Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review // Heaven Skincare Wipes

I'm here today with a facial wipe review and it's not a scathing one - who would have thought it.

As you know my skincare routine has improved massively this past year due to both my new found 'beauty blogging' and maybe more importantly my skincare appointment with Caroline Hirons (which you can read about here) but I must be honest there are some times when I've climbed into bed without the usual  first step of using a cleansing balm and a flannel and with all the will in the world I'm not climbing out from under the covers. Usually in these instances I'll reach for a micellar water stored in my bedside draw but last night I reached for the Heaven Skincare Wipes I recently received in a goodie bag following an event.

First impressions were the size of these wipes. Compared to the regular brands we might be familiar with they were twice the size and much thicker. Next was a scent of peppermint which I enjoyed. A swipe with the wipe left a slight tingly on my skin but I felt that they were cleaning my skin and even removed my mascara. I reached for my Clarins eye make up remover to remove final traces but I could have easily preserved with the wipes to do the job.

I did follow the use of facial wipe with Heaven Skincare Cleansing Milk from my in flight kit which you can read about here and then my usual toners, serum and night oils and didn't feel like I had scrimped on my skincare routine for a lazy alternative.

Now here's the good bit. I'd actually started to get a spot that day but the next morning I woke and it had gone. Now I'm obviously not putting this down to the facial wipe but I am saying that obviously my skincare was throughly cleansed enough and the use of the wipe had not been to my skins detriment and I was interested to read on the Heaven Skincare website that the use of peppermint oil in the wipes is to keep blemishes at bay - so maybe it did help?

Heaven Skincare wipes are the creation of Deborah Mitchell who herself doesn't agree with facial wipes but recognised the fact that for some people, specifically her daughter enjoy the convenience of them so together they created a product that in my opinion works.

There is no hiding from ingredients with this product and they are there for you to see on the packaging - chlorine, paraben and artificial colour free which makes them pricey than your cheaper alternatives but at £7.30 for a pack of 30 and useable within your usual skincare routines they are definitely getting the thumbs up from me.

Will I use them on a daily basis? No. Will I use them for travelling and lazy days? 100% yes. When I factor in the cost of cotton pads and micellar waters they actually will probably work out a cheaper alternative.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on facial wipes, are you a fan or someone to steer clear? And if you'd usually keep away are you tempted to try these.

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  1. I'm always looking for good wipes. I tend to use Waitrose simply because they are there and usually where I can't miss them. They do the job & are cheap as chips, but I'm keen to find something nicer.

    Therefore, your review is a useful one!



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