Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my brother and SIL’s 5th wedding anniversary and tonight I am off to babysit my nephew so they can go out for the evening to celebrate

Babysitting will be fun as it is my first visit to their new home which they moved into last week and as it’s a little further away now I will be staying the night

My SIL is particularly excited at my visit as she has been decorating for Halloween but did said the pressure was on when I told her I’d be photographing it for my blog! Well you want to see it don’t you ladies?

She is also planning a spooky themed breakfast for Halloween morning

I have quite a busy weekend planned and no internet access at my brothers so I may not be able to catch up with you all until Sunday evening

Have a spook-tastic weekend everyone!

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  1. Have a Happy Halloween! Looking forward to seeing the pics! x

  2. Oh yes, pictures for sure please!

    What a cute couple.

    Have fun babysitting and with the sleep over :)


  3. Happy anniversary to the happy and lovely couple! Yes, yes, yes take as much photos as you can and share them please! Have a spooky weekend! I will be away too, starting tonight and returning home Sunday night, so if I don't respond it is not because I think your photos are too frightening!

  4. Lol, the thought of a spooky halloween breakfast conjured up all sorts of images - crispy fried bats on toast, baked eyeballs in tomato sauce, blood orange juice.... all of a sudden I am not hungry anymore...

    oh, and congrats to your sis and her DH

  5. Happy Anniversary to them!

    And Happy Halloween, have a great weekend!! xx

  6. Have a great halloween, looking forward to the pictures :) x

  7. Enjoy it! especailly the Halloween themed breakfast, that sounds very interesting! suzie. x

  8. Have a wonderful time -- you are such a great aunt!!

  9. Happy anniversary to the lovebirds! Have fun babysitting that cute little nephew of yours! Happy Halloween!

  10. What a lovely SIL you have!
    Happy anniversary to them!
    And happy Halloween to you and little Brody (^w^)

  11. Have a lovely time babysitting - no ghost stories!

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the house.


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