Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Disney | Customised by Me

Despite my trip to Walt Disney World being many months away it would appear that my family and I are discussing plans and sharing our latest findings and adding things to our ever growing lists of things to do. I will be sharing posts on Disney holiday planning when the time comes around, as although we do not travel until November it was this weekend I had to book Mickey's Backyard BBQ, after reading Lottie's post, once the window of opportunity opened - and I missed the first tier as I was too slow.

In addition to all the practically planning there is of course the opportunity for preparing outfit. I don't think any holiday results in as many photos as a Disney holiday does but it also gives the opportunity to have a little fun and add some Disney Magic which is why it was perfectly timed when Customised by Me got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out their service.

Quite simply as the name would suggest Customised by Me offer a range of products, in the choice of your favourite Disney character which can be customised to your choosing from Star Wars to your favourite Disney Princess. I was offered to pick a couple of items from the site and I must say I was spoilt for choice.

First I searched my favourite Disney character, Alice and choose an iPhone cover for myself and then I decided to get my mum a little fun treat. She is note a 'Disney person' but she does love any sort of adventure and is looking forward to her first trip to Walt Disney World so I thought what better to get her in the mood than a Buzz Lightyear tote bag. The bag received a lot of attention from my niece who loves Buzz so mum especially loves using the bag when she is shopping and if there is one thing using bags for life gives us now is to have a little fun with those we choose.

Prices are comparative to similar items on the market although you bonus is the free customisation which makes the items more special. I can imagine picking some wonderful items for children to surprise them with the news of their Disney holiday, or perhaps choose a customised towel for the trip.

Customising your items is easily done, and you can pick your favoured colour to match your item. My one criticism is that you can't pick 'exactly' where you'd like your customisation, or indeed the size of the font so with some images it will appear that it's just been added 'anywhere' but as you can see from the Buzz tote and Alice iphone cover the customisation sits perfectly fine so it's a minor niggle.

Whether you have a little one to buy for or indeed like Peter Pan choose not to grow up, which character would you choose?

*this post contains press samples

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