Wednesday, December 18, 2013

His Heaven Skincare Men's Christmas Gift Ideas

During yesterday's #fblchat it became apparent that a lot of us struggle with men's gifts at Christmas time. Thankfully the men in my life have been covered this year but here are a couple of men's grooming products that my brother (previously seen in this post) has recently been testing out for me that might be welcomed by your fellas.

I must apologise in the first instance that his ravings were short and simple due to a brief text message as he was dashing off to catch a flight to EuroDisney - I am not jealous in the slightest honestly.

I've documented on my blog a love of Heaven Skincare having been introduced to the brand earlier this year and I'm in good company as Kate Middleton is a fan but I only recently realised that there is a mens range, appropriately called 'His Heaven'.

I received the Pre Shave Exfoliator* and After Shave Relief Spray* to pass over and my brothers comments were "pre shave cream is good and the shaving spray is brilliant". Maybe not the most eloquent of reviews but as we know some men just simply say it like it is. He also said that since using he hasn't had a shaving rash which for him is his biggest issue.

Both products can be used prior to a wet or dry shave and are recommended for senstitive skin and I think they'd be fun presents for the beauty bloggers other half. On that note it would be fun to put together a beauty hamper for the man in your life as I know that whilst men would never admit it they love to use hand creams and lip balms as well as shave creams such as the one from Erasmic available here which is at the more afforable end than His Heaven.

What have you brought the man in your life and would you consider grooming products?

*PR Sample

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  1. My husband doesn't shave, but when he trims he ends up very red, and I am thinking about buying him a shaving cream to use when he trims, so this might do the trick, thank you, love the luxury packaging too!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  2. Men don't easily express what they desire, but they are very fond of their shaving & grooming kits. Its a good gift you could give to him along with others like skin treatments & facials at salons. One of the best gift ideas for men, which you know is actually a gift for yourself ;)!!

  3. This is a nice idea! I appreciate you for choosing this type of gift for him. Yes, I do agree with the previous reply that they are fond of their shaving & grooming kits. Did you check Grooming HUT? It gives you a combination of unique style with a great set of grooming tools!


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