Monday, September 26, 2011

Perfect Weekend

Thank you for all your best wishes for Saturday's Vintage & Handmade Fair which although I had a lot of fun chatting and giggling with Rose wasn't as successful as my last visit but I did sell 1 candle this time!

That evening I joined Ben for dinner and X Factor - what are your thoughts on this years show? 
I can't believe they put Goldie through!

Sunday the girls got together

My SIL & niece popped round to catch up and Violet was happily crawling over the place - it's amazing what  catches children's eyes and they want to play with, in Violet's case it was my bin!

There was another visit from another friend who is feeling the weight of her pregnancy and then I tackled a job I've been putting off for about a year... finally painting my bedroom wall!

You can see how I've been living with it here

A nice weekend all round and I'm not back to work till tomorrow so hopefully there'll be a few more jobs crossed off the list!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Review | The Single Girls To Do List by Lindsey Kelk

I've read books here and there the past couple of months but right now I'm at a loss to remember one of them which can't be said for this weeks read, The Single Girls To Do List. Lindsey Kelk is the author of the I Heart series of books (look out for I Heart Las Vegas coming in December!) the first I was particularly a fan of

I actually picked up this book and started reading Sunday evening which is quite unusual for me and almost led to a sleepless night as I wanted to keep turning the pages! I'm also one of "those" people who are LOL'ing on the train - I recommend you all add this book to your reading pile!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

All About the Children!

I'm pleased to report there was another hangover free weekend for me which was just as well due to spending a lot of time with the kiddies!

Saturday my friend Ben hosted a lunch with Kelly & James, Rose & Chris and myself and we let Rianna & Sophie come along too! I also took my nephew Brody and cousin William but they were too busy running backwards and forwards to the table with the Haribo for photo taking!

We got to see Rose's growing bump!

My mum was babysitting Brody and Violet over the weekend so in exchange for lunch today I visited and lent a hand.

Violet is growing fast

and very resilient to her brother's at times boisterous cuddles

She happily laughs at him

And enjoys a cute little kiss

All that kiddie time was exhausting so I returned home for a lovely snooze on the sofa before I begin the back to work preparations!

Thank you also for all your commiserations on my kitchen ceiling! It will be repaired via the upstairs flats insurance which is a good thing although communicating with my upstairs neighbour is appearing something of a nightmare!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bringing the Roof Down!

My alarm distrubed my sleep yesterday morning and whilst still in the throws over waking up properly I head a slight bang

I assumed it was something falling off the bed in the spare room and was concerned for a few minutes that one of the shelves in my bookcase had fallen but concentrating on hitting the snooze button took over until I strolled into my kitchen and was met with this

I rushed to the flat upstairs who unhelpfully just informed me that her washing machine had flooded and seemed uninterested in the damage this had caused me

Thankfully my dad rushed to my aid and set up cleaning up my kitchen. I cannot tell you how messy it had got and even returning home from work last night I'd spot a missed corner covered in paper maiche like spotting!

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