Saturday, October 31, 2009


I’m so glad that slowly the UK is catching on to the spirit (ha ha!) of Halloween as it can be so much fun and almost as good as Christmas I think

Usually I would be planning to take my youngest cousin Trick or Treating like last year

Sadly this year he’s on holiday with his parents so our traditional tour of the streets will not happen (we did think about taking Brody but thought people would be suspicious about a 1 year olds desire for so many sweets!!!)

William was very upset at missing out this year and asked me if I would get him some sweets. I put a bag of sweets and Halloween treats together, even making a coffin treat box for his sweets following a tutorial from Martha Stewart you can find here

My parents are celebrating my uncle’s birthday and whilst my cousin and I could’ve joined them for dinner we decided to leave them to it and go and see this at the cinema

Tell me, what do you have planned for this ghoulish day?

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  1. Oh cute picture! The movie looks good, let us know what you think.

    We don't really have Halloween over here, but I've posted especially for my overseas friends, so I'm getting into the spirit of it.

  2. I was planning on doing the Exeter ghost walk (again!!) but it's going to rain :( & as my back is so painful I've decided to stay at home (the first time in about 6 years!!) My friend's coming over to play wii (not physical games!) & have a curry. I'll get some sweets for tick or treat, where I live they could put the windows through!
    Happy Halloween :) x

  3. Happy halloween hunni.
    Sorry your gonna miss out on trick of treating tonight. You can come and take river out if ya like he's had his costume on since he got up this morning lol.

    Hope you have a good weekend

  4. The film looks good, let us know! I am making pumpkin soup! Maybe root out a scary dvd. I may look in the mirror if I really want a darn good scare! Have a great day! suzie. x

  5. You look very keen in that photograph, lolol, so who is the more disappointed about not going trick or treating this year, William or you???

  6. No Halloween here :(
    Have great fun!!!!!!!!

  7. I'm a real Halloween Scrooge! ha ha ha! I never used to be, it's just a few things wore me down and killed the fun. For example, I used to make little cones from orange and black card, and stick faces on the front, then fill with sweets. I made a papier mache pumpking to hold them, and really made quite a bit of effort. I didn't expect them to be cherished forever or anything like that, but it was quite horrible to go out the next day and find loads of them squished in the gutter :o( Add to that the fact that I had a young lad on my doorstep dressed as a terrorist, complete with fake gun and balaclava (what did his parents think, letting him go out like that??!!) back in 2002, a bunch of kids who stood at my door, masks propped on top of their heads, eyes rolling and a sigh of *trick or treat* (should have added 'whatever' on the end, it would have worked well!), and a bunch of neighbours kids who stood with their jumpers over their heads, arms in the air. 'And you would be what exactly?' I asked ..silence..giggles..and 'men!' :o) That gave me a laugh, but seriously, giving out sweets for lads with jumpers on their heads?! I did it for the tinies really, but it's the older kids who spoilt it for me. The final straw was when I heard a noise before Halloween, and noticed the white ghostly mask covered with cobwebs was dangling from my front door. Spotted two teenagers walking away briskly, they'd tried to steal it off my front door, the toerags. That was it, I took down the decs and I've not bothered since. Now I only do bits and pieces inside for my little girl. It's a shame and just bad luck that such stupid stuff spoilt it for me, I used to enjoy it.

    anyway, we have our pumpkins carved, and little one has been to Sainsbury's in a pumpkin/cat dress combo, so we are having a good day. Enjoy your quiet Halloween
    :o) xx

  8. Happy Halloween Victoria! Love the pic!

  9. I decorated my porch, cooked some Halloween food and took my 3yr old trick or treating. We're very lucky as it's such a small village, there is never any trouble & we only go to the houses with pumpkins outside.
    Happy Halloween.
    Yvonne x

  10. Happy Halloween! Great card and costumes!
    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my Halloween posts! x

  11. Hope you enjoy the movies! I have seen this advertised on another blog too, it does look good...

    Enjoy..Hope you had a happy Halloween

    Priscilla x

  12. Hey! Catching up on what is going on in the blogosphere...sounds like you have been busy! Happy Halloween! Hope the Darren Shan film was good? I've read some of his Demonata series -seriously goolish and disturbing for kids books! xxx


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