Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pyjama Party!

It’s all about pyjamas for Weight Loss Wednesday this week!

I LOVE pyjamas and it’s actually very rare to find me at home not wearing them! The first thing I do when I get home from work is shake off the suit, put on my pjs and get comfortable. I must confess unless I have plans to actually leave the house of a weekend chances are if you knocked on my door a pyjama clad me will answer too!

There is a problem with wearing pj’s that they tend to be big and baggy so we’re lulled into a place of comfort where reaching for the biscuit tin doesn’t seem a problem – I mean there’s no tight waistbands on pj’s is there!

In answer to this problem I decided to invest in some nice new pj’s that I would be comfortable in but looked nice enough to open the door in and visit friends of an evening (yes I’ll go round my friends in pjs too!! Just ask Kelly!) and more importantly could acknowledge my size in them and not be fooled into thinking I was slimmer than I am

The first pair was from good old Marks & Sparks

I choose a comfy pair of bottoms but this time opted for one of the tops that have the hidden support. Whilst I may wear a well fitting bra by day when I get home I like a little freedom…. but not too much!

The second pair was brought when Kelly & I popped into David & Goliath on Carnaby Street after our trip to Central Perk. I loved the London range

with a hoodie to compliment too which was perfect as I’m well known for adding a hoodie to my pyjama ensemble
Both these pyjama sets are comfortable but not too comfortable for me to forget the weight loss journey I’m on. They also don’t feel too “slobby” so I’m not afraid of jumping out the car at a petrol station, or nipping over to friends for a few hours

So today’s advice, if like me you love your down time in a pair of pj’s treat yourself to a flattering pair that are comfortable but not too comfortable you can cheat yourself that extra slice of cake is ok!

Please say I’m not alone in the pyjama love?

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  1. Love the 2nd pair - so cute!! I'm a huge pj fan too :-)
    Cheers, Karen

  2. Haha, guess what I am wearing right now as I am typing this comment!

  3. Here another one still in her pj's! I like to wear cardigans (in this season) as well, the wooly ones, big but with that shape that makes you about 3 seizes slimmer. Again I totally agree with you: pj's should be comfy yet stylish. As I don't need those 'working suits' I try to dress like that at all times. You'll never see me wearing: baggy jeans, shorts, bermuda's, big bear t-shirts, I hate that kind of clothes.

  4. I love the PJs!!! I'm the same as you ... get home from work and chuck on the M&S PJs!!!

  5. i love pj's i have alot!!!
    I always put them on when just in the house!!! xx

  6. No you are not alone, love your PJ choices ... cute.

  7. I'm in my dressing gowm...from the white company!
    I'm up and showered.....waiting for work to phone!LOL!

    I LOVE pj's and dressing gowns.....I can't bear to wear "normal" clothes round the house!
    I love Boden for Pj's...they are such fun prints.
    However, I'm now sligthly smitten with the london fantastic!x

  8. DEFINITELY not alone in the pyjama love!! I would be happy to spend all weekend in my pjs but I feel wrong doing it - now that I know that someone else does it I might let myself do it!

    I'm on a constant quest to find good pjs. They are really hard to come by, especially for me as I'm pretty tall so to get the right length of leg I have to get an enormous size that doesn't fit around the waist.

    And I always get myself a new pair every Christmas. Does anyone else do that?!

    Love David & Goliath stuff. And M&S is just round the corner from my work....might have to have a little visit later this week!

  9. I love my jimjams and like you I get straight into mine when I get home. I have to agree the baggyness and comfort of them lures me into a false sense of security. I bought some shorts style bottoms (with chickens juggling eggs on them!) and hidden support tops. It must all be in the head because I stopped snacking on biscuits as much and now tuck into carrot sticks! And guess what I lost weight. Woohoooooo!

    I love those London ones.

  10. I loved the jammies-how cute! Don't they just make you feel so warm and comfy!

  11. Hello my name is Karen and I confess I am also a PJ addict!!

    Am sooo with you on this post. When I get home I definitely start to hyper ventilate if I can't get into my jim jams straightaway! At this present moment I have no fewer than 12 pairs, yep I told you I was an addict! If I don't leave the house they don't come off much to my family's disgust! Now if I could just find me a job where these were de rigeur I'd be sorted ;o) xx

  12. I love pjs!! I agree about the not to big and bulky ones!!! Pretty well fitting pjs, a hoodie and Uggs if you need to go out in them!! What more could a gal want!!!


  13. I really love the London hoodie - think I'll add that to my ever growing Christmas list!!

  14. i think i new some new pj's...
    i tend to stick to jogging bottoms and a t-shirt if not going anywhere, but to be fair that's not all that different from just wearing pj's is it?!

    Rose X

  15. love the hoodie , my fave pair at moment are pink polka dot.x

  16. Hehehe I can't imagine getting away with going out in my pyjama's come to think of it I can't imagine even getting away with coming down stairs in them during the day cause one of the boy's would have a fit lol.
    I do however love my pj's I wear my joules kimono top with lightweight white linen trousers.
    Oh I'm loving the london pj's by the way I might just have to get the purse out again lol.


  17. As you know I love my PJ's too!!!!
    We do get some looks when we go to Tesco in them tho :)

  18. I love my pj's! I work from home and can be found in them most days. Until I have to go pick Bella up at school!

  19. oooh jammies are good. I work from home so I wore jammie pants yesterday :)

    Working from home is good and bad....I do not dress to impress at home.

    Easy to slip into the ho~hums and not take care to look as nice as I should.

    I have been having some success though..and even my jammies were loose yesterday :)

  20. You are not along in the PJ love area... I love mine, spending far too much time in them!


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