Friday, May 3, 2013

BDEM: My Typical Day – Part 2

I didn’t really think through my plan to take a photo every hour for my post on a typical day in the office firstly because there’s not really anything worthy of taking photos and I struggle to get friends and family to understand why I’m taking a photo of my lunch to blog let alone explaining to my colleagues why I’m reaching for an iphone during a meeting. So instead please get yourself comfortable and I will talk you through my typical day…

My (first!) alarm of the day goes off at 7am and I instantly hit snooze. I rouse myself from bed and get myself ready in a semi conscious state. Boy do I miss the days of living at home when one of my parents would bring me a cup of tea in the morning.

I’m lucky to live minutes from the local station where I jump on the underground and even luckier to be first stop so I get a seat and start by a combo of checking Bloglovin, emails and putting my make up on – yes I’m one of those people. My journey on a good day is 40 mins but inevitably there always seems to be some delay on the Central line but this is the perfect opportunity to do some reading, this week it’s Jenny Colgan’s The loveliest chocolate shop in Paris.

I work in the city as a project manager for an insurance company – glam stuff eh! All jokes aside it’s a job I was promoted to last year and I’ve been with the company over 6 years and I’m very happy and have a great working environment and made some fabulous friends.

Arriving at my desk I check my emails and tackle anything that’s a quick response. My OCD tendencies mean I do not let me inbox go over approx 20 emails as that’s the amount I can see on my screen without scrolling. I check the diaries of myself and colleagues to see what meetings are taking place and think about my day ahead.
My monthly report was due to my manager Friday afternoon so I spent my morning finalising the details of that in between other ad hoc tasks. My role is less insurance based and more organisational, working with all the individual teams in our department, assisting with events, training etc so it’s a nice varied role that keeps me busy and working with lot’s of different people which helps me from any monotony.
I usually take lunch at about 1230pm and we’re lucky to have an in house restaurant with a £3.30 allowance. The food on offer is a choice of hot meals and daily soups, jacket potatoes, salad bar and various other goodies – let me tell you it’s hard to avoid the gorgeous looking cakes and sweets on offer. Sometimes I’ll sit with friends, sometimes we’re indulgent and visit a local bar but lately I’ve been enjoying some time out at my desk, reading through blogs, twitter and doing personal “stuff”.
As it was a Bank Holiday weekend on Friday we were allowed to finish at 4pm so everyone was in a jubilant mood that afternoon. I spent the remaining hours finishing off my report and confirming invites for two events we have planned this summer and tying up loose ends so I could escape the office as soon as I was able.
My evenings vary from visiting friends, drinks after work or some shopping, often at Westfield. Exhausted and ready for the long weekend I instead popped to Waitrose on my way home, treated myself to a reduced Key Lime Pie and headed home. I put on a DVD (Jack Reacher, don’t bother!) and found myself falling asleep at 830pm so I decided to climb in to bed (unheard of at that hour) and get ready for the big Bicester Village shopping trip planned for the next day (post to follow very soon)
So there you have it, not very exciting but somewhat typical of how I spend my day.

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  1. I realy love your blog :) so interesting seeing what people get up to day to day!

  2. Key Lime Pie = yum!!
    Going to bed before 9pm isn't unheard of for me, as when I'm on earlies my alarm goes off at 5.15am!! It shouldn't be allowed!


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