Thursday, November 28, 2013

Clinque Deep Comfort Body Butter Review

Clinque Body Butter Review

I received Clinque Deep Comfort Body Butter as a Christmas gift last year and I'm ashamed to say it's sat hidden at the back of my bathroom shelf until now. Returning from holiday and ready to start a new body product I opted for the body butter thinking a heavier cream was needed for the colder weather.

My first impression was bemusement that this product, to me at least really does feel like butter, creamy butter but butter nonetheless - it even has the lemon shade we are familiar with. Thankfully there is not the greasy feeling you experience with butter of an edible kind.

Moving on from the food comparisons Clinque's Body Butter is a lovely product to use and makes my skin feel soft and hydrated after applying, especially in those dry spots such as the knees and elbows and sinks into the skin without leaving residue so I can easily pop clothes on after application.

The only negatives I can find and these are personal ones are firstly it's lack of fragrance. We all know Clinque are famous for leaving out the typical irritants from fragrancing their products but when applying body lotions in a luxurious manner I want a scent, especially when applying of an evening. Of course if you want to avoid fragrances this body butter is definitely for you and certainly not a deal breaker for me. The other is I find it can take some time for me to apply. Lotions which are thinner in consistency are easily distributed over the body but I find this butter needs constant dipping and applying to cover all the areas. For example I'll need to dip into the tub 4 times to do my calves alone, front and back of each leg and so on. Not that this should be a problem as this is a large 200ml tub so will certainly last some time.

Do you have any thoughts on body versus lotions?

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  1. I've got a clinique sparkly body cream lurking in the wardrobe unused :-( - I'm with you on wanting a nice smell. I dont have a fav. I think I use butters more in the winter you know when your shins go a bit scaley (or is that me and my lizard legs lol ) and lotions in the summer x

  2. I tried this a while back! Had to say I quite liked it, my legs get pretty dehydrated in the winter. I didn't mind it didn't have a fragrance, ha!


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  3. I used to use this years ago, and I absolutely loved it! It's just the price that has put me off from repurchasing it!


  4. I like my body lotions to be really fragrant - that;s the whole point for me! I've been disappointed by Clinique stuff in the past too. Fab post.


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  5. hi love ! thanks for the lovely comment at my blog ! i love Clinique ! but i haven't tried this ... i will try it for sure :) i am following your blog via GFC :) please follow back my love :) xx

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