Saturday, May 4, 2013

BEDM: Five Fave Blogs

Today I'm to share the blog love and tell you about my five favourite blogs and why I love them. Now if you were to look at my bloglovin list you would be well aware what a challenge this is for me, not to mention the numerous blogs I enjoy reading via links on Twitter or the vlogs I'm discovering on YouTube. I'm quite eclectic in the blogs I read and love to look at a variety of topics and styles so this list by no means covers ALL my favourites as different blogs speak to me during different moods and if you do not see your blog here please do not think I don't think very highly of it!

I know when I see a post from Natasha at Candy Pop that I'm going to be swooning at her photography. I really don't know want I want more, to live in her home or be blessed with her photography skills! This blog is pure kitsch with class and it helps she's a fellow bag lover.

Before you take a peek at Rosie's blog make sure you have eaten because I can guarantee within seconds you'll be salivating over one of her gorgeous recipes or meals. Without The Londoner I may never have discovered Patty & Bun or Slutty Brownies and believe my friends, my life would be lesser had I not experienced either of these delights. Remember, I warned you - eat before you read...

Ah Sadie, I love this girl and if I am ever blessed with children I want to be the very stay at home mum she is. Her daughter is one of the luckiest girls around, she has a Cath Kidston wallpapered Fairy Tower in her back garden, even I at 34 would love that! And she makes stuff... and I don't mean occasionally... ALL THE TIME! She see's something in a magazine or pinterest and just gives it a go and I truly love that about her. It might not always be perfect (although it looks like it is to me!) she's given it a go.

Next up is Teresa a girl who may even love New York more than I! And she's not just well versed in NY activity, Teresa is a whirlwind in our beautiful city, the first in line for every show, restaurant and cookery demonstration there is! And what's the best thing, we've even met... in real life along with my friend Kelly, Rachel Ashwell tagged along once but who can blame her!

And last but by no means least is Alison of Brocante Home fame. Alison's is one of the first blogs of it's kind that I found in the UK. When I first started blogging many years ago due to a love of car boot sales and longing for my own home there were an abundance of American bloggers but I could find few in the UK. But find Alison I did. I truly love her style of writing and her puttery treats make me want to wrap ribbons and lace over everything and where possible I follow her mantra "decant decant decant", check her out - she'll make you see the pretty in everything.

So there you have it, some of my favourite blogs and I'm hoping this weekend when I have some time to relax with the laptop and read through many of the fellow participants posts in the blog every day in May challenge I will find many many more new blogs to read and enjoy.

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  1. you've made me want to cry! thank you. so kind, and has made my day, week, month, year!


    p.s move in anytime :O)


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