Friday, December 6, 2013

From Desk to Disco | Mistletoe Ready

We are officially in silly season and over the next couple of weeks I will be spending a lot of time dashing from work to meet up with friends and a glass or two of the fizzy stuff. I have one or two items stashed in my drawers at work that take me from 'desk to disco' on both planned and impromptu nights out when I'm less than prepared.

Firstly if you're a single girl like me you'll need to ensure that you're ready for any kissing under the mistletoe that may occur so I like to keep a pack of Lush Toothy Tabs and DenTek Easy Brushes in my desk draw so that I'm not caught unaware with anything less than fresh breath.

I've talked about Toothy Tabs before here and they are perfect for stashing in your desk draw and whilst I'm not against heading to the ladies armed with a tube of toothpaste it's far more discreet to pop one of the tabs out and disappear to the bathroom for a freshen up.

The toothy tabs are leftover from my trip to Vegas but I must have known they would be aiding my mistletoe hunt as if you look on the website the Acquatic flavour is described as a 'romantic confection'  with seductive Earl Grey and aphrodisiac jasmine. It even says they're perfect before smooching. Well Lush, I'm going to blame you if my dance card stands at zero this Christmas!

DenTek Easy Brushes might not be the most glamorous or peasant of items but they're quite necessary in my mind for ensuring my teeth are disco ready. I started using these tapered brushes years ago when I was a brace wearer (read about that here). They were invaluable and in the habit of using them I continued once my brace was removed. They're so handy to pop in your bag if you're heading out to dinner and avert any embarrassing food in teeth situations and there's almost something satisfying about angling the brush into those places which are hard to reach with your basic toothbrush.

So there you have the first in my Desk to Disco series starting with my fresh breath fighting teeth tag team; is there anything you think I've missed - besides the man to kiss of course!

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  1. This is to funny...LOL. being an old married woman. I don't have to be that prepared anymore...LOL.
    Come for a visit single lady...We have a special Christmas post.
    Merry Christmas ,
    Marie Antoinette

  2. Oooh good tips! I'm loving everyone's party posts, it makes me feel so excited for Christmas! xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster - Christmas Giveaway! Essie, Bumble&Bumble, Sleek and more!

  3. Love this post! We can never let the mistletoe moments go to chance... be as prepared as a Girl Scout I say!! Thanks for the product tips. Always helpful when at the drugstore faced with 10 choices of the same thing.

    Holiday blessings, Edie Marie

  4. Love the party season - will be trying them - thanks!

  5. good tips, but you know I just want that big smiley Tooth Man! He's so cute! x


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