely danced like no one is watching over the years. 

Have you shopped on Live Laugh Love before, what do you think of the items I ordered?

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