Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This That & the Other

Hello everyone, I don't think I've ever left so long between posts and I haven't even got a good reason for you!

Big Brother is still consuming my waking hours and a lack of motivation means I have done little else but rest assured if not commenting on your posts I have been reading them (in between checking in with the Big Brother website of course!)

I still need to eat so I did make some Raspberry Spiked Brownies to take round Rose's for a BBQ a couple of Saturday's ago

and finding some mince in the freezer I made Sophie Dahl's Shepherd's Pie

Shepherds Pie is one of my favourite meals so it's hard for me to be completely unbiased but it was DELICIOUS!

The past couple of weeks I have been reading Jackie Collin's lastest book, Poor Little Bitch Girl. I do love a good Jackie book but my odd mood has meant train journies have been spent staring into space or dozing more often than not (and I gave up on I Love Paris, I just couldn't muster the interest to stick with it)

And when inspiration struck at the weekend I reached for my camera and it wouldn't switch on so they'll be no photos from me for a while whilst I sort out having it serviced and try and convince my parents that I need one of these to replace it!

So that's about it in a nutshell, the sorry excuse for my absence.... Big Brother still has a number of weeks left to go so it's possible I may not return to normal service until after 10th September!!

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