Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Clayspray Face Mask Review

With an overflowing shelf in my bathroom containing all manner of facemasks it's taken some time to test Clayspray's 'first intelligent clay'. It's always been my belief that clay masks are much of a muchness, clay is clay but Clayspray are proving they're different by removing impurities without taking along the good from your skin along with it. Most clay masks will contain 15-20% clay whereas Clayspray include 65% and I must say I was very impressed.

If you follow me on Snapchat you might have been 'lucky' to see me testing out the Clayspray White Clay Mineral Masque*. The mask says it will remove dead cells and impurities revealing a younger looking, softer skin whilst reducing pore size. Now we all know that pore size cannot be reduced, only the appearance and I wouldn't say it knocked years off me but my skin certainly looked better after removing. 

If you were to purchase Clayspray it would come in a bottle which contains a sealed inner bag, (to protect the clay) surrounded by air pressure so that the product is always fresh, hygienic and ready to use. I've tested the bottles out at events but my product was in sachet form and I did find that I needed two of these to cover my face adequately. 

Aside from the effort required to squeeze the product from it's sachet this was a much easier clay to work with and didn't seem as messy as other offerings. Thick enough to not drip everywhere yet smooth enough to cover my face without dragging. It quickly dried and tightened on my skin, not uncomfortably so and it reminded me of the Glamglow mask without all the messy bits.

Once I'd removed the mask my skin was positively glowing, so much so I kept giving myself a glance in the mirror! Usually I would reach for a hydrating mask before a big night out of special event and usually the night before but if I were cut short I'd happily reach for Clayspray to give my skin a boost. 

Clayspray is paraben and preservative free and contain all natural ingredients which are not test on animals and is suitable for use by Vegans so there seems little reason not to try it. It is definitely a brand I will be repurchasing from and using in the future. 

Have you tried Clayspray before?

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Monday, September 28, 2015

September 2015 Favourites

Throughout the month I have a page in my notebook where I list down products or 'things' that I have been enjoying throughout the month. Whilst there were a few other things of note it was these three that stood out to me and I decided, less is more.

First up we have my latest obsession, Snapchat. I've downloaded the app numerous times but did not have a clue what I was doing. Not to mention with all the other areas of social media I'm trying to keep up with did I need another? Apparently I do. For those who don't know its for you to upload a 10 second video or image, your 'snap' where it will sit for 24 hours and then disappear into the world wide web.

As someone who is interested in vlogging but lacks the time and skill at present to film and edit 'proper' vlogs this is perfect. Just recently you will have seen me snapping the tidy up of my dressing table as well as sneak peeks at products I'm testing at the moment. The images are great for when you have something not quite instagram worthy but still want to share.

You can find me under username FlorenceandMary.

Next is an old favourite, Mac Syrup lipstick. I have had this lipstick for years and as you can see its well loved. More recently I've swerved the neutrals for my reds and to be honest I don't reach for Mac that often but lately I've been craving a nude lip of sorts as I play around with darker eyeshadows and this does the trick. It's now found a 'permanent' home in my everyday make up bag.

A product I forgot to include in the photograph (and didn't like the ones I retook yesterday!) but still wanted to mention is the Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. I'm lucky enough to own both Lorac Pro Palettes and with each of those comes an eye primer. I always reach for eye primers before big nights out but on a day to day basis it's something I skip. As I'm having a sort through of my make up collection I wanted to test this out and see how it compared to the Urban Decay eye primer I would usually use and whether it was something to keep. The first thing I've noticed subsequently is both the Urban Decay and Lorac eye primers are comparable and work well at maintaining the longevity of my eye make up but it's the Lorac one that stood out initially as I'd not used the UD one for so long and thought the Lorac was amazing. In short eye primers are now part of my daily make up routine.

Finally is the Sensationail at home gel nail kit*. You may have read my review post here but if not in short this is a quick, simple and long lasting gel kit that you can do in the comfort of your home, taking the same time as any normal nail paint job. The nails lasted a good two weeks with some minor chipping towards the end which I think was as much to do with my not sealing the ends of the nails as general wear. I also found it didn't lift as obviously as salon gel manicures yet when I went to remove them it came off far easier. My overall experience with this kit is a good one and it was telling that as soon as I removed them I wanted to reapply again for ease but I was restrained and allowed my nails a rest for a week.

So there you have a short and sweet favourites post this month, what have you been loving?

*This post contains press samples

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

LEGO Fun #2

The Death of Gwen Stacy, Spiderman

Following on from last months LEGO post here is the latest installment from my brother of his LEGO scenes taken with the Samsung GT 19505

The Punisher
Harry Potter
I think my brother needs to do some scenes with The Simpsons and Scooby Doo next don't you?

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Product Empties | August 2015

A mixed selection of products starting with believe it or not, the rarely seen in empties videos product. This shade is Aspen by Nails Inc and is my 'Christmas red'. It has a bright ruby colour and glistens like a gemstone perfect if you want to distinguish from your usual shades of red.

The next product is Avene's XeraCalm Cream* and is a little bit of a cheat. I didn't actually use this cream myself but a friend did. She recently had a clear out of her beauty stash and shared some things that weren't working for her with me and threw this in as she knows about my empties posts and thought I could include it. As a eczema she found this was a fantastic cream for alleviating symptoms and as you can see it was used in its entirety. Often after days/weeks products which once work begin to do the opposite for her but not with this. If you suffer from any of those itchy types of skin problems definitely check this out.

I recently reviewed the Anatomical mask selection* in full so it's not necessary to go into much detail. In short Anatomical is a company that puts some fun back into beauty as each mask has an amusing description rather than you're usual kind. At just £3 for a pack available these are perfect for girls nights in or to throw in Christmas stockings.

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo was my holiday shampoo of 2015. It joined me in both Ibiza and Dubai and worked perfectly against the heat. I'm currently working through my shampoo stash but I'm excited to try more from the OGX range.

I wouldn't usually bother adding my toothpaste to the empties pile as it's a fairly dull product but as my first experience with The Breath Co was by way of a press sample it's always worth updating you with my thoughts. I'm not a fan of your typical toothpastes as I hate the taste whereas despite The Breath Co toothpaste being minty it is a faint taste that doesn't stop you from eating for the next hour after brushing. I have gone so far to track this down at specific larger Boots stores, replaced numerous times and am paying more than you would for your Colgates and such. This is definitely a holy grail product for me.

Since I first started using Manuka Doctor CC Cream* in May I've powered through this fantastic CC cream. It's fantastic for no make up days and where I'd sometimes not even bother with any sort of base at all I like to use this for it's lovely sheen it gives to the skin. With SPF 20 it's perfect for sitting in the garden when the sun is shining (not anymore!) and I was sad to add it to my empties bag. This is definitely one I'll look at repurchasing for future holidays in the sun as it's perfect for poolside.

And finally we have the blogger favourite, Collection Long Lasting Concealer. I have two shades 2 Light and 3 Warm Medium and whilst I've pretty much used up these tubes I gave before scrapping the last drops. I too loved this concealer in my early days with it, these are both repurchases so it was certainly so but lately, maybe it's my age but I've just found them too drying under the eyes and it settles into my fine lines. When I have Maybelline Fit Me Concealer that works wonders there's no need for me to fight with the this one.

*This post contains press samples

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Collection Conceal And Light Like A Pro

A beauty blogger I may but my make up skills are as amateur as the best of us. Whilst I have swooned at concealer palettes from Mac and Bobbi Brown to be quite frank I wouldn't know where to start.  Thankfully COLLECTION have provided me with an affordable option that I can play around with and suits my needs.

The COLLECTION Conceal And Light Like A Pro Palette will be available exclusively from Boots priced at £5.99 from 14th October and contains eight cream concealers and/or correctors for all your needs.

Now as I've mentioned my skills are limited and once I looked at the palette I was thinking where do I start but I've found myself reaching for this palette on a daily basis with pleasing results, from lilac to neutralise any redness and yellow to brighten my dark circles after a light night. Of course there are the traditional looking concealors and even a small offering for contouring, I love adding a little of the darkest brown down the sides of my nose and the cream highlight has become the favourite for me.

My routine is to use whatever base I've chosen for the day and then go into this palette, using my fingers only so far (I can imagine even more flawless results were I using brushes and more time) to dab and blend wherever needed.

I have recently switched out from using the well known COLLECTION concealer as I was finding it too drying under my eyes, but this is not a problem I'm experiencing with this palette and all the colours are just creamy enough to blend as one would want without too much slip.

The packaging is not the most luxurious being cardboard and those of you familiar with the eyeshadow palettes we recognise it's style. For me that is not an issue as I find it light weight for travel, it still contains a mirror and secures sufficiently and it's pretty sleek for storing at home and I like it's copper lettering and nod to social media with it's hashtagged name.

Also included in the new Palette range are #FaceTheDay including a highlighter, blusher, bronzer and four eyeshadows and the #YourStyleYourMood Palette eyeshadow palette. Whilst the aforementioned are all priced at £5.99 there is also the #BlushAndGlow Palette containing a bronzer, two pink blushers and a highlighter priced at £4.99 - all affordable price points I'm sure you'll agree.

The COLLECTION Palettes are exclusively available from Boots from 14th October, will you be in line to pick one up?

*This post contains press samples

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Anatomicals Face & Hair Mask Review

Anatomicals Face Mask Set*

The beauty industry is big business these days and a very serious one at that. Suddenly we're all 'experts' or at least more knowledgeable about retinols and there's nothing better than an instagramable photo of our skincare regime.

I'm not against this by any means and I too offer my amateur advice and knowledge via these pages but sometimes it's nice to meet a brand like Anatomicals that doesn't take itself too seriously whilst still offering great products.

A quick look over Anatomicals website and I challenge anyone not to smile as they deliver their message with the quirky nature they adopt in their products. I'm first to admit that I'm probably a little out of their target age range but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the products and embrace the fun nature they have and their mission to 'ban boring beauty regimes'.

You'll see one or two products from Anatomicals popping up over these pages as I explore the range but today it's the pack of three face masks. For just £3 you receive two face masks and one hair masks, perfect as a gift or for a girls night in.

Anatomicals let you know that in their land, 'rabbits run free' and 'guinea pigs rule' in short they don't test on animals and paraben free so no fear that quirky packaging hides any nasties.

First we have Look you've got chocolate all over your face, anti-stress mask* which is quite literally like smearing melted chocolate on your face. The smell is amazing and as is typical with these scents I have to resist the urge to lick. At the time I had a sore nose from a recent cold so that area was a little sensitive but otherwise I was certainly left looking stress free. I find most masks messy and this was the case and it can be tiresome squeezing the product out but what you have to work with is worth playing with.

Each mask has a fun was of giving you the instructions and it's probably no surprise that the Farewell the Scarlet Pimplehell, deep cleansing mud mask* is along the lines of 'they seek him here, they seek him there'. Clay masks are my favourite type and as such this was my top pick of the three. I use clay masks frequently to tackle blackheads and especially at that time of the month if things are a little more oily. Special minterals absorb the excess oils and help control spots.

Finally is their That's when I fell for the leader of the (hair) pack, deep conditioning hair pack* which I defy anyone not to be singing the song, at least in their head right now. I rarely have much to say about hair masks and imagine if I were in more pampering mode, wrapping in a hot towel and lounging with a cocktail in hand I'd maybe have been a bit more enamored by this mask but instead I just felt like I'd used a conditioner, albeit with a little more oomph. Worth having for the price especially if you're not interested in having the larger tubs that do the rounds.

Have you been tempted by any products from Anatomicals?

Anatomicals can be found as ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Amazon.

*This post contains affiliate links and PR Samples

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Product Empties | August 2015

I'm a little behind with empties posts so please bear with me as they appear sporadically and a little behind. Whilst we may be due to September's empties some time soon, for now you have some from August.

Today's empties post should be a short and sweet one. First up is L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo. I picked this up some time ago after it did the round of the various YouTube channels and blogs. I had mixed feelings when I first started using it and it ended up being pushed to the back of the rotation. Making it's way to the front once again I've been using frequently and unsure why I didn't like it initially. It's claimed you will receive long-lasting thickness and visible body and bounce. I think it was likely rave reviews that lead to my purchase and then I didn't see the amazing results for myself. Yes it was a pleasant shampoo to use and hair would look great on using but I have others I prefer.

Such frequent use of Radox it's no surprises to see two appear this month, a bubble bath and shower cream. I've said it time and again, the Radox Muscle Soaks are fantastic value for money and I repurchase time and time again. Feel Rejuvenated* is one of Radox new shower creams which I recently posted here. These are a lovely product and a little more luxurious than your regular gels.

Finally is Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skinwash* a product I'm familiar with from many years ago from watching on QVC. I used this throughout Summer, targeting my back to prevent any breakouts that would put a stop to backless dress wearer. I find this personally to seem more medicinal than luxurious or enjoyable. It's a great product, particularly if you're really suffering from 'back-ne" and ideal as a unisex product.

There's a peek into what products you'll have found in my bathroom recently, what are yours?

*This post contains press samples

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Monday, September 21, 2015

KMS Hair Care Review

KMS Haircare link
KMS Add Volume Shampoo* has been my go to for 'nights out' (and by nights out I mean any occasion where I want my hair to look fabulous!) since I went to an event with them in December last year. We can blame the Christmas festivities for getting in the way at the time. Excuses aside having repurchased a bottle - from Homesense no less - at the weekend before I've even finished this bottle I thought it was definitely time to put a blog post together.

KMS California is a brand, that like me you might have heard of but don't really know. My familiarity with it was from salon visits but you can now by online from the likes of Feel Unique. At the event I attended we were taken on KMS California's journey beginning in the 70s to present day featuring many new innovative products and repackaging.

We were then able to talk to the experts about our hair needs and they helped put together some personalised products for us. I discussed my preference for volume and was given KMS California AddVolume Shampoo* and KMS California AddVolume Body Build Detangler* a leave-in conditioner. The shampoo provides body and fullness my often limp hair is given a necessary boost which is wanted for those nights out - especially ones that follow a day in the office. This was also my first foray into a leave in conditioner and with greasy roots I was curious to see whether it would work for me. You simply spray onto your towel dried hair and carry on as normal, it's brilliant and doesn't weigh my hair down at all. Even better it cuts down time washing your hair in the shower.

The next product I was able to take home and try was the KMS California FreeShape 2-in-1 styling and finishing spray*. I use this sporadically depending on my needs. Designed to be used on dry hair before you're using hot tools it's perfect when you're adding some curls. I vary between spraying in the sections as advised and just doing an all over job. More often than not I'll use as the final set after styling or blow drying my hair to keep the style in place without weighing it down or making it dry as hairsprays can do. 

Finally was a fantastic product for protecting hair from frizz, KMS California HairSTay Anti-Humidity Seal*. Whilst I'm lucky my hair doesn't get too frizzy the London Underground has it's frizz inducing moments. A spray on dry hair before I leave the house and I'm good to go.

Overall this is a great brand and one I'll continue to use for a long time. If you want to look for your perfect products just check out the website. There's something for everyone. 

*This post contains press samples. 

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Glo & Ray, a British Beauty Brand

Glo & Ray

I gave you a sneak peek at Glo & Ray in last months favourites post and today I'm delving a little more into the range of products. Glo & Ray is a British company drawing their inspiration from the 'natural wonder of light' - rather appropriate with the current strobing trend don't you think?

They use words such as radiance, grace, femininity and want to illuminate individuality which sounds pretty good to me. When I received my package from Glo & Ray and looked at the products I was desperate to dive straight in swatching and applying. It was torture having to wait for the optimum photography conditions.

Instantly I was drawn to the stunning Mariposa eyeshadow palette in Twilight Nude* a range of shimmery pinky gold shades perfect to compliment my red lipstick wearing. First you have a traditional 'white' highlighter shade. This is my least loved as I'm still not quite there yet with perfecting highlighting under the brow with powders. Next is my favourite, a champagne pink which looks perfect all over the lid. The next too colours, a light and darker golden browns are used in the crease and the darker for the outer corner. The combination is perfect for an illuminating sophisticated look. As someone that is concerned about shimmers on my 'older eyelids' these sit perfectly and have good, yet subtle pigmentation. They are not creamy eyeshadows and I found it easier to pack and build to get the optimum colour but that worked for me as I can often dive in to quickly and resemble a panda if not too careful. All the shadows are housed in a sturdy compact with a mirror big enough to work with and no useless brushes or sponge tip applicators taking up space. You can pick up the quartet of eyeshadows for £12.50

I'm a big fan of Rimmel's Nude Eyeliner but it's being slowly nudged out the way in favour of the Sky Breaker Silky Eyeliner in Champagne Pink*. Whereas Rimmels Nude is a creamy matte, Glo & Ray's version carries on their illuminating theme with a version that has a pearl finish. Again my make up skills and requirements for an office appropriate make up look I don't often put shadow under my eyes. Using the Champagne Pink eyeliner adds a little something extra to the eyes without looking like I've gone crazy with glitter. It's certainly nicer for evenings too.

I was intrigued by the Mirage Mousse Eyeshadows when I saw them but wasn't particularly take with the Mirage Mousse Eyeshadow in Clematis* when it arrived. After a few uses I can't believe my inital crazy thoughts. This eyeshadow has the most amazing longevity I've ever known (which I also think is down to the current eye primer using which I'll be featuring in next months favourites). Usually I would remove my make up when I get home from work but as I was fascinated it had lasted so far I decided to see how far it could go. This is most definitely an eyeshadow I will be reaching for when I know I have a long day ahead. The formula is different from my expectations. I expected somewhere between the Maybelline Colour Tattoos and Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Eyeshadows and it's neither. Solid and silky I apply this with my fingers and again you can wear alone or adding colour from the Twilight palette above. It was a sad moment when I'd finished my 'official testing period' and swapped them out of my make up bag to test other products.

The final product was the La Amo Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour in Seduce* a good old red for Victoria. So used to wearing matte lipsticks these days it was nice to wear something that resembled the 'old fashioned' lipsticks I remember. A creamy shimmer in a true, vibrant, sock it to them red it almost felt like a lip balm. This is going to be a big hit for Christmas parties.

Even as I'm typing this post and linking to the website I'm seeing other shades I'm keen to try and ready to place another order. I think some greens and gold will be perfect for Autumn don't you?

*This post contains press samples

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The New Nip+Fab KALE Fix Range

Nip+Fab KALE FIX range
Kale the superfood that has taken over salads across the country is now taking over our skincare. With it's status as the food du jour it's not surprise that it's found it's way into Nip+Fab's new Kale Fix Skincare range. 

There are three products currently in the nourishing line which are packed with Kale and Watercress to reinvigorate the skin. I've had an opportunity to test before they hit Superdrug stores, although you can buy them direct from Nip+Fab now.

First up we have the Nip+Fab Kale Fix Make Up Removing Pads* which put simply are to gently cleanse dry skin. It's claimed make up will be removed and skin reinvigorated with Vitamins A, C and K protecting against damage. 

Of course as a 'beauty blogger' I should claim that no matter how sozzled I am when I crash in late at night I reach for the flannel and dutifully double cleanse but that would be a lie. As bad as it is it's considered a win if I even reach for the micellar water/wipes. I do like to have a stash of wipes or similar for these 'emergencies' and was keen to see whether the Kale Fix Make Up Removing Pads would do the job. Unfortunately for me they're just too small to do the job of a thorough cleanse. If you're wearing particularly heavy eye make up with liner and mascara I think you'd use at least two for that job alone. At £13 I could go through a significant portion of these pads just removing one face of make up - and that could get costly.

Size issues aside I didn't find the pads drying, even less so than micellar waters and some cleansers I tried and they did not cause any sensitivity in the eye area. Where I found these cleansing pads to work was in the mornings when I was short for time. Overslept? A quick swipe with these does the trick with the fresh and to me cucumber-esq scent was pleasant for the morning and has made a nice change from the usual florals and citruses. 

I'm no gym bunny but I can also see the value of these for throwing into a gym bag if you need to freshen up between visits. Of course if you're something of a minimal make up wearer and or reserve these for times you're in a pinch I'm sure they will earn a place in your stash. Mine sit in my bedside table to be reached for whilst half asleep.

Next up we have the Nip+Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser* which is priced at £20 and comes in a pump bottle. I appreciate we're supposed to only be interested in the product itself but I do like not having to scoop cream from a tub. Again the same scent from the cleansing pads is evident and makes for a nice garden fresh morning moisturiser. Aimed towards dry skin it's perfect as we start to enter the cooler temperatures and the heating is whacked up and our our skin begins to suffer. Thankfully the Kale Fix Moisturiser has all those nice ingredients to protect against these elements and others such as aloe vera and shea butter to help improve your skin texture and long lasting hydration.

As you would expect from a moisturiser for dry skin it is what I'll, probably unhelpfully refer to a as a thin thick texture. By that I mean it's thick enough to put a layer of protection on the skin but thin enough to not feel like it's heavy and it's certainly not greasy. Overall it has been a nice addition to my morning skincare routine and make up sits nicely on top.

Finally we have the Nip+Fab Kale Fix Clay Mask* enriched with minerals and witch hazel working to draw away impurities without drying the skin. At £13 this is a pricey mask but it's a good one. If you follow me on Snapchat (user name Florence and Mary) you might have seen me modelling it, during and after and my skin was certainly left with a glow. I did wake up in the morning with a spot or two brewing but that of course is the danger with masks but that makes for a good product instantly drawing our impurities. It's a white clay and not too messy which is always a big thing for me as I'm not a fan of the whole applying face mask process. Whilst the mask was on you could obviously feel it dry but not so tight it was uncomfortable. After removing my skin didn't suffer any drying and I was able to watch some of Big Brother before the adverts when I went to carry on with my skincare regime.

If you're interested in trying the Kale Fix range you can pick up a bundle of all three items for £35 instead of the individual combined price of £46.

*this post contains press samples

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's New from Liz Earle

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No. 20 Eau de Parfum

If you were tuned into QVC last week you may have seen the first look of the new fragrance from Liz Earle due to hit stores in October, and if you were even luckier you might have managed to place an order for yours to ship next week. 

I was particularly lucky to head to the Ham Yard Hotel a few months ago to meet the Liz Earle team and take a look at the new products coming this year (stay tuned for some fabulous Christmas sets), including Botanical Essence No. 20 Eau de Parfum*. 

The new fragrance from Liz Earle, and my first foray into fragrances from the brand, is to celebrate their 20th birthday, complete with limited edition packaging. The scent pays homage to the most popular of flowers, the rose and is inspired by 'a journey to the sunny plateaus of Isparta, Turkey'. 

I'm not a fan of rose fragrances but the mix of pink pepper, bergamot and mandarin top notes alongside the heart notes of Turkish rose, carrot (!) and jasmine and base notes of amyyris, sandalwood and vanilla bean has created a modern rose scent I enjoy. Fresh and spicy it's an unusual choice for me to like but I've found it perfect as we transition to Autumn. Finally I can join the rose fanclub. 

I was able to take my bottle over to my aunts who are are all Liz Earle fans and give them a sneak peek and it was a thumbs up for all. In fact I had to hide the bottle very quickly before there was none left for me to enjoy.

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 20 Eau de Parfum will be priced at £49 and available from all the usual suspects next month. You have a beautiful pink bottle which will look beautiful on any dressing table. The only complain, as with all Liz Earle products, you cannot see when the product comes to an end. Also for those of us that are packaging junkies the box you'll receive it in is fabulous. Folding out

Liz Earle Superskin Face Serum
If had 'beauty blogged' back in the early days of my blogging life it'd have been very Liz Earle heavy. Liz Earle is the skincare brand that gives me the most nostalgia and is a comfort blanket which I like the security of. Their version of the 'three step routine' is simple and effective for me and whilst these days I'm sampling more products and requiring more targeted products and serums it's still one I turn to if I'm looking for simplicity. 

Like all Liz Earle products you are receiving a serum that is enriched with naturally active ingredients including Persian silk tree extra and rhubarb root. These ingredients work to even skin tone, life and firm skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst plumping and soothing for radiant skin.

The Liz Earle Superskin Face Serum* serum fits into your routine after the toning stage and unusually for me I've found this serum works for both morning and night. Usually my serums vary depending on needs and texture but this slightly different from the norm, creamy gel like texture is rich enough for night yet light enough for day and doesn't interfere with my make up - in fact it's looking better for it.

Most serum's are pricey and Liz Earle is no exception at £48, not unexpected for the ingredients contained in the Superskin Face Serum. The good news is we can now get Liz Earle in Boots which means Advantage Card Points.

If you want to take a look at the floral beauty of the Liz Earle Press Launch take a look at my album here and I'll share some pictures on Instagram.

Are you a Liz Earle fan?

*this post contains press samples 

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's Good to be Bratz

You may remember my post way back in July about the return of Bratz dolls and I was lucky enough to receive one of the Hello My Name Is dolls* to review. Whilst I was quite tempted to embrace my inner child I thought my niece Violet would make a better reviewer in this instance. Violet is four going on fourteen and very much a girls girl. She loves clothes and make up so whilst at four she is a year younger than the 5 - 12 age range specified for Bratz dolls I knew she would love Jade.

The first 'problem' Violets age presented was when I gave her the Jade doll and because of a personalised print I'd been able to create at the launch event she thought Jade was in fact named Violet like her. The second is she has taken to calling Jade her 'Ratz' doll. Both of these things are smile inducing to her family and we've since ironed out those issues but I think the Bratz girls would smile too as the range is very much about creating your world and embracing your individuality. 

Each Hello My Name Is doll is priced at £14.99 and comes with a number of accessories, in Jade's case it was a fabulous Cat shaped handbag very Karl Lagerfeld meets Kate Spade I thought. A lips shaped hairbrush which Violet thought was hysterical to put as Jade's lips and some small jewellery accessories. The earrings are slightly flimsy as you'd expect, as Violet instructed me to change the earrings even I found I was a little heavy handed and almost snapped them trying to 'pierce the ears' and of course as any parent will know, these little bits from toys will often get lost. 

I was pleased that the following week after giving Violet the doll that she turned up at my parents house with Jade in tow, always a good sign when it's the one toy you're allowed to take with you on a visit to the grandparents. On her arrival Violet got straight down to business and told me about the Bratz beauty salon that she wanted me to buy her for Christmas. Let me tell you my niece and nephew know their way round the toy stores websites like I used to the Argos catalogue. Clearly the Bratz are a hit if more are wanted.

I asked what Violet thought of Jade and I received a withering state and 'she's cool' well you can't say any more than that can you.

It was also pointed out to me that you can watch Bratz on Netflix - just in case anyone is looking for something new to watch!

*this post contains press samples

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Review

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep*
I am a big fan of the Vichy, particularly their Idealia range only recently mentioning Idealia eyes in my recent favourites post. The latest addition to the Idealia range is Idealia Skin Sleep* a night time gel balm.

Vichy's first night cream formulated to give you the look of a good nights sleep, even when that's the opposite of the case. What I love most about the Idealia range is Vichy's acknowledgement that life happens. Whether it's because you are suffering sleepless nights due to a new baby or have bad habits such as smoking rather than ignoring them they're accepting and offering solutions.

So back Idealia Skin Sleep. We've all had those mornings when we wake and look grey, and you arrive at work and no amount of make up hides the fact that you've been kept awake from noisy neighbours or worrying about the presentation you're above to give. If you had used Idealia Skin Sleep your colleagues would be none the wiser that you had received the quality of sleep that your skin needs for renewal.

Enriched with glycyrrhhizic acid, hyaluronic acid and caffeine using Idealia Skin Sleep you'll look like you've had the recommended eight hours that isn't always possible. Your signs of fatigue will be reduced, there will be smoother and more radiant complexion without any of that tell tale greyness.

Idealia Skin Sleep is a strange but not unpleasant consistency, not like your typical creams or gels but a combination of the two, that bouncy marshmellow-esq texture we're starting to see around. I actually amused myself during my 'testing process' dare I say fondling the product as it was so unusal. There is a scent to this product which is very fresh and one I like and I can so those who are easier sleeps feel more relaxed after applying this product.

You are provided with some massage techniques to give the product an added boost and aid your relaxation before bed which are not for me. Facial massage makes me feel uncomfortable and more stressed so it's to be avoided but if you like that sort of thing do give it a try.

In conclusion this is a night cream I can definitely get on board with and works fantastically for me and my lifestyle. I wake in the mornings looking more awake than I feel and I've actually found I'm wearing lighter coverages lately as my skin is looking so fresh. 

You'll find Vichy in Boots and it's usually included in their 3 for 2 offers so you can always pick up this up for less than the recommended £26. That said it's a far more affordable option than others on the market and works just as effectively.

Have you tried any products from the Vichy Idealia line?

*This post contains press samples

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