Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Skincare Tag


Describe your skincare routine in 5 words:
As described by Caroline Hirons

If you've read any of my posts featuring skincare you'll know I bow at the alter of Caroline Hirons and am one of the lucky few to have had a consultation with her which you can read about in this post. Luckily everyone can ready her blog here and find out so much about skincare products and regimes.

What's your skin type?

I'm lucky considering years with lack of a skincare regime and a smoking habit that my skin has faired quite well. I experience the old oily t-zone in warmer times or when unwell particularly but otherwise I can pretty much throw anything at my skin and it'll hold up well. Lighter products and a simple routine suit me best otherwise I find the oil ups it's appearance.

Top Blemish Zapper
I actually don't use any specific products to tackle blemishes. I only experience the odd spot for hormonal reasons or if I've been slack with the skincare regime so haven't found the need but do recommend anything you think I should have on hand.

Face Wipes, yay or nay?
I've always stayed away from skincare wipes and whilst I don't think they'll ever replace the routine I have in place now I do love Heaven Skincare wipes which you can read my review of here and they are perfect for late nights and lazy days.

Toner, yay or nay?
Yay for toner and I'm in the group that uses both an exfoliating and hydrating toner.

High-end skincare or high-end makeup?
High-end skincare when budget permits. The drugstores are really excelling in the make up stakes these days but for now I think high-end is the right place for skincare if your purse allows it. That said I've been enjoying testing Vichy products and recently discovered Palmers have a skincare range which I've been dipping in to.

What's the most unusual skincare product you've tried?
I don't think I've used any particularly unusual products although the most unusual treatment was the oxygen facial at one of House of Rush's beauty blogger events..

Tell us your top skincare tip
Don't smoke, drink lots of water and always remove your make up - I can't promise they're rules I always live by but they're the obvious ones.

Don't forget to leave me your skincare tips and any product recommendations.

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  1. Great tag! I really want to try out more products from the Nude brand, I've only tried sample sizes from them and I really loved everything I tried! :)


  2. I really should try to drink more water I know its good for you but...


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