Thursday, December 27, 2012

Festive Festivities

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, it really feels like this years went by in a blur - especially as I was back to work today! 

I didn't post much over Christmas instead preferring to enjoy all the season brings including the decorating of my Christmas tree with my niece and nephew

Christmas and Boxing Day were filled with much fun and laughter, particularly Boxing Day when my aunt ended up like this

Gifts for me this year were very grown up and among others were things I needed for my home

I'm in love with my new coffee machine - even if I did need a lesson from my mum on how to use it!

So do tell, what did Santa bring you?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Magic of Disney - Part 3

As strange as it sounds one of the great bonuses of visiting the US is getting to see movies that are not due for release in the UK for some time - on this trip it was the Disney cartoon, Wreck it Ralph 

and even better was that Brody and Violet had the opportunity to meet its "stars" even if they had to wait patiently for them

There were big hugs for Ralph 

and twizzler hairband wearing Venelope

Doesn't she have the coolest car ever!

The film is fantastic and great fun so do get yourself to the cinema in February when it's released in the UK

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Magic of Disney - Part 2

Time to continue with my more tales from my magical journey to Florida and put your minds at rest that thankfully Brody didn’t suffer too badly from his chicken pox so we just kept him at home for a couple of days with DVDs and toys

Brody’s time at home meant babysitting duties were divided and allowed my SIL and I day out together to Epcot where we both met our favourite characters; Mulan who my SIL hysterically bowed in thanks too

and Alice

Another one of the “child free” days it was a brothers and sisters day out to Universal and Island of Adventures taking the opportunity to have fun on all the roller coasters and visiting Harry Potter Land.

Having already visiting Potter World in the UK I have to admit that the Florida version was disappointing!
The area is very small and thin and whilst there is the usual attention to detail that one would expect there wasn't very much to see beyond a street of shop fronts and a few rides. I hear they're planning to expand the area so fingers crossed it improves but the good news is that us Brits have got it right this time and if your budget doesn't stretch to a trip to Florida get yourself to the local version

The good news was that after his few days at home Brody was back to his oldself and that meant normal service could resume for the rest of the holiday!

I will have another post or two about Florida this week and then I'll be bringing you up to date with all my Christmas festivities!

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