Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween

A visit from my nephew all dressed up in his skeleton tracksuit

Disney goodies from Florida

Seasonal magazines and books for the library

Are you ready for Halloween yet?

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  1. Little man looks so cute in his trackie!
    Bless him!
    I'm gonna get the Halloween decs out this week! Can't wait x

    lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  2. I am one of your very newest followers! I loved MSL issue with teh mushroom pumpkins! I think her pumpkin ideas are some of the best.

    I loved the Disney goodies, too!

    Thanks for having such a great retro/vintage blog. Have a great day!

  3. Hes so cute in that tracksuit.
    Im not ready for halloween because unfortunately its not really celebrated in Australia as much as in the US. I would love to be in the US over halloween :)

  4. I love his suit, can i have one?! Not sure what to do yet but looking forward to it x

  5. He has such a sweet smile!
    Hey...but where are the Halloween bits you made??! ;-)
    Have a good week!

  6. What a cutie, and he looks really happy with his suit, rightly so! Suzie. xxx

  7. Well your little nephew is certainly ready for Halloween...and wow do I love all that new reading material!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  8. Indeed we are - we are having our Halloween party this weekend (We are in the US the next two weekends you see). I'm hoping to make handmade pumpkin ravoli! Look at me go...we'll see! I'll post on it later! You look like you are well prepared too! xxx

  9. Awww Victoria your Newphew is gorgeous! What a cutie in his costume :D
    I'm so excited about Halloween, I can't wait to get the pumpkins to carve :) xx

  10. cute little man!!

    This halloween is going to be a bit quieter for us this year as we will be seeing disney on ice at the o2. But we always have a little party for my boys and my best friends 2 girls - it's great to get them dressed up and play some games. Last year we did ' wrap the mummys'. First kids to wrap their mums in a whole roll of toilet paper won!!

  11. Your little nephew looks very cute!

    I love this time of year; I love Autumn and the different festivals and it's also my birthday so it's a great time of year for me :)

    I'll have to look out for the MSL Hallowe'en magazine :

  12. Ermmm, am I ready for Halloween? Nope, not at all, lol, but I did look at pumpkins yesterday........

  13. aw, how cute??!!
    Love the halloween goodies - anything halloweenie is good in my books!
    So pleased you liked your little goodies - so sorry it took forever and a day to get to you! Hope it took your mind of the pesky dentists when you got in though!
    Have a good night
    BH x

  14. Victoria, your nephew is so cute!! I love his little track suit! It looks like you have alot of goodies to look over-lucky you!

  15. What a little cutie. Twiglet has told me we MUST DO Halloween this year.........
    twiggy x

  16. Your nephew look's so cute in that "skellington" suit (this is what my grandson said when I showed him the picture! haha)I don't get my halloween thing's out just yet but my sister has put all of her's out I might take some piccie's to show everyone as they're so lovely. Is it too early to say "happy halloween" yes haha love Lucey x

  17. Oh what a cutie! Oh Disney Halloween!! I think I would love Disney at Halloween more then Christmas, seriously!!! Love,Lori


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