Friday, May 28, 2010

Carrie On

Yes my tickets are booked and this evening I'm off to see...

Sex and the City 2

I cannot wait and would be embarrassed to tell you how many times I have watched the trailers online. The reviews coming out aren't favourable but I don't care... if the story isn't up to scratch I'll treat it as front row seats to a fashion show!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Artistic Licence

Fresh from success on my brothers birthday and inspired by this post I decided to avoid the usual computer games for my cousins birthday last year and brought him a copy of Wreck This Journal

It was a big hit and he straight away began dropping it from huge heights and running outside to rub mud in the pages

If you're struggling for gifts for any friends or family I'd add this to your shopping list

Monday, May 24, 2010

Books & Boats

On my way home from my brothers yesterday I had the choice to turn left for home or right to my favourite charity shop and of course I turned right!

I was pleased I did as I picked up 2 new Ladybird books for my collection (I think these are the best condition I've ever found any in)

and a pyrex gravy boat that matches some bowls and plates I already owned

I know we're only just experiencing some sunshine but I really see these plates piled high with a shepherds pie when Autumn arrives

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a Scorcher!

Saturday I jumped in the car and headed to my brother and SIL's for the night
After lunch including some delicious scones we headed the the local Craft Centre which is filled with some fantastic shops

My brother (!) insisted I had to come home with some of the handmade soap from a gorgeous shop which has sadly closed since I first posted

I decided on the lime soap made with a loofar - perfect for using in the new shower I've just had installed 

We started chatting to the owner about blogging (hello if you tracked me down!) and she told us about a shop down the road selling vintage and handmade goodies that sounded like the sort of thing we would like - and she was right!

Th shop was a delight and it was hard to decide what would be coming home with me (sorry I was so busy oohing and ahhing over everything I forgot photos!). I finally decided on these two pictures

Aren't they gorgeous! I couldn't stop talking about them or the shop all evening

After such a successful day we came home to sit in the garden watching this little guy running around

I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen!

Saturday I hosted a surprise Sweet 16 party for my cousin Beth

Here's the moment we surprised her

We had a black and pink colour scheme

and Kelly made another of her fabulous giant cupcakes

and bracelets for each of the girls as favours

We had great fun playing Just Dance on the Wii

including a mother/daughter dance off

Two of her friends were great at helping me invite everyone she would want there (thank god for Facebook!)

I think everyone had a great night!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New York - Day 3

Our last day in NY started by jumping into a taxi bound for The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Now tourists are always told to use the subways and yes it’s cheaper, probably quicker but I prefer taxis. You are able to admire the scenery like The Palace Hotel (as seen in season one of Gossip Girl)


and even better the new home of Carrie & Big!

So back to my Gossip Girl moment

From The Met we walked over to Central Park heading first for the Alice in Wonderland statue

I couldn’t believe how big it was!

We had the perfect day for our stroll through Central Park and it was fantastic watching all the New Yorkers out for their runs and taking part in exercise classes

Sadly the fountain from films like Enchanted (and SATC!) was boarded up

But I enjoyed my walk down The Mall seen in films like Maid in Manhattan

We left Central Park to be met by The Plaza 

where I visited the Eloise shop

I wanted to have a tea party here!

Another SATC moment outside the Paris cinema

and the fountains where Carrie sends Big off to his engagement party with Natasha

Then it was time to hit the shops on Fifth Avenue such as

Where I brought these gorgeous sunglasses

And mum brought me the pretzel charm for my bracelet
(more on my charm bracelets coming soon)

After a coffee break in Trump Towers we worked our way to St Patricks Cathedral and lit candles for my nan and great aunt

And then onto Rockfeller Centre for lunch in the Rock Centre Café

Next it was time to climb to Top of the Rock

If you have to choose between this and ESB I’d go for here every time. It’s a much more pleasant experience and easier viewing from Perspex screens rather than the grills of ESB

There was one all important job left to do – my dad’s cigar shopping at the famous Nat Sherman’s on 42nd Street but this is what we met on our arrival

Oh dear!

With feet now aching and loaded down with shopping bags mum and I decided that it would be quicker to walk the last few blocks to our hotel than trying to find a taxi

This happened to be a great idea when we passed the HBO shop and I got this:

Hmmm I’m starting to come across as a bit of SATC freak now aren’t I!

And finally literally round the corner to our hotel was a branch of David Z’s were we did a little UGG shopping – one thing that is far cheaper in the US than here

Then we spotted the Flatiron Building

We ended our day with a meal at Planet Hollywood in Times Square where there was a display of Twilight costumes

Phew... what a good day!

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