Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wardrobe Workout – Part 1

After last weeks post for WLW I’m sure you all rushed out to have your bra size measured and are now walking around with not just your heads held high!

Today it’s time to give our wardrobes a workout

We all know the statistics; women only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time so let’s see what makes us feel bad and we can get rid of!

Like me you probably have things in your wardrobe that you make you feel uncomfortable? Go through your wardrobe and put aside any clothes that make you feel unhappy. It doesn’t matter the reason; if it’s size, quality, colour, style, if you do not feel a million dollars wearing whatever it is THROW IT OUT!

We’ve all had those moments of looking for something to wear and trying the same thing week after week pulling it off in disgust and frustration or even worse wearing it just because it was there spending the day avoiding mirrors or tugging at waistlines to feel more comfortable

Getting dressed shouldn’t be a battle. I recently got rid of a lovely dress which looked nice but I never wore it as it was too short (for someone who doesn’t like their legs!). Time after time getting ready for a night out I would put the dress on, removing it immediately leaving myself focussed on a negative and less likely to avoid that post pub kebab and chips!

Last week I wore a cardigan to work that I love but it had lost its shape. I was looking at myself constantly and didn’t like what I saw or how it made me feel. I came home that evening and put it straight in the bin!

Try to banish the “when I’ve lost weight” clothes. We all have them supposedly to encourage us but be honest with yourself, you’ve lost weight will you really reward yourself with a pile of “old” clothes? In reality you’re planning on heading to your local shopping centre and treating yourself to something brand new. It’s time to live in the now and not “if and when”, if you’re a size 16 and battling to get into the size 8 clothing it will seem an uphill struggle. Think little and often.

I say this because I kept a pair of black trousers I wore when I was slimmer. I kept them to monitor my weight loss and guess what, I recently was able to fit back into them but hated them!!! Every time you loose weight your body changes and these trousers just didn’t look the same – bare that in mind when you’re stock piling the skinny clothes

Look at your “fat” clothes too and think about whether you really want them hanging around. We all have them and speaking personally no matter my size I always feel nicer in a slimmer fit than big and baggy. Do have those things that make you feel comfortable on “fat” days; a loose fitting jersey dress or a big cardi that you can wrap round yourself to hide bulges but generally a size too big for you will more than likely make you look and feel bigger than you and lead you into the false sense that an extra slice of bread and butter with dinner won’t hurt

Everything in your wardrobe should make you feel happy and confident and if that leaves you with only one or two things that is fine – far better to have a few good things than a wardrobe full of bad!

Take this opportunity for a fresh start and real de-clutter… it’s very hard to let the new you in when the old is holding you back and while you’re at it you know those sparkly strappy sandals you love but every time you put them on within 5 minutes you’re changing them for a pair that don’t make your feet feel like you’re walking on broken glass – throw them out!

I hope you’ll come back next week when I will be giving suggestions for making your new happier wardrobe work for you

Oh and that big pile of clothes you no longer want – have a Becky Bloomwood moment and host your own online auction and earn some cash to reward yourself with new clothes as you’re loosing weight

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  1. I totally agree with you on this subject! Clothes must 'do' something for you and I don't mean making you feel uncomfortable or guilty. We all have let's say one or 2 pieces in our wardrobe that were bought probably in the period that our buying hormons did overtime. So I had that very red cape like coat. I wore it once, but it just wasn't me and I brought it to the thriftshop immediately. Why hang it in the closet for 10 years feeling guilty every time I see it, while somebody else may have a bargain and a new coat that is fashionable now? I'm not always that resolute, but I'm still feeling good about this time!

  2. I know what you mean! Having worked in a clothing shop for 12 years, I got beautiful clothes at a bargain price. I couldn't bear to part with them but it got ridiculous! I also dropped 2 dress sizes last year so bought more to fit ( then put 2 dress sizes back on!) Even more clothes in the house! In the last few months I have taken 10 black bags to charity shops and sold a truck load on ebay. Still a mountain to get through but getting there and feeling good for it! Have a great day! x

  3. Great post!
    I'm off to sort my wardrobe (well in a bit ;) 'hehe'), you have inspired me. I have a couple of dresses from my thinner days but you're right, what's the point in hanging on to them? I don't think i'll ever be a size 10 again anyway :(
    Have a good day
    Beki xxx

  4. Very well said Hunni...I'm in total agreement!xxx

  5. good entry! I know what you mean...I'm just not sure I can bring myself to throw out anything! Clothes are my weakness - I can do books/ornaments etc etc but clothes...are a lot harder. What I tend to do is mark out the suspect articles and give them a one last chance time period. When that is up, if I still feel negative towards them then I know it is time to move on. This way, I don't do anything I regret! :) Also - take the clothes to the charity shop. They will thank you and you'll feel good too! xxx

  6. Totally agree with you on this. After Gok's series earlier this year where he did the 25 capsule wardrobe thing me and my sister ruthlessly went through our wardrobes. Reckon we got rid of 10 bin bags between us. We did 3 types, bin, charity, sell, it worked a treat! Now I try to really think about it when I buy clothes!

  7. I agree with your point about baggy clothes - I have some lovely Howies jeans which only just fit me - if I start eating too much on the cake front they get uncomfortably tight - they keep me on the straight and narrow because they are such nice jeans I don't want to grow out of them!

    Pomona x

  8. Yep as a trained Style Consultant, Styling women is my passion and what I do every day! Working with women through out UK to help transform their image to one they are delighted with!Great that you're drawing attention to this issue through a post!I visit Womens Wardrobes of all ages, shapes and sizes regularly through out the UK and help to detox their wardrobes so they are able to get more from their wardrobe and offer online advice and guidance to women!You may have seen my Wardrobe Workout sessions that are a regular feature over @ My Passport to Style. Speaking of Wardrobes, it would be great if you could support the My Passport to Style- Dear Diary 5 Day Event- to raise awareness of Cervical Cancer Smear Testing, by visiting and grabbing our special button (top right)to display and entering our fab shoe competition to win some gorgeous arm candy (ends this Thurs 4pm UK time)by sending a pic of your favourite high heels to .You must see the fab entries that have been sent in by other bloggers!!!!See you there, Sharon xxxooo

  9. AS you know i'm the worst offender ever of this!
    After last weeks post I threw away all of my underwear ha ha x
    I was shocked to find that I was wearing 4 cup sizes too small and too big a back measurement on my bras!
    Lets just say people have noticed I'm wearing the right size bra now!!!! I'm off to move on to the wardrobe today x
    Keep the tips coming and you could sort me out for good :)

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  10. I'm a good girl, i sort my wardrobe out twice a year.

    I hate seeing muffin tops - esp on girls with good figures. I want to run up to them and say ' why are you spoiling your lovely figure buy wearing too tight jeans!!!!'


  11. Love that is a great post. I will be going through my closet this week :)

  12. great post! i am going to go through my closet before we move and purge:)

  13. You are absolutely right. I've been saying for the past month that I'm going to do it and keep putting it off. This weekend though....well that wardrobe had better know what's coming!

    I think the thing that stops me is the fear because I know that I don't have the money to go out shopping. I have this psychological thing where if I think about chucking stuff out I associated it with having to buy new stuff in and that's not the point! The point is I don't wear it in the first place!

    Right. I'm DEFINITELY doing this this weekend!

  14. Brilliant post, I so need to sort through my bags, yes many of my clothes are in bags ;) I am too darn sentimental though.

    Actally the shop is a little posh, and too posh for my little pretties ;)

    Tanks for the lovely comments :)



  15. i'm looking forward to Friday. Must arrange something with M soon!! You have a good fri too!! xx

  16. This is really good advice -- you'll never miss the "negative-inducing" clothes, even old faves you hope to get back into.

    Chances are, by the time you do, you just think ... no one wears anything like this anymore!!! ;)

  17. Brilliant post, Victoria.

    Nothing like a good clearout! Although sometimes I'm a little too ruthless and leave myself with not much to wear when I've no pennies to buy new!

    Cheers for all your lovely comments on my blog. Xx

  18. Great post! I try to sort my wardrobe out twice a year, must get round to doing the winter one! Have a sweet day!


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