Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Girls & Grown Up Shoes

What is it about little girls and a grown ups shoes?

The first thing Rose's little girl Rianna does when I visit is head straight for my "pretty shoes", favouring the noise made by them on the kitchen floor!

Of course big girls like pretty shoes too...!

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  1. Victoria
    Oh my, I feel so bad, I've been away awhile! Lets see first, I missed out on the secret santa, pooh! next, braces, I am so envious, always wanted them! Good luck with them! And next shoes!! I adore them but since that darn car accident and surgery I have such goofy footsie problems on the right side! Well I just hope you know even if I get too busy I always think of you! Great site I'll have to check out to, thanks for the info! Take care,Love,Lori

  2. love the Louboutins! I want!!!

    That's so funny,and you are so right. My gorgeous girl LOVES my heels! Yesterday I dug out my silver glitter heels (I call them my Drag Queen shoes. Bought them while I was pregnant. I had no idea at the time I was expecting, so when I got home and looked at these fabulously tacky glittery soes, I thought 'what is wrong with me?'. So not the kind of thing I would normally buy. Should have realised it was the start of pregnancy brain).

    Anyway, gorgeous girl loves shoes, and has some pink glitter shoes. Inspired, I thought I'd wear aforementioned silver glittery shoes. As soon as she spotted them, on they went, and she slowly walked around the bedroom while I clapped my hands and said 'I'm so proud'!

    Have a super start to the week. :o) xx

  3. I never went for pretty shoes, I used to walk around in my dad's shoes...what does that say about me!!!
    She looks like she can walk better then me in heals! :) x

  4. It was my ultimate goal in life to walk on stilettos when I was about 6! Yes I managed to get that one off my bucket list LOL!

  5. I'm amazed by the little princess, she can wear pretty shoes better than me! Really, I'm not able!
    Have a good start to your week!

  6. Oh we sure do ... we never grow out of that one.

    I just love the adorable picture.

  7. Doesnt she look so cute! You are so right, we never change do we! suzie. x

  8. Funny!
    I used to love the noise high heel shoes made - I felt grown up!!

  9. Rianna looks so cute in your "big girl" shoes! My girls loved to wear my shoes when they were little and they still do!

  10. We certainly do love the pretty shoes. I used to do the same with my Mum's although unfortunately my feet got a lot bigger than hers a little too early on for my liking!

    I've finally done my wardrobe clear out this weeked - I said I would!! Will be blogging about it later tonight.

  11. Certainly do. What lovely shoes.
    Rachael xx

  12. Ah, yes, the shoes! It's ALL about the shoes!

  13. i like pretty shoes - but they don't like me!

    Rose X

  14. Hehe so cute! I've got so many photos of me like that as a child.

  15. What a sweetie!! I used to LOVE wearing my mum's high heels!!!
    Love the silver louboutins though!!! If only!!!


  16. its not just little girls my 3 yr old son is quite partial too !!!!

  17. every girl loves pretty shoes!!,...i', loving the Louboutins!... every girl should have a pair in their closet!
    hope your well, we definately must door christmas eats!.. hugs Tx

  18. oh how cute!! I think we probably all remember doing this! The amount of my mums heels I destroyed as a child...! The remorse for harm caused to those lovely shoes I carry to this day!!!BH x

  19. Oh yes, big girls like pretty shoes too. My mum use to have a pair of light blue feathered heeled satin slippers. I use to wear them when my mum wasn't at home... such fun :)
    I rarely wear heels because I feel like a giant, but I so enjoy it when I do (my toes don't agree).

  20. ooo my fave grown up shoes to dress in were my mums wedding shoes. i put them on with my fave pink flowery dress with a net curtain over my head!!!!

  21. hehehe I think I may have something to worry about my son loves wearing my shoes too lol.


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