Sunday, October 21, 2012

Home away from Home

Typical Florida vacations (I'm practicing my American lingo!) are spent in villas
such as this one which will be my home for the next 2 weeks

You can take a video tour here and listen to a wonderful cheesy voice over which I can't deny just watching now has added to my excitement!

My SIL's brother and I will be fighting over the standard queen bedroom and the Harry Potter themed room!

Although Brody wasn't too happy when he heard he'd be sharing with Violet in the Princess room so we'll be adding some Potter magic to that too!

It'll be lovely to return to the villa after a busy day at the parks to play in the pool and we've a BBQ on order   to assist with meal times

And the best thing - free wifi so hopefully I should be able to continue blogging and keep you all updated with my trip

For now it's just one more day at work to get through and then holiday fun can really begin!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bidding & Buying!

Having finished decorating my living room next on the list are my two bedrooms and I finally picked their colours over the weekend so I'm also ready to call the handyman in to complete the task - lesson learnt, where possible throw money at the problem!!

One job I was up for was bidding and winning this gorgeous dressing room my spare room

I'm so pleased, excited and cannot wait for it's arrival! I spent more than I budgeted but it's being delivered and the price was comparable to others listed. It'll be a main feature of my spare room which of course I'll be sharing with you

Another treat this week was this cute pineapple from Rockett St George. I spotted a silver pineapple in a vintage shop during my trip to Brighton but couldn't justify the cost at the time so this is a cheaper alternative for now

And finally just because she's so cute here is a picture of my niece with one of my Cabbage Patch Kid dolls... spot the difference!

I hope you're all having a good week - only a couple more days before it's the weekend!

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