Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bittersweet Treasures

Another weekend has flown by and it's back to work tomorrow!
Kelly & I had great fun on Saturday with a quick bit of shopping at Tiger followed by some lovely BBQ food at the 1st birthday party

We rounded off our day with a trip to the cinema to see Dorian Gray

The film wasn't the best but I have a little soft spot for Ben Barnes so I was happy!
Today my family and I travelled to South London to clear out my aunts house and sprinkle her ashes
I was able to bring home some treasures which I will be able to remember her & my uncle by
I was overjoyed when I saw the NY tray and of course the red and white canisters are quite perfect right now!

My uncle who passed some years ago loved to paint and their home was decorated with much of his work. We each chose a picture to take home and this was my choice. I am told me it was actually his first painting which made me treasure it even more

It's such a shame that I've become interested in knitting & sewing and I no longer have my older relatives to impart their wisdom and learn their tricks and tips! I hope that some of their skill has passed onto me

I brought home my aunts knitting bag (and so many balls of wool!)

And look at these notions, I was overjoyed with these!

Patterns (and I've brought home loads of fabric and material - I never even realised so many of her clothes were hand made!)

There is so much more we were able to bring home which I will try and share with you and am so pleased that I love vintage style and will keep many things in the family (even if my dad is moaning "where are we putting it all"!!)

I hope you all had great weekends

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  1. What wonderful treasures!
    I was only 17 when my Nan died and my Mum and Aunty got rid of all of her stuff apart from a couple of sentimental bits. My Mum is often say how she'd wished she kept it all for me. Obviously storage would of been a problem but when I think back, what was so yucky and old fashioned to me then, I would love it all now!
    Have a great week
    Beki xxx

  2. It really does appear to show how much you had in common with her! Her treasures are safe with a person who will appreciate them.

  3. Victoria, what wonderful things you have brought home with you! What a treasure that painting of your Uncles is. Sorry Dorian Gray wasn't that great. I have watched the old black and white movie, The Picture of Dorian Gray and thought it was great! Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. How special to have your aunt's knitting bag. To me, that is a very personal item. Also, your uncle's painting is very pretty. I know you'll treasure that always. Twyla

  5. Oh that is just so lovely that you were able to have some things to remember them by.

    Shame Dorian Gray wasn't up to expectations, he is nice though!

  6. What special things you have to remember your aunt and uncle by.


  7. So now I know which film it is that I will see in about November 2010, hehehe, but with this review I might pass. You took home some real vintage treasures.
    Having children in your 30ties has been a tradition in my family on both sides, so my nans both died when I was young. It is weird that you inherit things that you thought were 'yours', but people tell you that your Nan did things such and such.
    Those sewing supplies are gorgeous! And of course it's a man who thinks and says: where to put everything. Well just answer; we sold some of your drills and stuff/your motorbike etc.!!! Have a great day!

  8. Lovely treasures! The knitting bag is very pretty!
    Have a great week!

  9. I don't know if you have read the book of Dorian Gray, but it is well worth a go. I love those old haberdashery bits - and the dress on the top pattern is wonderful! You will have to make that one, won't you?!

    Pomona x

  10. What lovely treasures to remember her by. There must be lots of goodies lurking in our relatives cupboards that we don't even know about!

  11. That's brilliant, that your aunt's things are going to someone who truly appreciates them. Brilliant for you too. Can't wait to see you whipping up those '60's dresses!
    Hen x

  12. It's all so lovely and wonderful! I bet your auntie and uncle would be very pleased to know that their treasures are being appreciated so much.
    Have a great week. :)

  13. Hiya Victoria:)
    My older relatives, including my parents, are no longer here for me to glean knowledge from either which is so sad as my Mum was a big knitter! I wish I'd got into all this while they were still around, I'd have loved to share moments learning it all with them. I do get to see the old lady next door though! She'll be 90 this year and I love to visit her for a cuppa now and again. She gave me some wonderful buttons in an ancient tin, they're fab :)
    How lovely for you to have all those treasures from your Aunt and Uncle; they would be thrilled to know you were making use of them! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Xx

  14. I hope the ashes sprinkling went well. xxx Your uncle's work is beautiful! What a lovely thing to remember him by. xxx

  15. It's lovely that you appreciate all her vintage things - so many people just throw everything way.
    These goodies will bring back many memories of them both.


  16. oh what wonderful bits and pieces to remember your Aunt and Uncle by. Do't you just love little cards with buttons sewn on..... oh the romance....Lucey xx

  17. I love those notions and the patterns too! What lovely memories for you! Suzie. x

  18. Lovely things, glad they're going to a good home. Love the rice tin & the painting is beautiful. I need to go to my parents to collect more of my nans things, dad says he'll bin it if I don't sort out what I want, trouble is I want to keep it all!!!
    Thanks for your email about the hats, I'm going to badger Kelly now!! :) x

  19. What lovely things, Beki. Your uncle must have been very talented - his painting is wonderful.

  20. Just realised I've called you Beki by mistake, Victoria! Ignore me, I'm having a blonde day!

  21. Rene would be so proud that her treasures will be loved xxxx

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxxx


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