Friday, September 25, 2009

Patriotic Christmas

Yes it's the C word again but look what I've found

Isn't it wonderful, I know this will be finding it's way on my Christmas tree this year!

Get yours here

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  1. It's great! I wonder what will be "union jack'ed" next!

  2. Mmm I wonder whether it is available in red white and blue with an orange thingy on top! Have a great weekend Victoria!

  3. ooooohhh fab!! i'll be getting one of those! i bought a great union jack purse last night at the fashion show-i'll post a pick later xx

  4. It's lovely! We are not so patriotic here...well me!
    Have a fabby weekend!

  5. I saw it last weekend at the shop in town. Amazing! Do you reckon they will come up with a blue, white and red christmas tree next??? LOL

  6. Crazy! Wll, it would match my sitting-room this year...

  7. Love it, how great would a tree look covered in red, white and blue?
    Not very tradational but it would certainly be fun. Hmmmmmmmm, maybe a small one tucked in a corner somewhere 'hehe'!
    Have a great weekend
    Beki xxx

  8. It's so pretty.
    I'm not British but I know lots of people who would love this on their tree so I may snap some up/or make some.

  9. Its great, love it! Oh dear I just posted wiothe the c word in my title! Yikes! suzie. xxx

  10. Heh he that's great! Cheers for the Past Times link; I love their stuff. X

  11. Hi Victoria, Wow I love the Bauble! Christmas is fast approching, I am watching Christmas on QVC today! I hope you enjoy the books I mentioned, love looking for halloween reading...

    Priscilla x

  12. The C word seems to be popping up all of a sudden! That is fab though - I'll have to pop into Past Times tomorrow while I'm out sgopping.

  13. Ohoooo is very pretty :)

    Victoria thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway win, I love the magazines, and thank you too for the very pretty CK soap. The Paris Rose card is perfect as one of the attic bedrooms is wallpapered in the Paris Rose so shall look lovely framed in there.

    Apologies but have only now had it sent to me left my mums earlier than planned and look forward to cuddling up with the magazines :)

    Love and Thanks



  14. I love that bauble!!! I'm so into all this union jack stuff that's Lucey x

  15. Darn, was near a Past Times the other day but didn't go in! It looks good doesn't it. x

  16. hmmm... i do like it, but if I bought that I would have to re-colour-scheme the whole tree!!

    Rose X

  17. What a great bauble, would never have thought it was a Past Times special! Will have to show it to the boyfriend, I reckon I could get him into christmas decorations this way!


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