Monday, May 20, 2013

Lelli Kelly Vs Converse

This weekend my niece and I proudly displayed off our new footwear purchases - it goes to show whether you're 2 or 34 a girl loves a new pair of shoes

Gold Converse: Office
Lelli Kelly shoes: Jones Bootmaker

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  1. as a mum to a girl (and with an overflowing stock of outgrown ones I'm not allowed to chuck(,I have to go Lelli Kelly!


  2. My daughter used to wear Lelli Kelly when she was little. She's had some seriously cute pairs. For under 7's I'd say Lelli Kelly everytime, for over 7's definitely Converse.

  3. You should have both got Lelli Kelly's then you would have matched!! haha, Lucey x

  4. Ooh decisions decisions. As one who is 'too old' for either I say both. What's not to like about sparkly and shiny shoes!


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