Monday, August 31, 2009

Where are all the treasures?

car booty 111

My SIL has caught the boot sale bug so yesterday I took her along to my favourite sale, unfortunately we were met with a CLOSED sign on arrival
Not one to give up we decided to try the new boot sale opened in my town where I managed to spot an Enid Blyton book and some vintage knitting needlesI wasn’t entirely satisfied so we tried another and walked away empty handed… where have all the treasure sellers gone?!?!
Even a trip to my fave charity shop saw me leaving empty handed!
How did you get on at the boot sales this weekend was it just me that was unlucky?

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  1. ...the boot sale bug? How dangerous! ;-)

  2. I didn't actually go to one this weekend! My last few trips have been a bit disappointing too. Who is taking all our stuff! x

  3. I like your finds, just what I would have bought. I know what you mean about car boot sales, some are awful just full of clothes, toys and rubbish. Luckily we have a couple of good car boot sales within 45 minutes of where I live Yeovil & Cheddar.
    Isabelle x

  4. i have been feeling the same shops and a recent car boot I visited were a little rubbish...better stuff on ebay these days!

    Sam x

  5. I have to say, any that I have been to recently have left me disappointed...

    The only thing that I have bought is food!


  6. I think (hope) it's just August, isn't it? I have high hopes for September and the rentree! (I'm setting up a rentree giveaway, too...)

  7. We don't even have boot sales in our town any more and not being able to drive means I never get to go to any.
    I find the charity shops have got very expensive so I tend not to go in them so often now either.
    Such a shame!
    Beki xxx

  8. Always seem to be busy doing other things and hardly ever get to any. It is off to the Charity Shops for me

  9. One day I'm going to have to go to a mythic boot sale in the UK... I'm sure they have something similar here, buuuut I've never seen anything nearby :( I will have to stick to antique malls for now!!!

  10. There is deffinately a 'car boot sale bug'! It looks like a sweet book u found.
    I didnt manage to get to a boot sale last aiming for next week :)


  11. I think it is all a symptom of the Silly Season! Normal service will be resumed in September, fingers crossed :D Sarah x

  12. It happened to me too this weekend! Only Hubby manage to find something interesting to himself. :( A couples of weekend ago I managed to find some nice stuff but yesterday was total failure!
    :( Perhaps the good sellers went away on hols.
    I hope next Sunday will be better.

  13. I love that book! Please pop over to my blog and pick up an award I made. Its in the top of my sidebar! Suzie. x :)You don't need to pass it on if you don't want to, it is up to you! I love your blog! XXX

  14. Hi! I think the 'boot treasures are dwindling a bit too - maybe its cos its coming to the end of the booting season??? I didnt make it today, lazed around this morning at home instead!!
    BH xx
    PS HUGE apologies for the delay in sending out your goodies - I dont know where my time is going to at the minute!! will email tomorrow when posted so you'll know Mr postie has something for you!!

    BH x

  15. Bank Holiday probably brought out the shoppers! Recession doesn't help either...I'm sure it will pick up though xxx

  16. Of course I went to a carboot sale, you could have known LOL! But I had a good time. This one is huge and cheap. You have to search and every time I think: this time they don't have anything and still manage to come back with lots and lots of stuff. I had a container filled with small fabric roses that were used to foof up presents in the old days, when I was young hahaha! Two flapper figurines (a little more expensive, but I just needed them). A vintage soapbox "Versailles" still with the filled bottle of cologne and the soap for 2 GBP! Lots of good stuff.

  17. Its probably holiday time!!!
    Or have you just already bought all the good stuff? :)

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  18. I totally agree with you, I went to a car boot today, i got a couple of things but nothing to shout about!!! really quite disapointing. And all our local CS's have signs in the windows asking for stock, looks like the credit crunch has finally hit them.
    Sophie xx

  19. Yes, the sales are running a bit dry and our thrift stores haven't had any great finds in a while. That's why we've been visiting the antique stores more. Have a nice week! Twyla

  20. I've been away for two weeks so have missed the last two weekends' car booting - can't wait for this Sunday to have a good rummage - fingers crossed the weather's good!


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