Saturday, October 31, 2009


I’m so glad that slowly the UK is catching on to the spirit (ha ha!) of Halloween as it can be so much fun and almost as good as Christmas I think

Usually I would be planning to take my youngest cousin Trick or Treating like last year

Sadly this year he’s on holiday with his parents so our traditional tour of the streets will not happen (we did think about taking Brody but thought people would be suspicious about a 1 year olds desire for so many sweets!!!)

William was very upset at missing out this year and asked me if I would get him some sweets. I put a bag of sweets and Halloween treats together, even making a coffin treat box for his sweets following a tutorial from Martha Stewart you can find here

My parents are celebrating my uncle’s birthday and whilst my cousin and I could’ve joined them for dinner we decided to leave them to it and go and see this at the cinema

Tell me, what do you have planned for this ghoulish day?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my brother and SIL’s 5th wedding anniversary and tonight I am off to babysit my nephew so they can go out for the evening to celebrate

Babysitting will be fun as it is my first visit to their new home which they moved into last week and as it’s a little further away now I will be staying the night

My SIL is particularly excited at my visit as she has been decorating for Halloween but did said the pressure was on when I told her I’d be photographing it for my blog! Well you want to see it don’t you ladies?

She is also planning a spooky themed breakfast for Halloween morning

I have quite a busy weekend planned and no internet access at my brothers so I may not be able to catch up with you all until Sunday evening

Have a spook-tastic weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Off to Hollywood....

Planet Hollywood that is!

Kelly & I have been discussing longingly their Texas Tostados and Parmesan Spinach Dip so decided we had to reward ourselves for our recent weight loss this evening with a little indulgence

The last time we dined at Planet Hollywood was in Vegas last year

so we're well overdue a visit, especially as they have just moved locations to Haymarket

I'm licking my lips just thinking about it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pyjama Party!

It’s all about pyjamas for Weight Loss Wednesday this week!

I LOVE pyjamas and it’s actually very rare to find me at home not wearing them! The first thing I do when I get home from work is shake off the suit, put on my pjs and get comfortable. I must confess unless I have plans to actually leave the house of a weekend chances are if you knocked on my door a pyjama clad me will answer too!

There is a problem with wearing pj’s that they tend to be big and baggy so we’re lulled into a place of comfort where reaching for the biscuit tin doesn’t seem a problem – I mean there’s no tight waistbands on pj’s is there!

In answer to this problem I decided to invest in some nice new pj’s that I would be comfortable in but looked nice enough to open the door in and visit friends of an evening (yes I’ll go round my friends in pjs too!! Just ask Kelly!) and more importantly could acknowledge my size in them and not be fooled into thinking I was slimmer than I am

The first pair was from good old Marks & Sparks

I choose a comfy pair of bottoms but this time opted for one of the tops that have the hidden support. Whilst I may wear a well fitting bra by day when I get home I like a little freedom…. but not too much!

The second pair was brought when Kelly & I popped into David & Goliath on Carnaby Street after our trip to Central Perk. I loved the London range

with a hoodie to compliment too which was perfect as I’m well known for adding a hoodie to my pyjama ensemble
Both these pyjama sets are comfortable but not too comfortable for me to forget the weight loss journey I’m on. They also don’t feel too “slobby” so I’m not afraid of jumping out the car at a petrol station, or nipping over to friends for a few hours

So today’s advice, if like me you love your down time in a pair of pj’s treat yourself to a flattering pair that are comfortable but not too comfortable you can cheat yourself that extra slice of cake is ok!

Please say I’m not alone in the pyjama love?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Girls & Grown Up Shoes

What is it about little girls and a grown ups shoes?

The first thing Rose's little girl Rianna does when I visit is head straight for my "pretty shoes", favouring the noise made by them on the kitchen floor!

Of course big girls like pretty shoes too...!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spotted: Stanley!

Wouldn't this be perfect in one of Cath Kidston's stores

I found it whilst browsing the wonderful Little Miss Heirlooms site

So many wonderful vintagey kitschy things to choose from

I love this although it might a bit much to start sending Thank You's for cards! And is it too cheeky if I brought this and asked my mum to send it to me?!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Do!

My advice for WLW today is…..

Treat yourself to a trip to the hairdresser

How many of us have said “when I loose weight I’m going to have a new haircut”?

Why not do it now?

You deserve a good haircut/colour today, not just in the future because you’ve lost a few pounds

I hope like me you have a fantastic hairdresser but if not speak to friends and family for recommendations and make an appointment

While you’re at it and if funds allow treat yourself to an eyebrow shape and manicure

It’s a well known fact that eyebrow shaping gives you an instant facelift and for me I never feel happier than when my nails are neat and tidy

So go on, book a few hours away from the children, partners and dare I say laptops and pamper yourselves!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brace Face

There was a reason I had a tooth removed a couple of weeks ago was because today I am being fitted with one of these:

Keep your fingers crosssed for me that I'm not in too much pain when it is fitted

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kelly & Victoria’s Secret Santa Swap!

Kelly & I decided it would be fun to host a Christmas swap… but with a difference!!!!

Instead of the usual one on one swap we’ve decided to take our inspiration from the office gift giving favourite - Secret Santa!(Thank you to Happy who has donated this button for our swap - please feel free to add to your blog)
Each blogger who signs up will send and receive a gift but not to/from the same person

For example;
Kelly, Rose & I are taking part
I send to Kelly but receive my gift from Rose and so on

Kelly & I will assign partners based on the responses you give to a series of questions (I will come to those in a moment!)

You will receive an email from us telling you who your partner is, their answers to the questions and an address to send the package to

We hope this swap will allow you to meet a new blogger and due to the secretive nature of the swap spend time delving into their blog & learning more about them so you can put together the perfect gift(s)!

We would like everyone to send their Christmas gifts out by 4th December giving Royal Mail enough time to deliver them to the right door (sooner the better where possible due to pesky strikes!)

Christmas can be an expensive time so we are setting two price points for swappers, £5 or £10 and you will be assigned partners based on this!

The swap is open to international bloggers but you must have a blog to participate to enable your partner to learn more about you from it

Remember – do not divulge who you are sending your gift to we want surprises!!!!

If this sounds fun and you’d like to join in hop over to see Kelly who is hosting the questions we need you to answer to take part!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Posh Tots

OMG have any of you see this site?

Look at this crib for a cool $3849

You must check out Ultimate Posh and the price tags for some of these things!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wardrobe Workout – Part 2

Thank you for joining me for another instalment of Weight Loss Wednesday and part 2 of the Wardrobe Workout!

Hopefully you’re all feeling refreshed having banished all those clothes that were bringing you down but maybe you’re a bit worried about what’s left and what to replace?

It’s time to sit back and have a look at your clothes and think about what might be missing to complete some outfits or make them “new” again. Is there a dress a new brooch or belt could refresh? Or maybe a skirt like I have that looks perfect yet not worn as I haven’t found the right top to finish it off?

I recently brought a dress for my aunt’s funeral thinking it’d be suitable for work yet hadn’t worn it since because I didn’t have a jacket to match it. This month I brought the matching jacket and wore it the next day. Who knows how long the dress would have hung there if I hadn’t done this

Don’t forget to think about the things you threw out which need replacing too. Grab a notebook and make some lists of things you need to take along shopping with you. No more making mindless purchases that will be thrown out, tags in place on your next wardrobe declutter

The clothes you have will likely form your typical style, for me working Monday – Friday in an office it’s a black suit from M&S. I keep it simple teaming it with jumpers like these so that I don’t spend the morning frantically choosing something to wear. I can dress up with nice jewellery, Kelly was only mentioning yesterday how I match my earrings to the colour top I’m wearing!

I’ve come to realise what suits me and much prefer buying items I know I like and will wear. I don’t often spend a lot of money unless it’s for a special occasion, recently paying £15 for a fantastic denim dress in Tesco which can be changed week after week with a different belt or top underneath. We often think having 100’s of items hanging in our wardrobes makes our lives easier but often it’s the opposite!

Remember it’s what suits you and you feel comfortable in, don’t try to be someone your not! Those wet look leggings may look fab on my 15 year old cousin but it’s never going to happen for me!

And don’t forget many of us are creative crafty types, why not try making something to add a personal touch and next time you’re in the charity shop or at a boot sale keep any eye out for accessories that could work with things you have. You have a black cardigan that you're bored of wearing… grab the button tin and change them!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


As you might have guessed today is my mum's birthday

We will be celebrating this evening with family enjoying pizza and pasta

Her gift from me is one of these and one of these to keep it in

My mum recently discovered this old photo of herself and her sister (mum's on the left) in a very retro mirrored frame which of course I love, and who's the other guy? Well it's Mr Jingles of course my mum's childhood bear!

If you'd like to know some more about my crazy mum you can read this post I wrote last year

Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween

A visit from my nephew all dressed up in his skeleton tracksuit

Disney goodies from Florida

Seasonal magazines and books for the library

Are you ready for Halloween yet?

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Knit & Stitch Show

As expected the Knit & Stitch Show at Alexandra Palace was great fun and many goodies were seen (when we could beat our way through the crowds!)

I was rather sensible making only a couple of purchases

Kelly & I both admired scarves made in this wool so promptly snatched some up to ensure we're kept warm this Winter. I may try and make a start on mine this weekend

I didn't take many photos at the show as it was battle enough to make our way into the stalls but here's some from the entry hall

I must also say thank you to you all for the lovely comments I received about my dentist appointment. I'm pleased to say it went well and I didn't suffer any pain just a little jaw ache

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