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My St Lucia Make Up Routine

I'd be embarrassed to show how much make up I actually took to St Lucia and instead am sharing some of the highlights and the products I reached for most during my holiday. Starting with my first dabble with the Lottie London brand and the Insta Filter Power Eraser Stick*.

This was the first time I've used a Pore Eraser Stick so I was unsure what to expect having used only 'cream' products in the past but I was really impressed with how much I enjoyed using it. It was so easy to use, simply apply the product from the stick directly to skin and then blend out with fingers. Used in conjunction with my favourite foundation, L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation it created such a flawless finish. In fact one night as we arrived home and reviewed the evenings photos I commented on how shiny my face was in comparison to previous nights and then I remembered it was because I'd forgotten to apply the Lottie London pore eraser on that occasion.

Sticking with the 'base family' my concealer of choice was Wet n Wild Illumi-Naughty Highlighting and Concealing Pen, the very cheap 'interpretation' of the YSL Touche Eclat which I did have in mind to purchase in Duty Free yet decided to stick with it's poor packaging imitation. This highlighting and concealing pen is great for just a few dollars and I'm currently debating as it appears to be making it's way into the empties pile is it something I 'must' purchase when I'm in the US at the end of the year. It's a very light concealer so definitely not one for concealing very dark circles but one assumes on holiday you're better rested than any other time. The highlighting aspects are exceptional and it really does brighten up under the eye, in fact as my face became more tanner during my trip I had to abandon using this as it was just a little too light for me.

It's no surprise that Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer was my bronzer of choice. I dabble with contouring but certainly not on holiday and prefer instead to simply bronze up the face hoping that 'beach glow' is already doing it's thing. I find when using this bronzer more than any other I'm less inclined to feel the need for contour even back home in the less beachy conditions.

An old favourite from Milani has climbed back to the top since my return, the blogger favourite Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. I tend to lean towards pink blush tones rather than peaches but Luminoso has managed to steal my heart. I'm always conscious that too much blush will interfere with my red lip of choice but Luminoso managed to balance that hint of colour without overpowering. Due to its sheen if you're happy with only a subtle highlight you might be happy that this provides just enough.  

I was on holiday so I wanted a little more glow and despite it's un-travel-friendly size I took the Wet n Wild To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Boozy Brunch (formerly part of the Fergie collection) as it's been a favourite leading up to the holiday. Before I go on I must say much of this make up has made up that which I've reached for on days when I've applied make up whilst at home, other than switching products in out as I'm trying to declutter before I head back to work and daily make up wearing. On that note I have to say for those Champagne Pop lovers I prefer this highlighter. It doesn't pack as much of a punch but I find this blends into the skin and suits my mature skin much more than the Becca classic. The pink and gold swirled together really does create a beautiful rose gold highlight that will compliment many make up looks. And if you want more glow keep piling it on.

Moving onto the eyes which I will always admit are not my strongest area for make up application and skill and certainly not an area I want to experiment with on holiday. My trusty Lorac Pro 3 Palette was my staple but I mixed things up with one or two of my favoured L'Oreal Infalliable Eyeshadows. Of course Amber Rush was there but it was Golden Emerald which was the shade I enjoyed reaching for having a bit of fun with, if you can wear green eyeshadow on holiday when can you wear it. As we know these have all but disappeared in the UK so I'm hoping I can stock up some more in Florida when I visit in November.

I was sent Joan Collins Class Act Mascara* prior to my trip and thought that would be perfect conditions to test out. Sadly it's not something, and I have persevered since returning, that has worked out for me. Aesthetically I love everything about it, the gorgeous, weighty gold packaging, the thick brush and indeed the appearance of the mascara on my eye lashes. Unfortunately this is such a wet mascara and the minute I apply it is all over my eyes. Hours later I'm spending half the evening removing fall. I had hoped perhaps the heat was adding to these woes but it has continued on my return and I've had one or two near misses as I tried to make it work and I almost went into interviews with panda eyes. On a positive my mum has popped midway through drafting today's post and quite unplanned thanked me for the mascara I had given her, indeed the Joan Collins Class Act one. For her it is working a treat and she said how full her lashes look wearing it so it would seem what didn't work for me works for her and may do for others.

Lip products are those that I typically over pack for holiday, especially when I consistently reach for a red lip. The first was one you'll have seen in my monthly favourites, the L'Oreal Lip Paint in Red Actually which I picked up at the airport - because of course I didn't have enough packed already. I've eyed up other shades but nothing has particularly jumped out but I'm thinking of taking another look at Red Fiction which I believe is more of a true red and think it could be a big hit.

Ciate London score top marks for the packaging of their Pretty Stix Lipstick* which I was able to try in bright shades Me Me Me and First Love. I'm not too much of a bright pink wearer, in fact I'm currently decluttering those I own but Me Me Me has earned a place in my collection. These are like the more sophisticated older sister of the Maybelline Baby Lips. The pigmentation is that of a regular lipstick but thanks to Brazilian Murumuru Butter you're receiving the moisturising properties of a balm. They are slick and shine so make a great day to night option for the Summer.

As keen as I'm to try the Ciate London Pretty Stix in the nude shades it was the Benefit They're Real Double the Lip in Nude Scandal* that performed the job in St Lucia. On the nights when I dabbled with my L'Oreal Infallible Green eyeshadow it was this lip shade I reached for. The more I use the new lip release from Benefit the less I 'get' the whole double shade combo but that doesn't mean I love them any the less and this still remains one of my favourite nude shades.

By day I didn't want to worry about lipstick smudges whilst exploring St Lucia but I still wanted a little something for those all important selfies. Joan Collins Glorious Gloss in Piper* provided enough of a pink tint without looking like I'd packed on the make up. I'm not usually one for glosses, as a smoker if they're too sticky its a no no but I was found this was creamy rather than sticky whilst still giving the gloss finish.

Finally a couple of brushes I'll give a mention to for their cute but functional travel friendly size. The Sephora Mini Multitasker Brush has accompanied me on many holidays and works a dream for apply foundation. I love my beauty blender but I find it a tad cumbersome for travel.

QVS is a new brand that I can't help confusing with the well known shopping channel. I was sent a selection of brushes from their range and you'll see one or two others popping up in future posts but today it's the Flat Top Blusher and Blender Brush* which I'm singing the praises of. I used this with the aforementioned Milani blush and despite typically using rounded brushes for blusher found that I could work well with it and it's been packed into my travel bag for future trips.

As I say this list wasn't exhaustive but these were the 'favourites' if you like and certainly products I've lazily reached for since my return knowing the results work for me.

Do you overpack make up on your holidays?

*this post contains press samples and / or affiliate links

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  1. Luminoso is one of my favourite blushes for Summer and it balances red lipstick perfectly :)
    The Lottie Insta Filter Stick sounds intriguing, must check it out! x

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