Saturday, September 19, 2009

Helpful Comments!

One of the fabulous things about blogging for me is that my ramblings are being enjoyed and read by someone and people are taking time out of their day to leave such lovely comments

I can remember how happy I was seeing the 9 comments I received for my first post over at Vintage Tea

I spend my lunch hour at work blogging the only downside being I’m tied to rusty internet explorer and have been experiencing problems leaving comments for some of you whose comment boxes follow on from posts

Rose’s blog was one of these so I had a little chat and asked if she could change her comment box to a full page or pop up window so I wouldn’t have to wait until I got home

Whilst looking for how to do this I noticed I too was an offender so have changed my options as I want to make leaving comments as easy as possible for you (and I guess if I’m having problems some of you might be too?)

Here’s the info if you’re interested in changing your comments section:

Settings; Comments; Comment Form Placement then choose the Full Page or Pop Up Window options

(I’m guessing “Embedded below post” is a default option as it seems to be how mine has always been laid out!)

Enjoy your weekend everyone, I’m off to a 1st birthday party and the cinema today!

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  1. I know comments are the best. I love reading them!

  2. Have a fantastic weekend!
    Comments make us feel closer, don't they?

  3. Comments make the heart feel warmer, Have a sweet weekend! x

  4. I agree with every one before me, yet I see a tendency not to leave comments, too bad! No I don't mean you of course. A lot of typepad people seem to have trouble to reply and now they don't comment either. Like in real life you have to work on friendships and bonds. Of course some may come easier than others, but we all like to know that we are read and that people appreciate our work. Mmm I think I am talking in the wrong place, but I am a little frustrated and I think it's hard to tell your (former?) blogging friends that you (like them!) would like them to give comments too. The other option is not to comment at their blogs either, but that is so childish and negative.
    Anyhow have a great day celebrating and watching! You are probably going to see that movie that I am going to watch in November 2010!!

  5. Yes, yes! Thank you so much for changing the settings - that's exactly why I haven't been able to leave comments on so many blogs. I've had the problem of being on a Mac and on Firefox, and the same problem seems to have occured. Although it seems that blogger is aware of the problem and they are changing it now. But I am very happy to be able to post comments on your blog again!

  6. I dont have trouble with blogger blogs, but typepad blogs i usually cant leave comments which is really frustrating when i have something i want to say lol.
    But i never thought that it takes a long time for webpages to load sometimes, so i mite actually change mine :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend Victoria!


  7. I love getting comments! Love reading them all, and I always try to leave many comments for everyone else, because just like me they want to know they arfe not talking to themselves each time they blog! I do think though that some people are not sure how to leave comments though. Suzie. You always leave me a comment, and I think you are wonderful! Lets face it if people dont leave them, its all a bit sad! Suzie. x

  8. I love reading comments too, they really make my day. :)

    Have a good time at the party!

  9. Glad you like all the comments, Victoria. You blog is a great read though so every one is well deserved! Hope the party was groovy :) Xx

  10. Victoria, have fun at the party and the cinema! Have a great weekend!

  11. I love reading comments, you're a great blogger as you always leave one :)
    It's really sad when you don't get any, although that hasn't happened to me yet...thankfully!
    I've changed my comments now as I had it on the same page.
    Have you tried knitting any hats yet? I made 2 on friday, so easy. Please get your mum involved, if she has time, I'm worried it'll be just mine at the rate :( x

  12. I have the same problem with a Mac and Firefox - I don't know why. But it is nice to leave comments if you can!

    Pomona x

  13. Thank you Florence and ary for visiting my site, and making me welcome. I just adhore your site so many interseting things. Thank you xxx


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