Monday, December 2, 2013

November Empties

November appears to have been the month all of my Yankee Candles came to an end at once and only one or two products so I thought I'd throw them into this months empties post.

Lemon Lavender is my favourite bedroom scent. I light this before I head to bed and find the lemon takes away from too much lavender which if too strong I'm not a fan of. Vanilla Cupcake was a gift from my mum as she knows I'm a fan of vanilla. If you know any vanilla fans you can't go wrong with this one.

Movie Night was a radical purchase which was slightly more successful than the bacon scent I tried (I know, don't ask!). This literally does smell like the popcorn scent of cinemas so if you're a fan this is perfect. I'm undecided how I feel about this, I didn't hate it but it's not one I'd repurchase.

Witches Brew and Trick or Treat were discovered in my box of Halloween decorations which I completely forget I had in my stash. Witches Brew has what I'd describe as a manly aftershave scent but sadly Trick or Treat's scent had disappeared during storage.

I have been using VO5 Plump It Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion* daily for months now and am so impressed with both how long it has lasted and the effects on my hair. I've mentioned before how hit and miss my hair can be but this has stopped my hair from experiencing those flyaway hairs that can often occur after blowdrying - particularly as I'm partial to the quick hair upside down routine.

Arbonne's shampoo was a sample thrown my way by a friend. I was only able to get one or two washes from this tube and found it didn't give me the best results for my hair unfortunately - I'm hoping for more positive findings from the skincare products she's treated me to. 

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo was a blogger hit back in the Summer and as a fan of the Brunette range I jumped on the bandwagon. I often find I need to chop and change shampoos to maintain good results but any of the John Frieda shampoo's seem to work well for me and this is certainly one I'd repurchase.

I rediscovered this bottle of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish so mum and I took this on holiday to share. Whilst I feel that 'at my age' I should be using heavy duty cleansers and following the double cleanse routines of an evening I do enjoy using this in the morning. I managed to get my hands on the Limited Edition Grapefruit & Patchouli version a few months ago which I love and am inclined to say I prefer to the original.

Following my the long haul flight and air conditioned air of Las Vegas I went through both Heaven Skincares Peppermint Clarifying Lotion* and Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Both similar products I enjoyed both and would happily purchase either for travel in the future and use during the Summer when a refreshing spritz is called for. Peppermint fans will love Heaven Skincare's offering and I know some people are not fans of Caudalie's scent but as soon as I would spray this I was taken back to luxurious spas which can only be a good thing.

Another Heaven Skincare product was the Bee Venom Mask*. Again I used this during my flight to Las Vegas and on my return I used of an evening to combat drier than usual skin due to the cold weather and heating being switched on. I find if I don't use the right products my skin can switch to being too oily but the Bee Venom Mask was just right for my skins needs.  

Another holiday leftover was Sure's Crystal Deodorant* in Clear Aqua. Unfortunately on my return to the UK and despite being a big fan this really didn't stand the test of time to my daily commute. I love these cans and have them dotted around handbags and office draws and they work for a refresher but for a sweaty betty such as myself I need something with a bit more protection.

Of course there would be two hand creams in this months empties post, one from Arbonne and the star product, Heaven Skincare Vanilla Pod Cream*. I loved this cream, from the scent to how it left my hands and was truly sad when I finally scraped the last out of the pot. I would repurchase this certainly and my only negatives is I prefer a tube to the tub so I don't have to dip my fingers in it.

So that ends my empties post for November, one more to go for 2013 and I can't wait to see what products are used over the festive period. Don't forget to comment and let me know what products you've been using up this month and if you haven't done so already please enter my giveaway in this post for your chance to win some goodies from that Las Vegas trip I still seem to be talking about.

*PR Sample

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  1. I'm going to get the lemon lavender scent - sounds divine!

  2. That popcorn one sounds like it would make me so hungry! I have a bbw vanilla candle right now and it reminds me of vanilla cupcakes-- so good!

    sundays grace

  3. I'm not a big vanilla fan, I find it too sweet, but the movie night one sounds intriguing. Sadly I don't need any volumising products for my hair - I need the complete opposite, it is rather wild and has a life completely of it's own!!!

  4. Love these posts - as I am sooooo nosy!!! wow you've gone through loads of candles - I have some tarts on the go and they are lasting so long but I think they've lost their scent will need to top up :-) Treat myself to a manicure at the weekend - am liking the sound of the Heaven hand cream to help my hands and nails xx

  5. Lemon lavender sounds super lovely! Will have to check it out as I've not had that one before

    Jennie xo |


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