Thursday, June 21, 2012

Have You Seen This Wizard?

My brother read my Harry Potter tour post and immediately asked "why wasn't I on your blog?" as he is very proud of his "one shot Rob" photo from the day!

My SIL & I had to admit he did look good although he wasn't as complimentary when I sent him this photo of me having some football fun at my friends Tuesday evening!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour

Today was my birthday... well not really but today was my birthday day out with my brother & SIL to The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. We were all very excited calling this our warm up trip to Florida planned for October and it did not disappoint!

We arrived in good time and our first impressions were good ones, the staff are amazing and enthusiastic and everything is very well organised. Quite often coming from the spectacles of the American theme parks the UK can often let themselves done but clearly the Warner Bros influence is evident

We were able to walk around the exhibits comfortably and easily take photos from Harry's The Cupboard Under the Stairs

to costumes worn in the films

The sets are staged and it really is like stepping into the films

Breakfast at the Weasley's anyone?

There was a chance to try a glass of Butterbeer which got the thumbs up from my SIL

There was a ride on the Knight bus

but most spectacular has to be the Hogwarts model

All in all a great day out, thank you to my brother and SIL for taking me along and if you get a chance to go along - DO! You can see more of my photos here 

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

De-Cluttering My Bedroom

Having finished de-cluttering my front room it was time to move on to my bedroom

My lifestyle has changed a lot since moving into my flat, nights out follow a day at work and if there is a big occasion I'll treat myself to something new to wear with weekends focussed around staple items so this meant there was a large amount of clothing I could dispose of

I also had a habit of hanging everything and really there was no reason for my vintage fur coats to be on hand 365 days of the year so it was time to make use of the draws in my bed

My clear out was so successful I reduced 2 wardrobes to 1!

I then decided to shuffle my furniture around to make it more practical for getting ready in the mornings so my chest of draws and dressing table were swapped round - whilst my dressing table was lovely as a focal point it was for show only and never used for it's purpose

The unwanted second wardrobe was promptly listed on eBay and the space it has created along with the change of furniture is most welcome

I have some ideas to redecorate my bedroom but for now I wanted to concentrate on ensuring that what is in the room is organised correctly

I spent this weekend sorting through photos - a very therapeutic task I highly recommend - which has freed up another draw in my bed and the others still need a second stage of sorting through so I think the weekend ahead will be spent doing that but for now it's time to say goodbye to the Jubilee weekend and get myself ready for work tomorrow!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Jubilee

(image from Happy Loves Rosie)

Hello everyone are you enjoying this long if not wet Jubilee weekend? Yesterday I joined my SIL to watch the Thames River Pageant from the warm and comfort of her sofa. What did you think of Kate's outfit?

I think the press are being unfair that she "stole the show" wearing bright red and should have gone for a more subdued colour yet complained she didn't wear something more glamorous on her feet than the LK Bennett nude shoes! She could have turned up in a bin bag and I'm sure she still would've looked fabulous! I think the only "faux pas" was she blended into the scenery!

Today I'm off to my parents who are hosting a Jubilee gathering for the family and I have my dress all picked out - totally appropriate don't you think?

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Nothing Better Than a Wedding!

Yesterday my family and I celebrated the wedding of my cousin Laura

Here she is with her new husband Adam

The wedding took place at Great Hallingbury Manor and was perfect - cannot recommend the venue enough
The food was fabulous, the staff attentive and lovely rooms (you can actually see mine in the accommodation section - the orange bedding) which were large and spacious, perfect for when all the women were getting ready together

Here are some more photos from the day

So after a fantastic evening I spent today laying on the sofa snoozing ready for the long weekend ahead!

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