Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BEDM: First Job

Many people are either shocked when I tell them I was once a chambermaid or if it's a male, well you can imagine! The reason for this shock is I'm not the worlds biggest fan of cleaning, I hadn't used a washing machine until I moved out of home and even now I employee the services of a cleaner.

Believe it or not I actually didn't mind at the age of 15 cleaning rooms of hotel guests at The Roebuck Hotel (which is now flats and makes me feel very old!) maybe this was because I was employed with a friend and we were able to work together... we actually had a lot of fun. Ok maybe not quite what we were employed for but we got the job done. We would arrive on a Saturday morning and be assigned our list of rooms to clean, pick one and set up camp, indulging in tea and free biscuits watching Live & Kicking. Then before our shift was due to finish we'd whizz around the rooms bringing them to the standard required.

Even more surprising - or maybe disappointing - we never came across any scary sights nor have any horror stories, certainly none that I can remember today. I actually continued working at the hotel long after my friend took another path, taking on extra shifts during holidays and on the free days from college and enjoyed the freedom my earnings gave me. Sadly I left The Roebuck to become a Donut Queen which you can read more about here if you wish.

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  1. What a fascinating firt job! I think working with a friend (especially in younger years) can really make a job xxx


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