Monday, May 29, 2017

Hello Kitty Party Time

Today's post is a little later than planned as I have been over at my brother's home celebrating my nieces 2nd birthday, but that also makes it rather appropriate that I'm sharing with you a fabulous bundle of goodies I received from Party Bags and Supplies*, a supplier of everything you need for your themed parties.

My first choice was to pick my parties theme and I was spoilt for choice. You will find every possible character you can think of to choose from; Disney, Pokemon and even Paddington Bear as well as your typical every day choices such as Dinosaurs or animals.

I decided on Hello Kitty under the guise of my niece would like that but really it's because I've always wanted to have a Hello Kitty party. I received the Hello Kitty Party Tableware Pack* for 8 guests which contains plates, cups, napkins and a tablecloth. I decided to share my Hello Kitty party with my nieces over the Easter weekend when we were enjoying lunch at parents. My nephew and I set everything up and it was so easy to just grab the box and set up and at the end of the evening throw everything away. Although my mum kept the tablecloth a used again another weekend so you'll get one or two uses from it.

Perhaps most exciting for my nice was her goodie bag and this is where I think Party Bags & Supplies excels is their pre-filled party bags. I've helped many friends over the years either buying or filling party bags for their little ones parties and it can often be an expensive task buying the random toys, which often the children will abandon for the sweets not to mention the time spent preparing them ready for the event.

I received the pre-filled Hello Kitty party bags* which for £1.60 each contain Hello Kitty Bubbles, stickers, a bracelet and some sweets so all you need to add is some birthday cake. I particularly liked that you can buy individually so whether your child is having a party for just one or two friends or the whole class you can ensure you have a bag for everyone without a number left over being wasted. Of course if you want to add one or two extras to your pre-filled bags of perhaps make your own you can always pick from the range of items available online.

In the ever competitive world of childrens parties sometimes it's nice to keep things fun, simple and anything that makes things less stressful for the parents has to get a thumbs up.

What party theme would you choose?

*this post contains press samples

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  1. I'm with you on this one, Hello Kitty all the way. This partyware looks absolutely adorable and sounds like great value for money. - Amy


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