Friday, October 16, 2009

Kelly & Victoria’s Secret Santa Swap!

Kelly & I decided it would be fun to host a Christmas swap… but with a difference!!!!

Instead of the usual one on one swap we’ve decided to take our inspiration from the office gift giving favourite - Secret Santa!(Thank you to Happy who has donated this button for our swap - please feel free to add to your blog)
Each blogger who signs up will send and receive a gift but not to/from the same person

For example;
Kelly, Rose & I are taking part
I send to Kelly but receive my gift from Rose and so on

Kelly & I will assign partners based on the responses you give to a series of questions (I will come to those in a moment!)

You will receive an email from us telling you who your partner is, their answers to the questions and an address to send the package to

We hope this swap will allow you to meet a new blogger and due to the secretive nature of the swap spend time delving into their blog & learning more about them so you can put together the perfect gift(s)!

We would like everyone to send their Christmas gifts out by 4th December giving Royal Mail enough time to deliver them to the right door (sooner the better where possible due to pesky strikes!)

Christmas can be an expensive time so we are setting two price points for swappers, £5 or £10 and you will be assigned partners based on this!

The swap is open to international bloggers but you must have a blog to participate to enable your partner to learn more about you from it

Remember – do not divulge who you are sending your gift to we want surprises!!!!

If this sounds fun and you’d like to join in hop over to see Kelly who is hosting the questions we need you to answer to take part!

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  1. What terrific idea. I like that you encourage participants to get to know their fellow bloggers better. This should be a smash!

    Can't wait...

  2. You and Kelly have come up with an awesome idea! What type of things do you send for this type of swap? sorry ive never done a swap before :) I think because im always worried whatever I send the other person wont like, silly i know!


  3. Good luck with hosting this swap. The idea is great, but I have to pass this time. The dutch Santa will give his packages December the 5th and my daughter is having her sweet sixteen on december the 12th, so I'm busy enough without swaps, but I wish I wasn't!

  4. Wow! Finally your secret has been revealed! Great idea! I'm involved in other many projects, but can't miss this one!I'm off to Kelly's blog now!

  5. What a great idea, I have just been to Kelly's blog: I would love to join in please, if I may??!!!


  6. What a fun idea, but like rose are you giving any guidelines on type of gift

  7. Good idea!! i'll be joining in xx

  8. Looking forward to getting lots of e mails about your fave things xxxx

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  9. I popped straight over and put my name on the list thank you, what a great idea. Love Lucey x

  10. fab idea... definitely want to play!.. off to K's blog. Tx

  11. I love it! I have an award for you on my blog if would would like it! Suzie. xxx

  12. Oh what a fab idea, please can I join in. Great way to meet new people. xxxxxx

  13. I wanna play I wanna play! joined up too now!!
    Can't wait to find out who my partner is..when do we find out again?
    Annie x

  14. Dont forget to pick up your award!!!

  15. Your very welcome! I love your blog and you always take the time to comment, and I appreciate that so much! Suzie. xxx :)

  16. I'm in. Since I retired two years ago I have so missed the fun of office Secret Santas. I'm off to Kelly's

  17. Hi, I would love to joing your Secret Santa! I left a comment on Kelly's last blog as I couldn't find where to leave her my details for the Secret Santa. I live in South Australia. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Hugs from Sue in Oz

  18. Hi, me again, sorry I didnt check my spelling! - duh! I meant "join" not joing!!

  19. Are you going to do this again ?? ?? ??


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