Friday, July 9, 2010

Burgers & Bridesmaid Gifts

Aside from the honour of being Kelly's bridesmaid there is the additional bonus of gifts!
Kelly brought me one of the Pandora bracelets I have been lusting after since buying my cousin one for Christmas last year and I'm happily admiring it on my wrist as I type. A bracelet was a fitting gift as it replace the corsages we wore as bridesmaid (you can see it in this photo)

Having caught up on my sleep and able to say goodbye to wedding duties today I've  been enjoying a day at home organising cupboards and catching up on my laundry... this was hungry work so I decided to open Nigella Express and make "High-Speed Hamburger with Fast Fries"

Ingredients were gathered

I do love a good burger and this didn't disappoint!

I'm just about ready for a night with Big Brother (I know I know but it's the last one I have to watch it!) and a slice of vanilla cheesecake

Have a great weekend everyone

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  1. That burger looks scrummy!
    Very jealous of the Pandora bracelet, have been wanting one for sometime.

    B xxx

  2. yummy burgers and presents, did you like the dvd of lovely bones? fliss xxx

  3. Snap on the Big Bro! Just finished watching it and so glad JJ stayed. Titan the robot scared me a little but he was funny too.

    Who do you want to win? xx

  4. I love those bracelets and all the darling charms...what a sweet rembrances for this special day.

    Gee, we love bugers and does that ever look good the fries look delish too...hugs, Linda

  5. Lovely wedding photos and what a lovely gift for you! As you say, the flowers looked beautiful.
    I am going to a wedding today, I haven't been to one for 3 years and look forward to it.
    Have a great weekend
    Isabelle x

  6. Forget the braceltr...Gimmeee that burger and fries!!!!! lol!!!

  7. Oohh what a lovely gift.

  8. Ooh LOVELY looking burger...mmm and the gifts look scrummy too..
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  9. My hubby would love that burger :) xxx

  10. Lovely bracelet, Gav bought me a Loveliks bracelet for my birthday so he can never not know what to get me as a present, lol!
    Burger look yummy, have joined slimming world so the blue cheese is out for me but the rest i can have!
    Have a fab weekend.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  11. Your dinner looks very scrummy - you can't beat homemade beef burgers!

  12. what a lovely gift, the burger & fries looks pretty lovely too!
    it all looks very yummy.

  13. Glad you like the bracelet! I'm hoping for a thank you burger!!!

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