Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun in the Sun

The sun was shining when I awoke Saturday morning and it was lovely to enjoy my cup of tea in bed with the windows wide open!

A message from my brother saying he was arriving at my parents in half hour saw me jumping out of bed to have some fun in the garden with my niece and nephew (who has become camera shy lately!)

Then there was a trip to the nail shop for a relaxing pedicure and french manicure in advance of my cousin's wedding next Thursday!

Arriving home with my supermarket shop I decided my fridge needing cleaning

Doesn't it look pretty!

Today I have enjoyed a day at home with windows open and the sun shining through and almost feel ready for returning to work tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Travelling from St Ives via Brazil!

Following my trip to the Spa last month I've been sent some lovely products to have an at home experience

St Ives is a product that always reminds me of my younger days for some reason but it's certainly not just a product for the young - especially the Renew & Firm facial scrub if you want to be visibly toned and have firmer skin!

As you all know I am very sporadic with my skincare regime but having used this product for the recommended seven days it certainly has left a marked improvement - on using the scrub day 1 I found that my skin felt smooth and clean which is always a great feeling! I have used these for my face but they are suitable for your whole body too!

St Ives products are made with 100% natural exfoliants and extracts, St. Ives Apricot Scrubs work to gently exfoliate and cleanse, revealing smooth, healthy looking skin which glows. With a unique recipe, your skin will look radiant without the threat of unnecessary chemicals.

I've also been trying out the new limited edition Brazilian Fusion Shower Therapy, Bath therapy & Handwash from Radox to help "release the spirit of the samba" to my shower
I'm loving the smell of this shower gel made from exotic dragon fruit and camu camu berries, traditionally found in the Amazonian rainforest and it quite rightly does leave me feeling revived, refreshed and renewed.
Often I will pass the products on to family and friends to try and give their opinions but this one is definitely staying with me!

Now if only I could really be transported to a Brazilian beach that would be perfect!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keeping Me Busy

I think I might have mentioned some de-cluttering I've been doing lately and renewed love of eBay?

Here is my current pile for listing!
(excluding my green Mulberry bag of course!!)Just one or two things!!

I go through phases of loving and hating eBay, I love the money side but hate the packaging of items etc!

It's a running joke at work now when they see my coming in with bags of parcels to drop to the post office

I managed a productive Sunday listing some of this pile and am already seeing the ££'s increasing which is always good and can start to see some end to the storage facility my spare room seems to be!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Joining Management

Another weekend has passed and with a family of Chelsea and West Ham supporters you can imagine there was smiling faces Saturday evening!

It might not be the champions league but I'm pleased to share with you that I have recently been promoted at workOver my working years I've gone through phases of following a career path or happily sitting back and enjoying the pleasures of an laid back secretarial role. I have been with my current company 6 years - the longest ever in one place - and my role as a team secretary has naturally evolved with more responsibilities as my knowledge improved and a role has been created for me to take that further

It's a great opportunity and I'm proud that my superiors have entrusted the role to me. The new team secretary has started with us today so I'm able to start passing some of the old tasks that were competing for my time and really get my teeth into the new challenge!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Spare Room

Kelly told me today that I had to do a blog post as she was bored of stopping by and seeing a pile of Enid Blyton books so I thought it best I get on with it!

My lack of posting has been largely due to continuing with my minimalist quest to declutter my flat and running out of time and energy for photographing anything worthy of your eyes!

So what changes have been made?

My not quite right IKEA bookcase in the spare room has been replaced with a far more fitting alternative (purchased with eBay funds of course!)

It was fun to pull everything out of the room and give it a good clean and then reorganise before all my items to sell on eBay were piled back in!

At least I know what is underneath the boxes of goodies to sell!

My Breakfast at Tiffany's poster has been re-homed

So that is a snippet into how I spent my bank holiday weekend!

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