Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Winter Project // Winter Accessories

It's week two of The Winter Project and today's topic is Winter Accessories. For me there's no greater accessory than the Winter coat although over the years I've found the hunt for the right one to be harder than the search for the perfect man.

There were a few false starts to my coat search this year until I faced facts and accepted that unless there was a belt involved any other style would not suit me - there was a particularly disappointing episode in Marks and Spencer where should the designer had seen how badly I made the coat look they would've been horrified.

In addition to a belt I decided that I wanted a colour other than black but it still had to compliment my daily black wardrobe and of course not clash with my brightly colour bags I carry. My online search led me to the Tokyo Cowl Coat from Oasis and whilst initially I gulped at the price tag (I hate spending money on coats no matter how frequently they're worn) his add to shopping bag and was so glad I did.

This is one bear of a coat and is so snug and warm as it wraps round me like a blanket but with it's flattering addition of a belt helps accentuate my waist and compliment my figure and the huge cowl neck is going to be a blessing when the biting winds start. I've yet to need it on my daily commute into London (nothing worse than overheating on the crowded central line) although have worn once or twice over the weekends and it looks great with jeans and my gold converse which proves it to be a very multi purpose choice which I'm really pleased with.

The fact that I dithered over spending £98 on a coat you will be shocked that I then spent $88 on a scarf from Juicy Couture. It was a completely impulse purchase made in Las Vegas, in part when I was told of the discount they were offering that day and that it was the last one in the shop - oh and I can never resist animal print. Most of my scarves are of the thin variety and I justified its purchase in my head as a necessity and I can only say I don't regret its purchase for a second.

There are reports of a cold spell heading to these parts over the next few days so who knows it may be time to bust out the coat and scarf combo - I must confess part of me hopes so.

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  1. That is a lovely winter coat, it looks sooooo cosy!
    I hate looking for winter coats as I am small but also big busted so the whole coat thing is just a nightmare as everything that fits me on the bust is huge on the shoulders & arms & I just look ridiculous! Winter coat shopping is one thing definitely on my hate list!!!

  2. That looks like one beaut of a coat; and so versatile too! (Yay! for gold Converse!)
    Yes, pricey for a scarf, but, you probably couldn't find anything like it over here in the UK and it's a great momento from your hols!
    Z xx

  3. They look lovely - its funny isnt it how you dont mind spending money on somethings but not others - my splurges are bags and toiletries but hate spending lots on clothes and shoes - and really my shoes should match my bags - hmmmmm might have to start work on that lol x

  4. That scarf is so cute!

    I've bought waay too many already, but you can never be too cosy right?

    hmm maybe...


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