Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 49 // The Silly Season

This week it felt like the silly season had really arrived with a week of late nights out, food and friends. On Tuesday there was a birthday celebration in a local pub where I was served up a delicious dish of ham, egg and chips - simplicity at it's best.

On Wednesday despite the previous late night Ben and I headed back to the O2 for a Wet Wet Wet concert - and don't feel bad about my poor view I was sitting in a company box so it was in complete comfort with Budweisers placed directly in my hand - no queueing at the bar for me.

Thursday despite struggling to keep my eyes open most of the day I couldn't turn down curry and wine with a friend despite plans on Friday for leaving and birthday drinks in the City with work colleagues. In the picture above you can see the step into the pub which is one of the oldest in London and that step shows the wear of people walking over it for hundreds of years.

Saturday I was feeling especially jaded but Ben decided to come over, order us (another!) curry to help the hangover. The wine was kill or cure, it killed and was sipped before being abandoned for a non alcoholic beverage. 

I'd love to tell you my Sunday was far more productive but it was I'm ashamed to say spent in bed watching numerous Vlogmas episodes on YouTube. I have managed to return my flat into a slightly more habitual state, disposed of far too many takeaway containers (there was a chicken kebab for dinner last night!) and I hope by the time I've hit publish on this post I've managed to write out all my Christmas cards.

How are your Christmas festivities going so far?

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  1. Lol - sounds like a great weekend x

  2. I bet that step has had a few merry people step/fall over it :)

  3. What a busy week, I can only go out twice a week!! I take my hat off to you :) xx

  4. Sounds like a fab week, Victoria - think I'd have spent Sunday in bed as well! x


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