Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Treasures from Blogland

Harrods 029

I may have not had any luck with treasures at the car boot sales yesterday but I have had some lovely ones from my blogging friends
Kelly returned from Italy recently where she’d met up with Michela (which you can read about here and here). Michela very kindly sent Kelly home with a gift for me…. this gorgeous tin!Isn’t it wonderful! Michela certainly knows me well, it is exactly the sort of thing I would pick out myself
And that’s not all. When Beki heard how my sleepover swap had fell through she offered to do a swap with me. We chose a 1950s housewife theme which was so much fun to shop for
I so excited when I opened the box and saw redflorals and oh… feathers!!

beki 051

Let’s rip all that wrapping off - sorry Beki I know you must of spent some time wrapping all the lovely things but some girls just can’t wait!
There were so many lovely things inside – watch out Vintage Kitten there’s a new cocktail maker in town!

beki 053

And a CK letter writing kit… anyone want a penpal?!
And look… a CK mug, if you only knew how I’ve been coveting these and my tea just tastes so much better now!

beki 054

My mum is very surprised to hear I’m offering to wash up with my new tea towel

beki 056

Of course every housewife needs some pamper time

beki 055

I loved EVERYTHING and it was so perfect, it’s lovely when blog friends get you so right!
I’ve been really slack this week and haven’t posted Beki’s goodies until today but I’m sure she’ll have a giggle at what I’ve sent as we keep saying how much we think alike!

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  1. Nice theme 'vintage housewife' and you are spoiled, that makes the bad carboot sales up! Mmm does this mean I will receive a package today too LOL?!

  2. Oh that is just the best, lucky you. Yeah darlin' Kitty will be after the "shake it baby" book, look out!!

  3. Lucky girl! Everything looks so wonderful!

  4. ..mum will be very glad to see her stuff on your blog!
    How kind of Beki! Can we have a picture of you while cleaning your house in your 1950s housewife outfit?! ;-)

  5. I think this lady here stole all your car boot treasures... http://curlewcountry.blogspot.com/2009/08/treasure-hunting.html

    At least your friend's gift made up for it! xxx

  6. Becki sent you some great great bits, what a wonderful theme!!

  7. The tin from Michela is lovely!
    I'm intrigued now as to what you've sent, can't wait 'hehe'!
    Beki xxx

  8. Ooooooooh! Lovely things from Beki, we have the same tastes in pretty retro things. I will definately have to watch out, there is a new cocktail maker in town!!! I expect to see you dressed as Carmen Miranda shaking that shaker LOL! The tin is very pretty too X

  9. Wow what perfect presents. I agree, when someone gets it 'right' it speaks volumes and one smiles that much more. That tin is ace! :) x

  10. That is a FAB delection of pretties there hun!!
    I LOVE it when people 'get' you!!
    Thats why I like living in Blogland..so many kindred spirits I come across every day x
    Annie x

  11. Your so lucky to recieve such lovely things!
    I especailly love the tin! so pretty.


  12. Isn`t Beki the sweetest?
    Love gifts indeed!
    And that tin... is too cute, also!


  13. wow, lucky you! Fab goodies :-)

    Rose XXX

  14. Housewife's choice, lovely lovely things, how we love a swaparama!

    Thanks for asking about my Wuthering obsession, I have answered your excellent query on my post!

    Happy housewife swapping! ooh that sounds bad!;D Sarah x

  15. Wow, fabulous goodies, lucky and well deserved you :)

    I certainly haven't lost my buying pretties mojo, always with me that one ;) thanks for the supportive comment



  16. lovely collection hun.. will email you with some places to go in london. Tx


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