Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Maintaining Bronze Goddess Status

A month ago I was celebrating my birthday, sitting in my parents garden with the sun beating down yet today I'm typing away with the heating on - what is the weather doing? Nonetheless there are one or two ways I can pretend the sun is still shining.

First is a firm favourite from last year, Estee Lauders iconic fragrance for Summer, Bronze Goddess which is back at House of Fraser on 1st June. I picked this up in Duty Free last year and it was of course the scent I travelled to St Lucia with.

As soon as I spray the perfume I'm transport to warmed climes and reminded of my holidays which can be needed in less than desirable circumstances or weather. I find it's a scent that lingers well on the skin and one that people often comment on and ask what I'm wearing.

In my initial review I discussed how it can be more a growing in scent, first sprays I wasn't impressed with but do test it on your own skin to see how it settles as you might change any negative first impressions.

My only plea to Estee Lauder? Please bring out a travel friendly size for times when we're tackling limited luggage allowances.

My St Lucia tan is slowly fading so I'm currently dabbling with a few tanning products to ensure my legs don't return to their pasty hue, one of which is St Moriz Dry Oil Self Tanning Mist*. Usually I prefer a mousse for my faux tan but often it requires a little more care and attention to apply than I would like. All the prep and then time to develop when often I decide that I want to bare my legs with only a matter of hours to spare or don't want to fuss with washing off.

I first tried this out over the Bank Holiday weekend after stepping out of the shower and thinking it's now or never, especially as the dry oil will lock in moisture from the shower so even before we get into it's tanning qualities it creates a nice finish on the skin whilst keeping it hydrated.

You simply spray St Moriz Dry Oil Mist onto your skin and then using a mitt (I picked up one from Home Bargains recently that I'm really impressed with) blend into skin. In my opinion it is more spray than mist although not aggressively so and a few well distributed squirts work like any other product. I am always nervous when there is no guide colour but the oil formula allows you to pay attention to where you have applied.

You won't have a lingering 'fake tan' scent from St Moriz but there is a heavily perfumed one on applying that I'm not too big a fan of and it does smell artificial but dissipates quickly that I only remembered on spraying as writing todays review.

Usually I find myself walking around starkers when I've applied fake tan, or reaching for onesie as it dries but another point to St Moriz is the fast drying formula. It isn't greasy, sticky or tacky to touch and very quickly after applying I was able to dress, and even diced with danger and wore a white t-shirt and there was no transfer.

Your colour will deepen throughout the day, and whilst I applied of an evening before visiting friends it was certainly evident in the morning and as I sat Facetiming with Ben I kept brandishing my 'tanned arm' pleased with how it looked.

I have found the colour lighter on my legs which I put down to being over cautious when applying and will be a little more heavy handed next time but there is a bronzed glow which I appreciate and can see the appeal of applying this on the morning I head to work and leaving for drinks in the evening with pins I'm proud of.

As someone who likes quick and instant results created with ease this is going to become a firm favourite and a product I'll be reapplying frequently. If you're a faux tan newbie or perhaps want a more subtle glow to your skin do try out St Moriz Dry Oil Mist as I think you'll be impressed.

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