Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Fragrance Favourites

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

If you were to ask my holy grail fragrance it would be Chanel Coco Mademoiselle but two favourites this year that always make me smile and bring about a waft of memories are those that I reach for as the seasons change.

As the leaves turn orange and a chill in the air beings I bring out Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit and I am instantly ready for the fun that Autumn brings and indeed the festive season. Original released in 2013 as part of the Sugar and Spice Collection it was an instant hit but alas Limited Edition. Thankfully my prayers were answered when it was added to the line up of returning fragrances available only in London's Regent Street store.

I defy anyone to not find themselves licking their lips at the description of Ginger Biscuit from Jo Malone website 'Just-baked biscuit. Spiced with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon, melting into caramel. Butter crumbly with roasted hazelnuts. Warmed by tonka bean and vanilla. Irresistible.' literally good enough to eat.

This scent certainly has a sweetness but with an spiciness that makes it mature and warm and just perfect for this time of year. It's strong without being too overpowering and lasts well into the evening after it's first spritz. I am slowly coming to the end of this bottle so I will look forward to marking the arrival of Autumn this year with a trip to purchase a new bottle.

Summer still seems so far away but when it does indeed arrive I will be jumping straight back onto the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess bandwagon. I first picked up a bottle two Summers ago and have finished off one bottle already but I'm lucky enough to have a new bottle lined up ready to go but will once again make a plea that they offer a travel sized version.

It's everything cliched about scent for the Summer months yet with an anything but cliched finish. Again like Ginger Biscuit it's different from the fragrances I'd usually wear but it just works so perfectly for the warmer months and reminds me now of so many holidays I have been on.

What scents have you loved in 2017 or indeed are you looking forward to trying in 2018?

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018


The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Review

Today's review of favourite make up products from 2017 is quite interesting as 2017 was very different for my due to spending half of the year not working and the other half finding my feet in my job and getting back into waking to an alarm and getting myself into the office on time.

For those reasons the type of make up products I was using varied more than they would usually depending on what I might be doing beyond the routine of 'office make up' and also the fact I spent much of the time putting myself on a spending ban of sorts and committing myself to using the products that I actually owned or decluttering them.

I also looked back on my 2016 Favourites (Part 1 and Part 2) and there were one or two duplicates so rather than repeat them here I'll be doing a 'Where Are They Now' post next week so please look out for that.

I tried one or two new primers in 2017 including GOSH Primer Plus and Lottie London Insta Filter Power Eraser Stick but it's Benefit Porefessional I've returned to for the most part of the year. Whilst I know many aren't a fan due to it's silicone texture it's one I find that works best for me and smooths out the appearance of my pores before applying foundation. In the latter months I've been using this combined with a small sample of Wet n Wild Focus Photo Primer which despite being the Matte Version feels hydrating to my skin and gives the boost of moisture I need as my skin leads to dry at this time of year. I'm still keeping to my 'spending ban' in 2018, certainly until I visit the US again in April, but Benefits new release, Porefessional Pearl Primer may be the product to break it.

As I mentioned above my make up choices changed whilst I wasn't working and none more so than with the products I'd reach for as my base. When working full time of a weekend I will happily pop to the supermarket without a stitch on but whilst I was 'unemployed' I found my errand running and the fact I had some time on my hands did call for a little more coverage but certainly not one that would be too heavy and unnecessary. As part of my decluttering I decided to return to ByTerry Light Expert Click Brush* which if you refer to my initial review will possibly shudder at how old.

I had actually purchased this product in its original version and was then invited to it's relaunch event but due to the products light coverage it wasn't a product I would reach for day to day when working and again as I've said at a weekend I tend to be make up free but that meant it was the perfect product for those days when I wanted 'that help'. Interestingly the more I've used it on those days of 'unemployment' I've reached for it even on days in the office when I just wasn't interested in bothering with make up but didn't want to scare anyone! It really does give a velvety look and feel to the skin and if you want to fool people into think you're fresh faced this is the product to look at.

I'm torn between suggesting it's overpriced at £48 and then looking at the product I have left to use (just under half) and acknowledging it's had some very regular usage over the past year (in fact it was my base of choice for this past weekend celebrating New Year with friends at an AirBnb) and last such a long time when you consider it made an appear in March 2017's favourites post.

Last month I hit publish on a blog post featuring some new favourites under £6, one of which was The Ordinary Coverage Foundation, and if I had indeed published a December Favourites this would have been in it. Since I purchased it has been my go to foundation for daily use and looks natural with a medium coverage. It doesn't particularly last long after a day in the office so for those evenings I'm heading out, or indeed when I was running around London all day on job interviews or more recently when I knew I'm heading out for Christmas drinks I'll apply Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue Ultrawear Flawless Foundation, one of Chanels fuller coverage and long lasting foundations. For this reason it's not something I want to wear every day nor take the time to apply it as easily as I can the two previous products I've mentioned (those work well just using fingers) but it's my go to since they reformulated Make Up Forevers HD Foundation which was my original holy grail.

Finally are two products that I didn't instinctively think to include because I've allocated them in my own filters as 'Summer products' and certainly two that work as a duo, Bare Minerals Foundation in shade Medium Beige and B. Pro Contour Stick* in Universal Shade.

Bare Minerals Foundation is an old favourite with the B. Contour Stick being a new introduction this year. I favour the contour shade rather than the highlight and like that it is thinner than other contour sticks I've used in the past so ideal especially for contouring the nose. Applied first I then blend with the mineral foundation and it creates the perfect coverage and base for warmer days - it's just unfortunate I find it cumbersome of travelling with.

That brings part one to a close, what favourite products featured in your 2017 round up?

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year | 2018

Year 2018

Happy New Year - is there anything more satisfying than it beginning on a Monday?

I'm not typically one for reflective nor goal setting posts for my blog and I have sat in front of the laptop trying to put something of it's sort together and it does not appear to be happening. Yes I could offer some platitudes about my intentions for these pages but quite simply my only goal is to return to the more frequent blogging of previous years.

The good news for me is that whilst I've not found myself actually writing and hitting publish on posts I have still been working in background taking photos with the intention of sharing them so some of the hard work has been done.

For the next month I hope to publish on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as I think that will work well with my lifestyle - time will tell and before I fail on the aforementioned schedule and the final hours of the first day of the new year slip away I shall hit publish and wish you all the best for 2018 - lets see where it takes us.

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