Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 47 // What I'm Reading: Coco's Secret

At last it's time for another What I'm Reading' post having finally finished reading Killer Queens at the weekend. With this in mind and acknowledging my change in reading habits of late I've decided to make some changes to the format.

Instead of trying to force 'What I'm Reading' each week I'm going to change it to a monthly book review post. I enjoy sharing what I've read with you all and this should enable me to give a proper review of what I am or have read that month instead of repeating what you can easily find on Amazon before I've even so much as turned a page.

To bring us up to date Killer Queens is a worthy read for anyone who loves the fantastical nature of chick lit. Reading Killer Queen was like a fictional version of the Daily Mail and made me smirk as it was pretty obvious where the inspiration for many of the royal happenings came from. This would be the perfect holiday read and if you're not into the Christmas books that are coming at us from all angles I'd definitely grab this one for your reading over the turkey sandwiches this Christmas.

And the new book that is accompanying me on my journey to work when I managed to put down my iPhone and stop refreshing my Twitter feed is Coco's Secret. Any book that has a staring role of a vintage Chanel handbag gets a thumbs up from me so I hope it meets my expectations. A full review will be yours in a few weeks time so please pop back to catch up.

As always please share with me your book recommendations and any thoughts on either of these books mentioned.

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  1. I must keep a list of books you recommend as there are quite a few I would fancy reading x

  2. Good idea, Victoria - look forward to monthly book updates x


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