Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Molecule 01 Fragrance Review

Molecule 01 Review

I'm not much of a perfume floozy and stick to what I know (Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Vivienne Westwood Boudoir in case you're wondering) but I do like discovering new fragrances particularly when they are slightly 'underground' and I'm not in danger of smelling like every other girl on the underground. Molecule 01 was one such fragrance I had to try.

I purchased Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules a few months ago intrigued by its Lynx effect type claims. Molecule 01 is simply made from one molecule, compared to the hundreds and thousands in other perfumes. You will be unable to smell this on yourself apart from on it's initial spritz on the skin and then it will disappear and work with your own pheromones to create an individual scent that is, according to claims irresistible to every man, woman and child. 

I read the reviews of people stating they had been stopped in the streets to ask what they had been wearing, men were falling at the feet of wearers and I decided I couldn't not try this product. Unfortunately on it's initial purchase I was somewhat disappointed. Where were the men trailing behind me? It was a bit of an anti-climax especially when I receive a lot of compliments on the perfumes I do wear and to date had not had one on Molecule 01

Not one to give up I literally sprayed Molecule 01 daily waiting for just one person to pass comment - and then like buses two came along at once. I jumped into my friends car last week and was greeted with 'you smell amazing what are you wearing'. The next comment was Saturday when I popped round a friends for drinks. As we exchanged a kiss on my arrival I was told 'you smell nice'. At last, eureka!

Finally I have the justification this fragrance works for me maybe not quite the swoon worthy effects of others but that may lay in part to my smoking habit and the good news is Molecule 01 is working with my skin to create a good scent. I've heard some people use this to layer on other perfumes which I'm both interested and scared to try so shall keep you posted.

I picked up my bottle from Cult Beauty and if you're London based and can get to Liberty they are a stockist if you wanted to try for yourself. It's not cheap and you have to be mindful that you may not get the instant effect desired and you are unlikely to receive the gratification of smelling it on yourself but if lost for Christmas ideas for certain members of the family - Molecule 01 can be used by men and women - this is fun idea that will have everyone talking.

Are you intrigued by Molecule 01?

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  1. I've tried this perfume in a shop and got a faint parma violet kind of smell from it! I'm tempted to buy it to test out the hype but it is a lot! I tried out the Molecule 02 and 03 but they both smelled revolting so maybe the hype around 01 is deserved :) xx

  2. This scent doesn't work for me either, it's an interesting concept, but when you can smell it, your other half can't and noone else can, there's no point... Xx


  3. Omg (lol) my sister-in-law wears this and it smells gorgeous - but the nearest place we have that I could try it is Leeds (not much chance of going there) I def. feel I'd want to try before I buy - mind you the link you posted doesnt seem a bad price she told me she'd paid nearly £60 at Harvey Nicks!!

  4. This is so interesting! I would really like to try this out :)


  5. Escentric Molecules pulled the most amazing scam of the 21st century I reckon, when they told people that 'you can't smell our Molecule 01 but everyone else can'. I am willing to bet Molecule 01 had nothing to do with the compliments. Were all the bath, shower and hair products fragrance free, or was that what your friends were smelling? Perfumed moisturiser or foundation? (a lot contain that 'parfum' ingredient). I'd like to see a proper double blind study on Molecule 01, because I say it's a total scam.

    Of course, a lot of people, when they realise they've paid a lot of money for nothing, go into total denial...and look for justification for their purchase. You can't even say the bottle or packaging is nice.

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