Thursday, December 19, 2013

Graham Skincare - now available in the UK

My mum suffers from terrible psoriasis so when I was given the opportunity to test some products from Grahams Skincare I jumped at the chance and happily passed them over to mum for her opinion.

Grahams Skincare has been a hit in Australia as one of their best selling natural skincare ranges created by a father who wanted his son to not suffer with his severe eczema. The range has expanded to cover treatements for these severe cases to those who just require something to help with a psoriasis flare-up and in all case contain natural ingredients - no parabens here - to nourish and help repair the skins protective barrier.

Mum has been using Grahams Natural Body Wash* and Grahams Calendulis Plus Cream* for a number of weeks now as recommended with fantastic results. Surprsingly with these types of products she found the Natural Body Wash smelt nice which made a change from often finding the products that aid psoriasis can be a little medicinal or scentless. She went on to tell me about the Calendulis Plus Cream "it's very smooth and sunk into the skin effortlessly with only a small amount needed".

She is also undergoing treatment through the doctors for her psoriasis but she's found that these treatements along with the Natural Body Wash and Calendulis Plus Cream help with flare-ups and her skin is "certainly smoother to the touch".

As further approval of the products last week when visiting my mum asked if I had any more of the Grahams Skincare products as she is reluctant to stop using them and didn't want to be left without reserves.

You'll find Grahams Skincare online here and local pharamacies and think this would make a very thoughtful gift for someone who is a sufferer of a skin complaint as they like my mum would have had to tell people not to buy the usual luxurious shower gels and bubble baths as they cannot use them and this would be a welcome treat.

As always let me know if you've any experience with these products or have other recommendations for those with skin complaints, my mum would love to hear from you.

*PR Sample
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  1. I am very intrested in these, my son has very dry skin that flakes off so I think maybe this will be good for him, medical creams seem to worsen it so I like the idea of these so much more!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  2. That is good to know this is a great product I have friends that will benefit from this. Thank you Grace xoox

  3. What a nice change to have something for problem skin that doesn't smell of coal tar! I will definitely be giving these a go. Thanks for the post. Merry Christmas!


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