Thursday, January 7, 2016

Minnie Style Icon Exhibition

Whilst I'm currently in Walt Disney World meeting the real Minnie Mouse I thought I'd throwback to September last year when I took myself along one Saturday afternoon to the Minnie Style Icon exhibition in London.

Created in partnership with the British Fashion Council and Georgia May Jagger the Minnie Style Icon exhibition showcased an exclusive collection of photographic images to explore the character of Minnie Mouse and her influence on fashion and pop culture.

Due to ticketed time slots and despite the small rooms and corridors of the Blacks Club you were able to comfortably walk through the various rooms and admiring the variety of images whether of Minnie Mouse or inspired by.

From movie posters to a stuffed Minnie Mouse toy, celebrities in their mouse ears to images of Walt Disney World character greetings in the 50s it was an enjoyable look at Minnie's impact and how how she has changed over the years.

Luckily we were able to take photos of most of the exhibit (just one room disallowed) so I'm able to share with what was on show. I must apologise that they are all iPhone snaps with the expected glare from glass in some instances but I still hope it gives you an opportunity to see some less typical Minnie Mouse images.

Of course I couldn't resist having my own Minnie moment, especially as I'd dressed appropriately in black and white polka dots.

Are you a Minnie Mouse fan? 
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Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 I'm ready for you

Happy New Year Everyone. I had planned to dive straight in with normal posting today but as I happened to take an unexpected break over December I thought I might as well start by exchanging some usual pleasantries.

Unfortunately real life got in the way half way through December so unfortunately the blog had to take a backseat and unless it was a weekend or Bank Holiday I was at work and instead of fighting to get blog posts published I decided to sort out what needed to be done at home.

The good news is that my flat is looking ship shape, my Christmas tree is packed away for another year and I'm ready for my holiday to Walt Disney World in a matter of days.

I'm not really a new year new me kind of person and prefer to adapt as the weeks and months go on to whatever whim, fad or diet I choose to adopt so for now there will be little changes from me or on these pages but who knows what is round the corner.

Going into 2016 I will be continuing to use my small Louis Vuitton agenda as it was the perfect way of diary management for me on a day to day basis and didn't weigh my bag down - we'll save the make up bag for that job.

If you're only just back to work today I hope waking to an alarm wasn't too distressing.

Roll on 2016 I'm ready for you.

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